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My Resignation

Started by Kiannaa, Aug 13, 2019, 09:30 am

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Good luck!
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We will miss you


I know I haven't been online in 18273 years but I know you have done lots for the server, and SFT will miss you 😔 I'm glad I met you and ILYY
I hope you have fun doing other things and good luck <333


Quote from: xJuJuu on Aug 13, 2019, 05:27 pmBoox, you were one of the biggest influences in my return to the SFT community. Knowing absolutely no one a year or two back when I attempted to rejoin this community for the first time since 2012 was extremely difficult and scary for someone like me. Truth be told I almost gave up and felt like my time here had come and gone.

But you embraced me, took me under your wing essentially and introduced me to some incredible people. (You guys know who you are <3) You even pushed me into being staff again. I never would have had that kind of confidence without you and Sasha's support.

I admire you as a person, and a friend. I will truly miss you being an admin on SFT, and I think others could learn a thing or two from the work you've done as an admin and your extremely friendly attitude towards players.

I'm going to miss you, and thank you for everything <3
Aww you're amazing hehe I'll make sure we keep in touch :)


Thanks for everything you've done for SFT. Hopefully you'll swing by on occasion, even if it's just for a "hello."


These are very sad news! Everyone will miss you but you will always be in our memories! Best admin on SFT btw (dont tell sasha lol) Thank you for all the hard work you put into the server to make it what it is today! Ily


Bye Boo<3
 I wont get into any fights while your gone. ALSO thanks for being one of my favorite admins and teaching me how to be a better person. I loved being online with you and I will never forget thr memories we made together <3
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Hopefully this isn't goodbye but a see ya later  :heart:

Be sure to keep in touch every once in a while.

We love you and will miss you terribly


who am i suppose to annoy at night now? i will miss you. (also very late to see this, my bad)

@Smallfry5545 owes me $5 'cause i knew it. ;)


Quote from: Lady_Carissa on Sep 03, 2019, 06:06 am@Smallfry5545 owes me $5 'cause i knew it. ;)
I never agreed to that :(

All the best to you boox, you were a great Admin.
Wige to the Carissa