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Possible Return?

Started by Orco, Sep 05, 2017, 07:56 pm

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Heyo. For those who dont know I recently resigned but, as long as the staff team allows me to, I should be able to come back in a month or two once I get everything balanced between school, soccer, SFT, and everything else. This topic is just for a little bit of info I guess for players and the staff team alike.  :laugh: I just needed and still need a little bit of a break and a little bit of time to work things out.


Yay, please come back, have a great life Orc too!  :P
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I really hope you'll be able to come back! Just message me when you can! :D

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Even if you don't have time to staff come hang out with us sometimes we miss you!
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Orcod :)  good to see people returning...

Actually missing all of you guys a lot    :heart:
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