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Inactivity Board / Computer in for Repairs
Jan 18, 2021, 07:31 PM
I should have posted this a week ago, but I forgot that this board existed. My computer is in for repairs, I'll be back on as soon as it is shipped back to me within the next week or so. Please don't BCV any of my builds, and @omelet please don't remove me from Town USA
General Discussion / Hello Again
Nov 28, 2020, 05:07 AM
Hello fellow gamers, after a few years of college I decided I'd check back into the lovely world of the SFT forums. Just wanted to reinsure everyone that I did not die (the alcohol poisoning hasn't gotten the best of me yet). Hope everyone is doing well, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and all of the above.


Cavaliers Should not be Certain LeBron is coming back after the 2018 Season

Three years after LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a shot at redemption, his future is once again up in the air.

Last summer, James signed a three-year, $100 million deal with the Cavs with a player option for the third year in 2018.

Now, chatter over James' free agency that summer is picking up, and it revolves around his potentially leaving the Cavs to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

The talk recently surfaced when The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reported that some people around the NBA thought James may leave Cleveland for the Lakers or the Clippers. James owns a house 30 minutes from the Staples Center (where both teams play) and has off-court interests that would benefit from his being in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski said on his podcast that James' championship in Cleveland in 2016 had "liberated" him to leave again and that many people thought he was "likely" to pursue one of the Los Angeles teams.

"Not only is there no guarantee he's coming back, I'm not sure there is an expectation he's re-signing there. I think within Cleveland and around the league they feel that he is very much in play to leave again and likely head out West to one of the two LA teams. The Lakers could very well be a target.


"I think the focus, a lot of LeBron's business interests, his Hollywood aspirations, his media ventures are based out there. And I wrote this last year and said it and believed it — the minute he won that championship in Cleveland, he was liberated to leave again. Now, if he had not won a title in Cleveland and left again, I think there would be tremendous backlash again."

Wojnarowski also said a reunion with Dwyane Wade in Miami, depending on the shape of the team, could be in play.

Of course, part of the impetus of this is the Golden State Warriors' foreseeable dominance. The Warriors are in position this summer to lock up their core of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston until at least 2019. The Cavs, meanwhile, have no cap space and little in the way of assets to improve their team.

After the Cavs lost to the Warriors in five games in the Finals, things look a little bleaker than usual in Cleveland. When asked after Game 5 how the Cavs could clear the hurdle that is the Warriors juggernaut, James was vague in his answer.

"I need to sit down and figure this thing out," he said. "And so I don't know as far as me personally right now. But as far as that team, they're going to be here for a while. They're going to be around for a while ... From my eyes, they're built to last a few years. So we'll see."

While James has not openly discussed leaving the Cavs, he has talked about forming another super-team with his friends Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony. James told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck in 2016:

"I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together At least one, maybe one or two seasons — me, Melo, D-Wade, CP — we can get a year in. I would actually take a pay cut to do that ... It would be pretty cool. I've definitely had thoughts about it."

It would take some salary-cap gymnastics for the Cavs to figure out a way to get all four players on the same team, and some believe Cleveland would not be the most appealing place for the four stars. Los Angeles then becomes a more viable option, particularly if Paul re-signs with the Clippers this summer.

The Cavs may have been bracing for a James exit. Since returning to Cleveland, James has signed only one-year deals, for both financial and motivational reasons. If the Cavs didn't build the team to James' liking, or if he felt the front office was getting complacent, he would have the ability to leave again.

As The Ringer's O'Connor notes, Cavs general manager David Griffin this year acknowledged the possibility of James leaving while he discussed how the Cavs had traded future draft picks for win-now players.

"It's our job to win right now and everyone feels that. Ownership feels that, ownership invests in it. When you have that amount of clarity, it makes doing things like trading protected firsts make sense. It may not look good on the books moving forward and people may look at it and say, 'Oh my god, they've mortgaged their future.' Well, if LeBron and Kyrie [Irving] and Kevin [Love] are gone, and we become a lottery pick, we'll have those picks because they're protected."

For now, James is a Cavalier, and the team's offseason focus will be on finding the missing pieces needed to return to the Warriors' level. But James' future is once again a talking point, and it could linger over the Cavs for the next year.

From BusinessInsider
B-Team / [B-Team] Suggest Premium Shop Perks
Aug 21, 2017, 10:13 AM
Simply, please comment down below what you would like too see added to our Premium Shop. I ask that staff/other players do not quote suggestions and shoot them down immediately or second their opinion. The Owners will look at every suggestion in great detail and allow what will benefit B-Team, while being plausible, onto the Premium Shop!
You can now purchase Autoshop and Global Market Permissions from Admin+ in game! How? Just comment here and use the code listed below.

[b]Total Uptime:[/b]
[b]Do you have enough money?[/b]
[b]Autoshop or Global Market perm?[/b]

Once you comment, An Admin+ will try and find you while you're online and when you pay them the 15/20 million EMP fee, they will give you the perms! Autoshop permissions are 20 million EMO and global market permissions are 15 milliom EMP.
General Announcements / [Factions] Round #2!
Feb 12, 2017, 07:08 PM
Join us for the official re-release of our Factions server!
Thank you to @saywhat2365 @Towelie and the whole Factions staff team for making this work! Couldn't have done it without you guys. So without any further adieu, we present Factions, round 2!
Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 12:00pm EST
How to Join
Log onto or Survival, Creative or any of our bungee connected servers and type /factions
Extra Information
Aside from the Donator Shop coming soon, there will be a two day grace period! Starting on the 18th and ending on the 20th. From the 21st on, PvP and all your essential Factions needs will be available! We are giving everyone this two day period to re-group old factions, spend time making and base and gathering resources without worrying about being killed and robbed within your first hours of play. If you are caught killing, stealing or any rule breaking on the 18th-20th there will be punishment!
Polls / [Overwatch] Doomfist?
Feb 11, 2017, 08:08 PM
Explain your choice in the comments! I chose choice #1

@Towelie @MrEpicWonder @CaykoMarie
Polls / [Overwatch] Best Skins so far?
Jan 24, 2017, 11:10 PM
Which season gave us the coolest skins?
Tagging @Towelie @MrEpicWonder cuz I know y'all play.

I voted for Chinese New Year!
Polls / [CollegeFootball]Who takes it all?
Jan 09, 2017, 04:01 AM
Personally, would love to see the Tigers win because I'm a Florida Gators fan and I hate the Tide. Also, @mrmoose12  loves Clemson so thats pretty cool.
Also, the game is tomorrow (or today) Monday, Jan 9 2017.
Polls / [SB]Who takes it all?
Jan 09, 2017, 03:59 AM
The question says it all...
Tonight was an embarrassment for me being a Giants fan, so Id have to say I think Seattle is going all the way :)
Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a JMod? With this post, now you have a chance! If you think you fit the following requirements, then reply in the thread using the code below!


- 6 Hours of playtime weekly
- 70 Hours on our B-Team Server
- No major bans within the past 5 months
- If you have tons of uptime on another server and only have a little less than 70 on B-Team, that is okay too.

Please use the following format to apply:

[b]Why should we choose you?:[/b]
[b]Do you reach the requirements?:[/b]
[b]Do you try your best to help players?:[/b]
[b]How much time do you play SFT a week?:[/b]
[b]Have you been banned before? If so, what for?:[/b]
[b]Do you have skype? If not, are you able to get it?:[/b]

Thanks for applying! If you're accepted you'll receive a forum pm or Skype message from one of our staff members. Please do not comment back asking if you're being accepted or not, it lowers your chances of being accepted.
B-Team / [B-Team] Trusted Rank Request
Oct 09, 2016, 06:30 PM
Use this page to request a trusted rank (the rank you had before you were made Untrusted) after you have completed said "Untrusted" time.

Please use the following application to apply for your rank back:
[b]Has your Untrusted time been completed:[/b]
[b]Total hours on the B-Team server:[/b]
[b]Hours needed for trusted rank:[/b]

Don't know how codes work? Here is how you copy and paste into your reply:
  • Hit the "select" button and copy what gets highlighted.
  • Then hit the "reply" button.
  • Finally, paste what you copied in the box and fill it in with your proper in-game name and rank requested!
B-Team / [B-Team] Staff List
Oct 09, 2016, 06:26 PM
    B-Team Staff List











    When updating the list, do not comment your changes! List all names in alphabetical order!
    Table of Contents:
    • Space Stations
    • Problems Regarding Trails
    • How to add Memory to the Modpack
    • Protection Flaws
    • Regarding Bugs and Glitches
    • Beware of Crafting Stations
    • Report Staff Misconduct

    1. Space Stations
    Space stations are bugged! If you build one please know that you will crash and will need a profile reset. Use this item at your own risk and we cannot remove the individual item.

    2. Problems Regarding Trails
    After running some tests with the Trails donation pack, only Fire(1), Smoke(2), Ender(3) and Firework(5) worked. Numbers 4, 6-21 were down/did not work/were buggy. Please take this under consideration when donating!

    3. How to add Memory to the Modpack
    Please understand that this requires Java 8 64 bit to do this. If you do not have the option to add more memory make sure that you have 64 bit Java installed! You only need 1-2 GB allocated for it to work & 10 GB is way too much. If you need Java please go here!

    4. Protection Flaws
    • All doors can be opened with witchery spells.
    • Even though you can't glitch through walls in claimed areas with enderpearls, it is still possible using a witches hand.
    • Chips in project red pipes can be removed without permission in your claim.
    • Request pipes can still be used on claims without permissions. Be sure that you put a chest above the request pipe!
    • Armor in armor stands from any mod can be accessed without permissions so make sure you encase them in glass or another transparent block!
    • Portal addresses can be modified, removed, and added in the portal dialer from enhanced portals, as well as the modifiers which are also removable.

    5. Regarding Bugs and Glitches
    The majority of players we have seen have abused this act. Please note this statement:
    Do not abuse any glitches or exploits you may find and please don't make them public! It is your responsibility to report any glitches found to staff or an Owner so that the glitch can be fixed. Wether you message them in game or Skype or on the forums, please just let someone know! Also, please do note that anyone found doing this multiple times will receive a punishment.

    6. Beware of Crafting Stations
    Please protect any area you own, even if its just furnaces and chests.Why? Because, if you own a chest or furnace and the land itself is unclaimed, someone can come along, place a Crafting Station next to the chest and steal your items. Now, we will obviously violate anyone that performs this (resulting in a ban and return of items), but help us help you. Prevent it now!
    tl;dr - Protect every area you own, especially chests.

    7. Report Staff Misconduct
    Report staff members about serious misconduct and you don't feel comfortable about anyone knowing it was you. The reports will be looked at by the Owners and further investigation will be done by the staff team (most likely Admin+). Please allow a few days of viewing time as I may not get to it right away. If you feel that something isn't being done and should be, you can always find me in game, on the forums or on Skype.
    Tebow to the Mets!
    from usatoday.com

    PORT ST. LUCIE, FLA. -- New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow, on his second day as a professional baseball player, was greeted Tuesday with a strange phenomenon.


    There wasn't a news helicopter hovering overhead this day during the Mets' practice. There were no urgent TV news reports or people shrieking when spotting Tebow Monday night at the local Target buying flavored sparkling water and almonds.

    There were about 250 fans Tuesday, less than half of the 577 that showed up for his instructional league debut Monday, with a lot of late arrivals simply to get their baseballs, jerseys and Florida football helmets autographed.

    The number of credentialed media members was also reduced by more than half to 30 reporters, with a press conference that lasted only 11 minutes.

    Why, even when he hit his first professional home run in batting practice, at 11:58 a.m. for those Tebow historians, there wasn't a single cheer.

    "Whether there are five people or 500 people,'' Tebow said, "you can't let that bother you. The size of the crowd. Or what people are saying. The hype or no hype.

    "I just try not to get involved at all, and try not to pay attention, and just focus on being a baseball player.''

    Tebow actually looked more like a real baseball player, too, taking instructions, getting to know the coaches, and, yes, even looking like a slugger with three impressive batting practice rounds. He looked much more relaxed, and instead of hitting numerous pop-ups like day one, was hitting deep fly balls and line drives, culminating with a homer on his second-to-last swing over the right-field fence.

    "It felt a little more comfortable,'' Tebow said, "with a day under my belt. Just getting used to everything, the preparations, just all of those silly things that you have to go through. Getting into the building. Finding everything that you need. The cafeteria. Just getting used to the routine of everything.

    "So it was easier when I came out here today. I felt it went well, and felt like I did a little bit better.''

    Still, it wasn't as if he just fit into the crowd, not when you're 6-foot-3 and 255 pounds, with a Heisman Trophy and two national championships on your resume, and moonlighting as an SEC analyst on the weekends, working the Auburn-LSU game on Saturday.

    Why, except for a Noah Syndergaard jersey, the only other Mets jerseys fans wore Tuesday were Tebow jerseys, fresh off the rack, where the Mets even had a Tebow tent of merchandise.

    The No. 1 seller on MLB's online store Tuesday was Tebow men's jerseys at $119.99. The second biggest was Tebow replica T-shirts at $29.99. Third was the Chicago Cubs' NL Central champion T-shirts.

    When Tebow's press conference ended, there were actually a couple of reporters getting selfies and autographs from Tebow.


    Otherwise, this was the first day of what Tebow's baseball life will resemble for the duration of the instructional league, with 1 ½ more weeks of practice, before six games that will start in two weeks. Tebow will be playing in them, with the stands filled with more than just family members and scouts, with press conferences following each game.

    And yes, he'll be the only one having press conferences, and asked questions outside the boundaries of baseball.
    Carson Wentz, the Real Deal?
    from usatoday.com

    CHICAGO — Carson Wentz is ruining it for rookies everywhere.

    He's supposed to be struggling, taking his lumps on the field and in the standings while he negotiates the NFL's steep learning curve. Or, better yet, riding the bench, biding his time behind a veteran until coaches and the front office are satisfied he's ready to take the reins for real.

    Apparently no one told Wentz that.

    Thrust into the starter's role a little over two weeks ago after the trade of Sam Bradford, Wentz put on another impressive performance in Monday night's 29-14 win over the Chicago Bears. Yes, his two starts have come against the NFL's JV — with apologies to JVs everywhere — and there is a lot of football still to be played.

    But the Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0, one of only three NFC teams that can say that. Anyone who claims they saw this coming when the No. 2 pick in the draft moved to the head of the class is lying.

    "I'm feeling really good," Wentz said. "I usually feel good even when bad plays happen. I've just got to keep plugging away. I feel confident."

    What has made Wentz's debut so notable is that the Eagles are not winning in spite of him. Remember when Ben Roethlisberger took the Pittsburgh Steelers to the AFC Championship Game as a rookie? Sure, he had his moments, but it was the defense that carried that team.

    That's not the case here. Again, it's early. But aside from not protecting himself better when he scrambles, Wentz is not making rookie mistakes.

    He's not making mistakes, period.
    Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a JMod? With this post, now you have a chance! If you think you fit the following requirements, then reply in the thread using the code below!


    - 5 Hours of uptime weekly
    - 12 hours total uptime (You must be a Member)
    - No major bans within the past 5 months
    - If you have uptime on other SFT servers and wish to start playing/staff on PE, that is okay too

    Please use the following format to apply:

    [b]Why should we choose you?:[/b]
    [b]Do you reach the requirements?:[/b]
    [b]Do you try your best to help players?:[/b]
    [b]How much time do you play SFT a week?:[/b]
    [b]Have you been banned before? If so, what for?:[/b]
    [b]Do you have skype? If not, are you able to get it?:[/b]

    Thanks for applying! If you're accepted you'll receive a forum pm or Skype message from one of our Admins. Please do not comment back asking if you're being accepted or not, it lowers your chances of being accepted.
    B-Team / [B-Team] Architect List
    Aug 31, 2016, 02:05 AM
    Just so you get to know the builders of our B-Team server!

    Everyone: Please tell CrafterLuc2 before changing this post.

    Head of Architects
    • CrafterLuc2

    • DarthAxon
    • meowser
    • Mord3005
    • TheReplacers
    • Zam_2000

    • werewolfxx5
    Polls / [PokemonGO] Your best CP pokemon is?
    Aug 02, 2016, 07:49 PM
    Hey guys, fill in the circle for what your best CP is! Ive left the poll so that you can change your answer if your highest CP gets higher. :)
    Please also comment with this or something similar:

    [b]Exact CP:[/b]

    Ill give an example, heres mine :)

    Pokemon: Flareon
    Exact CP: 1340
    Please use the following form when creating a post that suggests new crates and check our current list of crates before suggesting here:

    [b]Name of Crate:[/b]
    [b]Item 1:[/b]
    [b]Item 2:[/b]
    [b]Item 3:[/b]
    [b]Item 4:[/b]
    [b]Item 5:[/b]
    [b]Item 6 (Optional):[/b]
    [b]Item 7 (Optional):[/b]
    [b]Item 8 (Optional):[/b]
    [b]Item 9 (Optional):[/b]
    [b]Item 10 (Optional):[/b]

    Note:  Please include the following in each item you suggest: 1. Item name, 2. Item enchant, 3. Item description. Please also note that one out of the 5-10 items must be fail prize. (Something that is of worse value then its other contents). You may also wish to include what color you want the name of the item to be! Please note that if a color is not named, a random one will be picked by me during creation.

    Please only suggest vanilla minecraft items (Armor, tools, blocks, heads, etc.) and do NOT suggest modpack items as they are not compatible with the Steve Co. plugin.

    Thank you for taking time to suggest new crates and items that players can collect and and trade with friends! To keep the post clean, I will be removing quotes and stuff so its just suggestions. Please let me know if you feel something in this post is either wrong or I have left something out.

                - iLaxrv10  :minecart:
    Hey guys! This is a new post here showing you our current Steve Co. Crates and their contents. This list will be frequently updated because I will be making brand new Crates a lot of the time now! So without further adieu, here is the list of our current crates:

    Standard Crates:

    Crate 1 (Deadpool):
    Deadpool's Mask
    Deadpool's Shirt
    Deadpool's Pants
    Deadpool's Boots
    Beauroyre Blade
    SteveCo Fail Potato

    Crate 2 (Staff Heads):
    TowelieDOH's head
    dpa1991's head
    bogeymanEST's head
    FearThe1337's head
    donnydoom604's head
    boymac45's head
    SteveCo Gold Carrot
    Cookie Monster

    Crate 3 (Hero):
    Hero's Hood
    Hero's Tunic
    Hero's Pants
    Hero's Boots
    Hero's Bow
    Majora's Mask
    Kokiri Sword
    Red Potion

    Crate 4 (Random):
    Agile Excavator
    Thief's Pickaxe
    Skullsplitter Axe
    Nectar of the Gods
    Bundle of Enderpearls
    SteveCo Gravel
    The Time Keeper

    Crate 5 (Shaman):
    Strange Shaman's Health Buff Cap
    Strange Shaman's Speed Buff Chest
    Strange Shaman's Damage Buff Pants
    Strange Shaman's Horse Buff Boots
    Strange Steve Co. Cake
    Strange A bunch of emeralds

    Crate 6 (Random):
    Strange Thor's Sword
    Strange Retro Axe
    Chainmail Chestplate
    Golden Carrot
    Golden Apple

    Crate 7 (Attila The Hun):
    Sword of Attila
    Attila the Hun's Hat
    Attila the Hun's Pants
    Attila the Hun's Boots
    Attila the Hun's Chestplate
    Pretty much a fail prize
    16 Emeralds

    Crate 8 (Random):
    Ancient Wizard's Wand
    Poseidon's Helmet
    Joan of Arc's Armor
    Hawkeye's Bow
    A bunch of XP Potions

    Crate 9 (DarkKnight):
    DarkKnight's Coif
    DarkKnight's Hauberks
    DarkKnight's Armor Pants
    DarkKnight's Heavy Chainmail Boots
    Water Bottle
    Zippo Lighter

    Crate 10 (Sorcerer):
    Restoration Wand
    Sorcerer's Cowl
    Sorcerer's Robe
    Sorcerer's Trousers
    Sorcerer's Boots
    Great Health Potion
    SteveCo Gravel

    Crate 11 (Archon):
    Strange The Wedge
    Archon Coif
    Archon Chestplate
    Archon Trousers
    Archon Boots
    Bottomless Potion of Mutilation
    SteveCo Pumpkin Pie
    SteveCo Enderpearls

    Crate 12 (Potions):
    Great Potion of Resistance
    Great Potion of Regeneration
    Great Potion of Buffing
    Great Potion of Harming
    SteveCo Milk

    Crate 13 (Breaking Bad):
    Hazmat Suit Helmet
    Hazmat Suit (chestplate)
    Hazmat Suit (pants)
    Hazmat Suit Boots
    Crystal Meth
    Los Pollos Hermanos

    Crate 14 (Pirate):
    Pirate's Hat
    Pirate's Leather Coat
    Pirate's Leather Trousers
    Pirate's Clogs
    Pirate's Hook
    Bottle O' rum

    Crate 15 (Ghostbusters):
    Ghostbuster Uniform Helmet
    Ghostbuster Uniform Chest
    Ghostbuster Uniform Pants
    Ghostbuster Uniform Boots
    Positron Collider
    SteveCo Malk

    Crate 16 (Heads):
    Computer Decorative Head
    TV Decorative Head
    Present Decorative Head
    Companion Cube Decorative Head
    Aquarium Decorative Head
    Gamecube Decorative Head
    Radio Decorative Head
    Earth Decorative Head
    Bacon Food Head
    Pancakes Food Head
    Tomato Food Head
    Hamburger Food Head
    Popcorn Food Head
    SpongeBob Character Head
    Mario Character Head
    Mudkip Character Head
    Ash Character Head
    Bowser Character Head
    Koala Character Head
    Question Head

    Crate 17 (AlienTech):
    AlienTech Hat
    AlienTech Shirt
    AlienTech Pants
    AlienTech Boots
    AlienTech Gun
    AlienTech Sword
    AlienTech Pickaxe
    Strange Bread

    Crate 18 (Spartan):
    Spartan Warrior's Spear
    Unusual Thracian Helmet
    Muscle Cuirass
    Leather Fringes
    Spartan's Potion

    Crate 19 (Star Wars - Stormtrooper):
    Stormtrooper Mask
    Stormtrooper Imperial Chestplate
    Stormtrooper Imperial Trousers
    Stormtrooper Imperial Boots
    E-11 Blaster

    Crate 20 (Star Wars - Chewbacca):
    Chewbacca Mask
    Chewbacca Torso (Costume)
    Chewbacca Legs (Costume)
    Chewbacca Feet (Costume)
    Chewbacca's Bowcaster
    Chewbacca's Wookie Sword
    Wookie Beer
    Bantha Meat
    Ewok Steak

    Crate 21 (Pokemon):
    Official League Cap
    Trainer's Pants
    Trainer's Jacket
    Trainer's Sneakers
    Master Ball
    Pokeball collection
    Max Repel
    Max Revive

    Crate 22 (MegaMan):
    Mega Man's Helmet
    Mega Man's Armor
    Mega Man's Protective Pants
    Mega Man's Boots
    Mega Buster
    Energy Pellet
    Energy Tank
    Weapon Tank
    SteveCO Fail Prize (Gravel)

    Crate 23 (Iron Man):
    Iron Man's Helmet
    Iron Man's Chest Armor
    Iron Man's Armored Pants
    Iron Man's Jetpack Boots
    Iron Man's Grappling Hook
    Spectacular graviton beam
    SteveCo Fail Prize (Gravel)

    Crate 24 (Random):
    Pimp's Hoe
    Le Trout
    Practical Man's Jewelry
    The Skull Basher
    Summon Towelie
    SteveCo Failprize (Gravel)

    Crate 25 (Native American Heritage):
    SteveCo Fail Pie
    Indian Headpiece
    Indian Tunic
    Indian Legpiece
    Indian Sandals

    Crate 26 (X-Mas):
    Santa's Head
    Santa's Tunic
    Santa's Pants
    Santa's Boots
    Guardian Potion
    Tough Cookie
    Delicious Fail Prize (Pie)

    Crate 27 (Random):
    Radioactive Fallout Potion
    Shades 'o' Red Fireworks
    Soulbound Sword
    Severed Creeper Head
    Enchanted Golden Apple

    Crate 28 (Squids):
    Squid Head
    Squid Torso
    Squid Body
    Squid Tentacles
    Torn Tentacles
    Squid Ink (Fail Prize)

    Crate 29 (Memes):
    Pepe the Frog
    Dat Boi
    Caveman Spongebob
    Caveman Patrick
    Pokemon GO Memes
    Outdated Memes (Fail Prize)

    Crate 30 (Evil Dead Crate):
    Henrietta's Head
    Deadite Meat (Fail Prize)
    Missing Necronomicon Page
    The Laughing Lamp
    Ash's Medieval Armor

    Crate 31 (Donut Pack):
    Special Donut (Fail Prize)
    DonutKing Head
    Blunter Donut's T-Shirt
    Donut Apron
    Donut Booties

    If you don't see a crate that you want in this list, please suggest it here.
    Good news to all of those that play our pocket edition server! @saywhat2365 has updated to 0.15.0! Be sure to check out the new mobs, pistons and store for skins and textures. Hope to see you online. :D
    Hello players of Creative, Discord and more! If you've been banned and you've already posted an unban request, please sign up here instead of posting another unban. Please allow up to 48 hours for a first response on the unban as well.
    List of servers you should be posting here for:

    You should also be posting here if you are requesting an unban on SFT's Discord server or a forum unban
    Polls / Starter for Sun + Moon?
    Jun 03, 2016, 12:32 AM
    What starter are you getting? Are you getting:




    Personally, probably going with either Litten or Popplio, depending on who has the cooler final evolution. Right now, leaning toward Popplio however
    Polls / Pokemon Sun or Moon?
    Jun 03, 2016, 12:27 AM
    What version will you be getting? If you don't know much about the games click on the following links to see the two official trailers posted on the Pokemon youtube channel!

    Trailer #1 - Posted May 10
    Trailer #2 - Posted June 2

    Personally, ill be getting Moon version! I was thinking about getting Sun but the video released today definitely changed my mind.

    Only flaw though, the Sun Legendary is weak to Fire and the Moon Legendary is 4x weak to Dark. Good work Gamefreak, good work!
    The wait is finally over, WildWest now has a buycraft shop!
    If you are interested in donating you can click here to do so! If the ranks have missing perms, something wrong with them, please let me know and I'll get working on them right away!!
    You can access the shop either in game from /buy:
    Or you can click the link given above and shop from there:
    Thank you all for your continuous support of WildWest, hope to see you all online!
    Steph Curry wins MVP Unanimously
    from ESPN.go.com

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry became the NBA's first unanimous Most Valuable Player on Tuesday, winning the award for a second straight season.

    Curry, 28, swept all 131 first-place votes, including 130 from a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters and one from the Kia MVP fan vote. San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard was second in the voting, followed by Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James.

    "I never really set out to change the game. I never thought that would happen in my career," Curry said Tuesday as he accepted the trophy during a news conference in Oakland, California. "What I wanted to do was be myself. ... I know it inspires the next generation. You can work every day to get better."

    The Warriors returned home after Monday's Game 4 win in Portland, in which Curry had 40 points, including 17 in overtime.

    "He wants it," coach Steve Kerr said. "There's no ulterior motive. He's constantly trying to improve with no agenda. ... This is incredibly improbable. But there's a reason this is happening."

    Curry had been an overwhelming favorite to repeat as league MVP since the Warriors' record-setting 24-0 start to the season, which broke the previous record for best start to a season by nine wins. He also led the Warriors to a 73-9 mark, eclipsing the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' 72-10 record as the winningest regular season in NBA history.

    Shaquille O'Neal and James fell one vote shy of unanimous selection in 2000 and 2013, respectively. Curry joins Tom Brady (2010 NFL MVP) and Wayne Gretzky (1982 Hart Trophy winner) as the only unanimous MVPs in their respective leagues. There have been 17 unanimous MVPs in MLB history, most recently Bryce Harper, who was NL MVP last season.
    Old News / [Sports] Cavaliers NBA Final Bound
    May 28, 2016, 04:40 PM
    LeBron James to Appear in 6th Straight NBA Final
    from ESPN.go.com

    TORONTO -- The emotional floodgates cast wide open, the meaning of LeBron James' seminal night could be felt with every puddled footstep through the Cleveland Cavaliers' postgame locker room following a rousing 113-87 win over the Toronto Raptors to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals.

    The Cavs enjoyed this one, to be sure, embracing the Eastern Conference championship trophy with desire, rather than disdain and drenching each other in their celebration with what was available -- water bottles, ice buckets, whatever -- as they literally soaked up the moment.

    The party coordinator was none other than James, breaking from the thousand-yard stare he usually affixes to his career accolades and savoring what just went down as he silenced one of the toughest road arenas he ever stepped foot in.

    "I know," James told ESPN.com when he was told that this type of response was wholly unlike him; when reminded that his stock answer has always been that he'll sit back with a bottle of wine and reminisce about his achievements with his friend and confidant, Maverick Carter, some far-off day. But never in the moment. Not James. Not the man whose enough is never enough.

    "I know," he repeated.

    What changed? What brought about this shift in perspective that had him choking up during his on-court interview with ESPN's Doris Burke after becoming the first player in 50 years -- fifty -- to make it to a sixth straight Finals.
    Polls / Stanley Cup
    May 28, 2016, 04:36 PM
    Who you got for Hockey's "Super Bowl", the Stanely Cup Finals? If you're not too familiar with either team, let me break it down for you:

    Penguins: Beat the defending East champions, the New York Rangers in the first round and continued to dominate in the playoffs with a hard schedule versing teams like the Washington Capitals. The Penguins were last in the finals in 2009 when they beat the Detroit Red Wings.

    Sharks: Kinda an underdog in the tournament but had a great goal:goals allowed ratio. This is their first time reaching the finals in NHL history!

    In a 6 man analysis, 4 out of 6 said the Penguins will take home the cup while the other two claim the Sharks will.
    I don't like the Penguins due to one of their star players Sidney Crosby and the fact they beat the Rangers so I'm going with the Sharks! Vote and tell us why you picked who you did :D
    Polls / NBA Finals
    May 28, 2016, 04:30 PM
    Who do you want to see win the NBA Finals? Steph Curry and the Warriors? Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder? or LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers?
    Note: The Thunder and the Warriors and still in the "championship" game to go to the finals. If the Thunder win tonight, they advance to play the Cavs in the Finals. The warriors need to win the two remaining games.

    Ive been a Thunder fan since they were the Seattle Supersonics and they've always been my favorite NBA team so I'm rooting for the Thunder! :D
    General Announcements / Wild West Released!
    May 14, 2016, 04:27 PM
    Join us for the official release of our Wild West server!
    Thank you to @DuanetheDino  @saywhat2365 and @Towelie and the whole WildWest staff team for making this work! Couldn't have done it without you guys. So without any further adieu, we present WildWest!
    How to Join: Log onto or Survival, Creative or any of our bungee connected servers and type /wildwest
    Uptime and Donator Shop coming soon!
    I am proud to announce that our Wild West server is launching this weekend! Along with being able to play the server, get uptime and explore the lands, we have some special things going on for release weekend!
    If you don't want to do quests all day, our EventHost team will be having a hosting spree! Be sure to join @omelott @American_Walrus and @Thanos in our gaming world for some Events you can participate and win money in!
    We hope to see you there, partner!

    Releasing to an SFT Network near you on: Saturday, May 14 at 12:30 pm EST

    Sincerely, The WildWest Staff Team!  ;)

    Hey SFT! With the help of @saywhat2365 and @Towelie , I present the new and improved Parkour server! Instead of being an "on the side server" that would have small amounts of players online, parkour is now going to serve more of a purpose, its going to be tied in with Survival! The Survival Manager+ Team will have their respective rank on the parkour server and it will be used for the Event Weekends! During the week and during the weekends that events aren't going on, you can practice on all eight courses! Once an Event is announced on the forums, it will also be posted at the spawn board so you know when to be online. If you win the competition, your prize will be given to you on survival.

    Also, some new updates done were:
     :diamond: Fixed and revamped courses!
     :diamond: Brand new spawn! [The rooms in spawn include: Rule Room, Staff Room, Upcoming Event Room and Parkour Room]
     :diamond: New ranks!
     :diamond: New staff team!
     :diamond: Event connections with Survival!

    I hope that this new Parkour server will bring some great changes to the community, hope to see you all there!
    General Announcements / [WildWest] Open Beta
    Apr 16, 2016, 12:54 PM
    Goodmorning SFT! Today, marks the opening of the Open Beta!
    For the next week, you can join the server and test it out at any time you wish, staff will be online as much as they can to assist you and guide you through questing!
    The only thing is ask is for you to read and follow the rules given at spawn. It may not be fully released yet but rules still apply.
    Helpful Hints:
    • Stay in the orange sand! All quests are in this area.
    • Search towns high and low, some hidden quests can be found!
    • In whatever town you took the quest in, the person you need to find is usually in the same town so check there first.
    Server IP:

    Fun Stuff to Check Out:
    • The gaming world, located in /w3. EventHosts will host fun games here when they're online!
    • The survival world, located in /w2. Build here if you want to get started on building a house.
    • Our dynamap can be found here: http://games.superfuntime.org:8357/#
    Report Issues:

    Thank you all for your continuous support of the server! The staff team, Duane and I all hope you guys have fun! We'll be there if you need us!  ;)
    Hello beta testers! In this topic thread please post any bugs you may find. Either if it's for quests, permissions or any general bug for that matter. Please use the following codes if you can:

    [b]Quest, Permission or Other:[/b]
    In example, it should look like this:

    Quest, Permission or Other: Quest
    Issue: NPC Name quest is broken.

    I would also like to thank all those who have signed up to be beta testers. It means a lot to both DuanetheDino and I that you're devoting you're time to come out and help SFT. We hope that you enjoy the server and all that comes with it. Thank you!  8)
    Cespedes is back in New York
    from NY Daily News

    So does the rather stunning re-signing of Yoenis Cespedes make the Mets the favorites in the National League to reach the World Series?

    I think the Cubs are built to be the best ballclub over 162 games next season, but should the two teams meet again in the postseason I'd give the Mets the slightest of nods because of their edge in starting pitching.

    Don't forget, the Cubbies won 97 games last season in the toughest division in the majors, and they've added Ben Zobrist, Jason Heyward, John Lackey and Adam Warren to the best young nucleus of position players in baseball.

    They've also reduced the glaring advantage the Mets had in starting pitching depth last October. The Cubs desperately needed at least one more top-quality starter to go with Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, and Lackey qualifies after posting a 2.77 ERA in 33 starts for the Cardinals last season — though at 37 his age could be an issue.
    Denver tops New England, 20-18
    from Oregon Live

    First Quarter Rundown

    With 7:32 left in the first quarter, Peyton Manning finds Owen Daniels for a 21-yard reception and the first touchdown of the game as the Broncos are the first team on the board today. With 1:49 left in the first quarter, the Patriots even things up. Following a Peyton Manning turnover, Steven Jackson runs it in from 1 yard out. However, Gostowski misses the extra point. Broncos lead the Patriots, 7-6.

    Second Quarter Rundown

    With just under 14 minutes to play, the Denver Broncos score again with the Payton Manning to Owen Daniels connection, this time a 12-yard touchdown pass. Denver leads New England 14-6. With just over 7 minutes left in the half, Gostowski boots a 46-yard field goal to help the Pats cut into the lead. Denver leads New England, 14-9. The Broncos tack on a field goal just before the end of the quarter to stretch their lead to 17-9 over the Patriots going into halftime.

    Third Quarter Rundown

    The New England Patriots kick off the second half with a drive that stalls, but they still manage a field goal out of the possession that cuts the Broncos lead over the Patriots to 17-12. That's about all that happened in this quarter as the defense shined for both sides.

    Fourth Quarter Rundown

    The Denver Broncos begin the final quarter with possession, and stretch their lead with a field goal, 20-12. With just over two minutes to play, the Patriots are now driving, trying to even this game with a score and 2-point conversion. With 2:30 left in the quarter and after a failed 4th and 6 conversion in the red zone, the Patriots try to use their defense, timeouts and the two minute warning to get the ball back and have a final try on offense. It works. They'll have 1:52 on the clock and 1 timeout to work with as Tom Brady comes back onto the field. Rob Gronkowski makes an unreal diving catch to keep the Patriots alive and get them into the red zone. With :17 seconds left in regulation, it comes down to another 4th and goal play and Rob Gronkowski AGAIN! He gets free in the end zone somehow and makes the catch! The Patriots now have to get the two point conversion to complete the comeback... on the try, the pass is tipped and intercepted and the Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! What a game! Wild finish, folks!
    Panthers: 49 | Cardinals: 15
    from The Guardian

    Cam Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others, and Carolina's big-play defense stifled the league's top-ranked offense in a 49-15 romp on Sunday for the NFC championship. It was the most points for a winner of an NFC title game.

    The NFL's new top man at quarterback — Newton is an All-Pro this season — will lead the Panthers against five-time MVP Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in two weeks.

    "Playing the sheriff," Newton said of Manning. "We're going to live in the moment right now. We're going to be excited."

    Manning tops Brady as Broncos beat Patriots to make Super Bowl 50
     Read more
    It will be Newton's first trip to the Super Bowl and the second trip to the big game for the Panthers (17-1), who lost to New England 12 years ago. Denver, of course, have made a habit of going to Super Bowls, reaching it for a record-tying eighth time.

    "We won as a team," Newton said. "We came out here and fought our tails off and we did what a lot of people said we couldn't do. It's not over yet. We'll be ready to go in two weeks."

    And while the Broncos' defense carried the team past New England 20-18 for the AFC crown, Carolina's D was just as destructive. They picked off Carson Palmer four times, forced two fumbles by him, and never let up the assault.

    Special teams also had a takeaway, and when Carolina grabbed a 24-7 halftime lead this time, they didn't back off, as they did in nearly blowing a 31-point margin a week ago against Seattle.

    When Newton flew into the end zone for a 12-yard third-quarter touchdown, dabbed a bit, and pointed the Panthers toward the Bay Area and Super Bowl 50.
    SFT Modded / [Modded] Staff List
    Nov 18, 2015, 11:27 PM
      Modded Staff List










      When updating the list, do not comment on your changes! List all names in alphabetical order!
      Giants vs. Saints was a Historic Maelstrom of Passing Brilliance
      from SBNation.com

      The New Orleans Saints beat the New York Giants on Sunday, 52-49. It was a high-scoring game and a very productive day for both Drew Brees and Eli Manning. As such, it was a particularly poor day for both secondaries, which allowed a total of 13 touchdowns between the two quarterbacks. That's an NFL record.

      At the end of the game, the Saints relied on the only field goal of the game to win it, as Kai Forbath pushed one in from 51 yards out as time expired to give New Orleans the win. Drew Brees finished with 40 of 50 completions for 511 yards and seven touchdowns with an interception. Eli Manning completed 30 of 41 passes for 350 yards and six touchdowns.

      It was about as good a gunslinger duel as you could expect. Odell Beckham Jr. had a huge game for the Giants, with eight catches for 130 yards and three touchdowns, while both Benjamin Watson and Marques Colston had over 100 yards and a touchdown apiece for the Saints.

      The Saints finished with 103 rushing yards to New York's 87. It was hardly the focus of the game.

      Neither the Giants nor the Saints were able to field a strong defense in the game. After two quarters of play, Manning had completed 18 of 21 passes for 165 yards and three touchdowns, while Brees completed 19 of 21 passes for 300 yards and four touchdowns. Few balls ever touched the ground -- save for the Manning fumble where he sort of forgot how to hold the football -- and it was a relatively high-scoring affair.

      The Giants got on the board first when Manning hit Odell Beckham Jr. for a 2-yard touchdown, but the Saints quickly responded when Brees hit Willie Snead for a 34-yard touchdown in the same quarter.

      Brees struck again, from 26 yards out, to Brandin Cooks before they hit the second quarter.

      Both teams managed a pair of touchdowns in the second quarter, with Brees hitting Snead and Marques Colston, the latter of which went for 53 yards. Manning led the Giants on a 10-play, 80-yard drive capped off with a Shane Vereen touchdown with just two seconds left on the clock in the first half to make it 28-21 in favor of the Saints heading into the second half.

      It didn't take long for Manning to match Brees and tie up the game, however. Manning found Beckham for his third touchdown of the game, this one from 50 yards out. The running game was essentially forgotten at this point, as Brees hit Cooks again to go up 35-28. New Orleans was able to pile on their lead from there, when the Giants failed to take advantage of a Brees interception and when he got the ball back, he threw yet another touchdown pass.

      At one point, the Saints got a sack fumble on the Giants and had an opportunity to pile on even more, but a penalty called the play back and the Giants maintained possession in the fourth quarter. Faced with a fourth down situation, Manning managed to hit Dwayne Harris for a 9-yard touchdown to pull within a score with 12 minutes left.

      And then he did the same exact thing to tie the game on the next possession.

      But if you thought this was going to continue to an ending where both teams throw a few more touchdowns just for fun, you're ... kind of right. Brees threw another touchdown on the day ... to the other team. Well, it was officially ruled a fumble as the ball popped loose, and there was nothing Brees could do about it. Trumaine McBride caught the loose ball and took it 63 yards for a touchdown to give New York their first lead since they scored the first touchdown of the game.

      The lead lasted until the final minutes of the game, before Brees threw his seventh touchdown pass of the day, this one to C.J. Spiller. A converted extra point and the game was tied yet again with 36 seconds left on the clock. A bad facemask penalty by the Giants' punting unit gave the Saints the ball with just a couple seconds left on the clock, and Forbath was able to kick the game-winning field goal from the spot.

      Canadiens Win 9 Straight, Try to Tie Record at 10
      from NHL.com

      With a win Tuesday, the Montreal Canadiens can accomplish what two teams in NHL history have previously: Win the first 10 games of a season.

      The 9-0-0 Canadiens, who have trailed for a total of 2:57, will go for their 10th straight victory against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena (10 p.m. ET; RDS, CITYM, SNV). Montreal can match the 1993-94 Toronto Maple Leafs and the 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres.

      Each of the Canadiens' nine wins have come in regulation. Behind the world-class goaltending of Carey Price, they have allowed 12 goals. None of them have come in the first period.

      "Everybody's going to be talking about a lot of different things over the next couple of days, and that's fine," defenseman P.K. Subban said. "But for our team, it's just about the next game and getting prepared to play our best game."

      Old News / [Sports] Mets lose World Series
      Nov 05, 2015, 02:37 AM
      Mets lose World Series to Kansas City Royals in 5 Games
      from MLB.com

      The New York Mets lost to the Kansas City Royals in 5 out of the 7 possible games in the world series. The Mets had a pretty strong lead in some games toward the end (8th and 9th innings) but let them go and the Royals came back to win both games (game 1 and game 5) where the Mets lead late in the game.

      The Royals have ended their 30 year drought of a World Series win with this years Pennant!
      Florida Gators Starting QB Fails PED Test
      from ESPN Go

      PED Test= Preformance Enhancing Drug Test

      Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier has been suspended for one year for violating NCAA rules, coach Jim McElwain announced Monday.

      Grier tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance that was found in an over-the-counter supplement, McElwain said. The positive test carries an automatic suspension of one calendar year from the NCAA, meaning Grier would not be eligible to return until Florida's seventh game of the 2016 season. He would have redshirt sophomore status at that time, a Florida spokesperson said.

      McElwain said the school will appeal the suspension.

      With Will Grier out, we'€™ll get to see what Jim McElwain, Florida are made of
      With its starting QB suspended, Florida will get to show if it can handle heavy adversity after surprising many observers with its 6-0 start.

      "I took an over-the-counter supplement that had something in it," a tearful Grier said during a Monday news conference. "I did not check with the medical staff before taking it. I hope that people can learn from this, learn from my mistake. I'm really sorry to everyone, just really sorry."

      McElwain said he was made aware of Grier's failed test on Sunday. He wanted to give Grier the chance to address his team during Monday's team meeting before speaking publicly about the suspension. McElwain said players embraced Grier and appreciated his honesty with them. Grier will continue to practice with the team, the coach said.

      McElwain expressed remorse for Grier's situation, but he reiterated how important it is for student-athletes to be careful about taking any sort of supplements not provided by the team.

      "It's something he feels horrible about," McElwain said. "It's an honest mistake, and yet can be prevented by checking with our medical staff. This is a mistake we'll learn from.

      "Everybody knows the policy, you police yourself. You're no different. You either do or you don't. ... Before you even take cough medicine, you've got to check with the medical staff to allow you to be able to [take it]."

      **Click the link above for so much more of the story**
      New York Giants beat the San Fransisco 49ers 30 - 27 in Final Seconds
      from The Whale 99.1 FM

      The New York Giants turned their fourth quarter follies into a last minute drive down the field to defeat the 49ers, 30-27, on Sunday night.

      Tom Coughlin preached the importance of finishing the game, so it was a welcome sight for Giants fans to see their quarterback, Eli Manning, orchestrating an 82 yard drive with 1:42 left in the game. The Giants were down by four points.

      Larry Donnell’s game winning touchdown catch with 21 seconds left on the game clock, was nothing short of perfection.

      Giants star Odel Beckham Jr. left the game with a hamstring issue, but returned during the last drive and drew a key pass interference call which put the ball on the 8 yard line.

      Eli Manning passed for a season high 441 yards. Odell Beckham had 7 catches for 121 yards, which is his ninth 100 yard plus game in his young career.

      The Giant defense had some issues defending the pass and couldn’t seem to slow down the 49ers as they marched down the field and scored a touchdown, taking the lead, 27-23 with less than two minutes remaining.
      Big Blue is on a three game winning streak, and they are in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.
      The next two games are against NFC East teams, with a Monday night match up against the Eagles in Philly, and the Dallas Cowboys the following week at home.

      Catch all the action on your station for New York Giants football, 99.1 The Whale.

      Go Giants! (Yes, Im a Giants fan! XD)
      RWC 2015 Sean O'Brien Cited for Striking
      from BBC Sports

      Ireland flanker Sean O'Brien could miss Sunday's World Cup quarter-final against Argentina after he was cited for striking in the win over France.

      The Leinster player faces a hearing in London on Tuesday after appearing to punch Pascal Pape in Cardiff.
      Two weeks is the minimum suspension for striking so the 28-year-old back row would miss at least the quarter-final if the citing is upheld.

      O'Brien was man of the match in the 24-9 win over France on Sunday.

      The absence of O'Brien would add to back-row difficulties for coach Joe Schmidt after fellow flanker Peter O'Mahony was ruled out of the tournament with a knee injury.

      Chris Henry and Jordi Murphy are potential replacements, while the versatile Iain Henderson could make the switch from the second row.

      For @Conq
      Bayern Munchens Lewandowski Scores 5 Goals in 9 Minutes
      from SBNation.com

      We all know that Robert Lewandowski is good, but on Tuesday against Wolfsburg, the Bayern Munich striker was on another level. With Bayern trailing 1-0 at the half, Lewandowski was brought in as a sub. Six minutes later, he scored. Then he scored again. And again. And again. And again. Starting from his first strike in the 51st minute, Lewandowski scored a mind-boggling five goals in just nine minutes.

      That's the second goal he scored, the best of what started out as one of the fastest hat tricks you'll see. Lewandowski scored his first three goals in just 3 minutes and 22 seconds, one of the fastest hat tricks in history -- and his second sub-four minute hat trick this year, after scoring one in 3:59 for Poland in Euro qualifying against Georgia in July.

      The first, third, and fourth goals were all pretty good, too, but the fifth, perhaps, is the best of the lot.

      Ronaldo Scores 500th Goal and Ties Real Madrid Record
      from ESPN FC

      Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 500th career goal for club and country -- in just 753 games -- and tied the club's scoring record with a brace in the 2-0 win against Malmo on Wednesday.

      Ronaldo, 30, has scored 10 goals in his last six games for Real Madrid and is now level with club legend Raul's record at the top of the Madrid scoring charts as he had netted 323 in 741 games at the Bernabeu.

      Ronaldo's goal total is different, however, according to the Real Madrid record books, which give the Portuguese an extra tally stemming from a game against Real Sociedad in which his long shot deflected off Real defender Pepe's back and into the net.

      "I am very happy. Thank you to all of my teammates for helping me reach these figures and break the record at the greatest club in the world -- it's an honour," Ronaldo said after the game of his feat.
      Old News / [Sports] Lionel Messi Injured
      Oct 02, 2015, 01:42 AM
      Lionel Messi Injured and Out
      from Bleacher Report

      Barcelona's chances of defending their La Liga crown suffered a major blow during Saturday's victory over Las Palmas, as four-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi tore the internal collateral ligament of his left knee.

      He won't need an operation, but isn't expected to return until mid-November.

      The Argentina international was enjoying another fine start to the 2015-16 campaign, scoring three goals in four La Liga starts. Teaming up with forwards Suarez and Neymar, Messi forms part of arguably the strongest group of attackers in the world.

      But unlike previous years, Barcelona's depth behind those three is limited. Super-sub Pedro was sold to Chelsea during the summer, and Arda Turan is unable to be registered until January. Rafinha also suffered a devastating injury earlier this season, leaving manager Luis Enrique with the young and unproven Munir and Sandro Ramirez.

      Both are supremely gifted, but no one can adequately replace a player like Messi, who will hope his team can stay in title contention until his return.
      Number 15 Ranked Ole Miss beats Number 2 Ranked Alabama
      from SB Nation

      The final showcase game of Week 3 in college football turned out to be its best, and after the smoke cleared at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday night, it was No. 15 Ole Miss that claimed a 43-37 win over No. 2 Alabama â€" and, perhaps, shifted the balance of power in the SEC.

      Ole Miss capitalized on Alabama turnovers to build a 17-3 lead in the first half, then got out to a 30-10 lead in the second half with the help of an absurd touchdown pass that went caroming off an Alabama defender's helmet.

      But Alabama never stopped fighting, cutting the Rebels' lead to 30-23 with two six-play drives, and then responding to two more Ole Miss scoring drives with two more touchdowns of their own. When the Rebels punted with just under four minutes to play, they were giving the ball back to Alabama with a chance to complete a legendary comeback.

      A duck of a pick thrown by Jacob Coker under heavy duress seemed to end the Tide's threat, but the Rebels failed on a fourth down while trying to win the game on offense; it wasn't until a final Coker pass fell incomplete that the victory was truly secured.

      Ole Miss now owns back-to-back wins over the closest thing college football has to a king, and just the program's second win over the Tide in Tuscaloosa.