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[The Lost Sky;Sky Factory] What things should I fix?

Started by blalp, Oct 26, 2017, 01:55 AM

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Pick your top 3 topics

/is leave
6 (66.7%)
added messages to /is commands
2 (22.2%)
autocomplete for /is
1 (11.1%)
better support for playershops
7 (77.8%)
eventworld setup (short)
5 (55.6%)
fix pvp protections to unban key of kings law
1 (11.1%)
first join tutorial and chat message
1 (11.1%)
event manager plugin
2 (22.2%)
premium shop
2 (22.2%)
pvp protections
0 (0%)
reaction rewards (loot bags)
4 (44.4%)
spikes/mob grider fix (long)
2 (22.2%)
make vampire ritial and other work again
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 9


There are various things to fix/add on skyfactory and I want to do them in order that best reflects what you guys want. PLEASE suggest other additions/modifications in pms with me on forums, or discord (can be found on the official sft discord at You can also suggest changes here, but I would prefer to discuss things in pm first then open it up here so we can discuss feasibility and other factors in pms.
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So my votes may be a bit biased as I am the HoH, but I do need/want the event world back on so players can start getting money. If I could, I'd vote for everything, as it all seems really important. However, you take your time and don't overwork yourself.
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mrs ender wants reaction rewards to be added
lost = life


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