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[Tips and information] For those who want to draw

Started by TheStarNomad✯, Jun 20, 2017, 08:03 PM

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Jun 20, 2017, 08:03 PM Last Edit: Jul 04, 2017, 05:27 PM by TheStarNomad✯
Requested by CleverWhale, this post is for all those out there who enjoy drawing; whether you just want some tips, or need some help to progress or start off, this post may be of interest to you.

6 months ago I was absolutely terrible at drawing, could've even draw a leg that LOOKED RIGHT, but over these months (with a little help from TonyStark<3) I've massively improved; most ideas I come up with now I'm actually able to put into play.
Below is a collection of things that I did over these months, as well as things I never realised before.
Disclaimer: Please remember that these are how I learned, but depending on what you enjoy making as art, and your way of learning, it'll be different. You need to find YOUR way.

1. Figure out what style you enjoy drawing in.
For example; I adore drawing in stylized form (aka like cartoons). They can be simple and funny, easy to animate (when I get good enough) and are very flexible. If you don't know what style you like already, just google some stuff and find a piece of art from someone you really like; don't worry if it's really complex, you can set it as your goal, and work your way to there.

2. Tracing.
I don't mean taking someone's drawing and tracing it line for line; by this I mean find a picture of an animal or a plant, etc, and attempt to draw the same thing on your paper. Trust me, it isn't supposed to work out well at first, but as you keep doing it, your brain will become more observant to how lines and shapes fit together, along with sizes and placement.
It can be a little freaky sometimes if you do this a lot; one time I was re-watching wreck it ralph after a year, and I didn't realise they animated their faces in that shape before..

3. It's okay to give up.
If a drawing you're working on, and putting a lot of effort into ends up looking really bad, it's okay to just give up on it. I've given up on a few drawings myself, but trust me, it's better to start fresh than to continue on the same thing for far too long. But don't give up too soon either, you need to find your balance.

4. Find your inspiration.
Never attempt to draw anything without an idea you'll dedicate your time and effort to draw. My inspiration was mainly Undertale, but I also take stuff in from music lyrics and my own poetry. If  you're really interested in what you want to draw, you'll be less likely to get bored; but most importantly, don't force yourself to draw. (This relates to 3.)

5. References.
During all stages of drawing you'll need to do this, but as you get better you'll notice you won't need to do it as often. Searching up references for how to draw bones, animal legs, claws and feet, you name it; helps SO much.

6. Make it fun.
If you find drawing on your own boring, try getting friends involved. What Tony did with me is /force/ me into drawing contests. 10-20min to draw a particular animal in pen only using references. Obviously she was going to be way better than me, but it definitely got me drawing.

7. Variety.
Don't just draw with pen/pencil and paper! Trying your hand at paper collages, felt-tip colouring, painting and other creative ways of being artistic really helps as well. I don't do these as much, but that's mainly because I'm addicted to my drawing tablet.
This is a paper collage I made under the instruction of a children's art teacher;

8. Circles and stick figures.
This is one thing I really don't like doing, but so many artists use this method; drawing a stick figure or a circle to help you draw. It can be useful but for some reason I've never gotten accustomed to using this method, however I highly recommend it. (My method is usually free drawing, and then adjusting each body part to be perfect afterwards. It works, so what can I say?)
My feeble attempts of drawing this way:

9. Making your drawing interesting.
Now you're better at drawing figures, good things to learn are; perspective; drawing details (such as clothes creases, hair and fur strands, scales, etc); special effects and shading. Perspective and angles can be pretty tricky to learn, but they make your drawing so much better.
Perspective and fur:

Shading (ignoire the snail, I was drawing on someone elses paper shh):

10. Time and patience.
It can be hard, but I started off drawing once a week. This is enough to progress with drawing.

My style of drawing before I started properly;

6 months later;

Well that's all for now, I hope you can all achieve your hopes and dreams. Good luck! :heart:

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You've gotten so amazing. xD I need to catch up. Great tips by the way.


Thank you sooo much :heart:
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Did I do it correctly?

Good tutorial though  ;D
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