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Ultra Hardcore Season 6

3 hours ago   |    : Karkafi


This Saturday August 2nd, we are hosting SFT UHC Season 6!

-Last team standing wins!
-You only have 1 life!
-When you die you get banned...

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[Reminder] +1 Our modpack and enter our contest for 25 Eur Premium Shop Prize

8 hours ago   |    : Towelie

Link -> Contest

Extended until August 15th as we are trying to get 2000 +1's
NOTE: Prize was increased to 25 Eur


Help spruce up Survival

9 hours ago   |    : Towelie

Yes, this post targets our Survival server. Not because I care about only Survival but because currently it is the only server that has me running without ideas. I can't do a world reset because I'm stuck waiting for 1.8, Towns plugin is taking long to test and will take even longer until it's deployed (don't ask me when, we're testing it atm, doing our best, don't wanna rush).
So seing as th...

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Why aren't you voting?

9 hours ago   |    : Towelie

I am wondering why people aren't voting.
You asked for better rewards, we added better rewards. You asked for more EmpBucks in the votes, we added more EmpBucks. You asked to be able to buy Flymod/Other permission-based donations by voting, we added that.
So why aren't you guys voting?

We are in a bad bad place, whereas we used to be on #40th place a while ago now we struggl...

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