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Minecraft White Elephant Gift Exchange

Started by Beatrice9812, Nov 27, 2016, 09:32 pm

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Hi everyone! Today, @sublimecozy6790 hosted a secret santa game on the server and it made me want to do a secret santa gift exchange! For those of you that don't know, a secret santa gift exchange is where a group of people each buy one gift for another person and they don't know who is there secret santa until they get their gift! If you want to be in the secret santa gift exchange, comment your username below by December 15 and I will randomly assign you someone so that you can give them a gift. Guidelines for gifts are as follows: Your gift must be worth more than a piece of cobblestone and be worth less than a :diamond: or :diamondblock: .  The gifts will be exchanged on December 21, and everyone who signs up will get a gift.


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Ends today! Enter now if you want to. Last chance. I will be pming everyone on the list tomorrow.


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This sounds very interesting.. I'll join. :)

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Today's the day everyone! Sometime today or tomorrow, meet up with the person you are going to gift and give them their gift! When you get one, be sure to say thank you. If you can't find the person after a few days, message them on forum to decide on a time to meet. Please note that if you have failed to get a gift for your person, you can't receive one. Instead, the person who was supposed to get  a gift from you will get yours. Have fun everyone and enjoy your  :chest: (Gifts)!  :laugh: