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  • camelkid0 : Can I buy some KibbyMilk?
  • JinxOnTheLoose : Does your products make you fabulous?
  • Sparkle_Sun : sparkydeathcap can we be business partners
  • sparkydeathcap : Sparkly Inc: The sparkliest and awesomenest thing that ever was! Only 1billion per product!
  • TheGoldenKibby : Introducing, the all brand new KibbyMilk! With only 2 cups of sugar per bottle, it is the leading cause of diabetes in the United States!
  • Long Goner : Zombie Milk: Milk that turns you into a zombie is even better than COWH Milk!
  • Long Goner : * Zombie Inc. competes with Flash Inc.
  • FlashFire23 : Flash Inc: Sorry for the discrepancy, any form of competition shall be challenged by the UN and will be deliberately punished SEVERELY.
  • Long Goner : By scientists who were paid by Flash Inc. to say that
  • FlashFire23 : Flash Inc: Please ignore the competition, COWH Milk is scientifically proven to be more nutritious and economical.
  • Long Goner : Nvm, regular cow milk is better than COWH milk
  • Long Goner : COWH milk is better than regular cow milk
  • cravend : Congratz!
  • rens0wntnoob : i just mailed a pretty cool IT company for my internship. and they replied positively which means i don't have to write thousands of application letters (Which take a hell big long time)
  • The Lovin Spoon : like all other zombie mmorpg games
  • LUFC4eva : Toplol.
  • rens0wntnoob : just bought h1z1. worst game i've bought.
  • Towelie : Not feeling too well today guys. I threw up like 5 times today :/
  • Jasper : if you guys want to support it and see it expanded, then please leave iron and/or hoppers in the donation chest at the top of it
  • Jasper : There is now a spawner on vanilla! Its by my and Duane's houses, and it is a lag machine
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[Survival] 30% Flash Sale

March 03, 2015, 08:05:57 PM   |    : Towelie

A 30% Flash Sale has been added for Survival/Factions/Creative!
The sale lasts until March 5th

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[Survival] Important changes to the Warp Plugin

March 02, 2015, 05:22:29 PM   |    : Towelie

Thanks to Dpa1991, I have installed an update to the Warp plugin.

NOTE: The plugin doesn't support spaces in warp names. All warps with spaces have been converted! Instead of spaces we now use underscores. If your warp was named "test warp" it will now be "test_warp"

The most important change (which I felt was needed for somet ime):
- The warp cooldown/warmup were removed. Warps are now instant
- I have raised the limit to 20 public + 20 private warps per player
- If riding a horse, your horse will also be teleported
- The warp plugin is now UUID-compliant. This means that if you change your name, you will have the warps on your new name.

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[B-Team] Premium Shop Revamp

March 01, 2015, 02:06:17 PM   |    : Towelie

The B-Team Premium Shop was revamped!
Check it out at

- Switched from EUR to USD
- Added several new items (check the Items & Bundles Category for info)
- Added icons for all items and categories in /buy
- Tweaked some prices
- Fixed an error in a description

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[Survival] Loyalty Rewards

March 01, 2015, 12:24:32 PM   |    : Towelie

I have added Loyalty Rewards on Survival.
That means that if you log in for up to 7 consecutive days, you get rewards each day, with increasing value.
Rewards range from a cake to 5000 EmpBucks or 2 SteveCo Keys.

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