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[Survival] Weekend Event - Monopoly!

Started by Kakota, Nov 03, 2020, 04:40 PM

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Nov 03, 2020, 04:40 PM Last Edit: Nov 03, 2020, 04:44 PM by Kakota
Hello everyone! To start off November, myself and @Wppvater will be hosting Monopoly Sunday, November 8th at 1PM EST!

I added a countdown for when it starts for those in other timezones! :)

Sign ups will be 30min before starting time! I'll be handling sign-ups and teams :)
Which is 12:30PM EST!

  • 1st place - 300k per player
  • 2nd place - 100k per player OR 150k per player if we get 7+ teams
  • 3rd place if we get 7+ teams - 50k per player

How will Monopoly work?

More then likely there will be mandatory teams to keep gameplay at a reasonable pace and so everyone can enjoy!
Lets say we have teams with 3 people on every team. Each person will get $1,500(so 4,500 between 3) in fake monopoly money. This also means buy prices, rents, and etc will be doubled, tripled, etc based on the average person count per team.

More then likely we will be playing by the OG rules - if you pass up an property it goes up for auction for anyone(including yourself) to snag!

You will NOT be spending any emp to play this weekend event! All funds are disturbed via renamed items!
We will be having max team count of 8 different teams!

Depending on how many people do show up, we may alter gameplay & rules to ensure a fun game!

Have fun & hope to see you there!  :heart: