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Survival Weekend Event
Storage Wars

On Saturday the 29th of July 2017, 20:00 (UTC+0), Britney1177, MrChanango and I will be hosting Storage Wars at /warp storagewars. Click here for a Countdown.

Prizes include SteveCo Rare & normal Crates and Rare Keys, SteveCo Rare & normal Crate items, beacons, aeroplanes, vote tokens, diamond blocks and much more to be discovered!

No refunds will be made.
You should pay Britney1177 for any storage you win on auction and it will be unlocked under your name after the event.
Highest bidder wins.

I'd like to thank Mrs_Ender88 for helping us by providing custom items, TheStarNomad for making a huge crate donation and TheMelonQueen for allowing me to copy some items for prizes. Merci beaucoup! <3

Don't know what Storage Wars is?
Storage Wars is a game in which you can buy a storage by offering the highest bid on the auction. You may not know what is inside the storage and you may hit some pretty good prizes or not. You should pay Britney1177 once you are announced highest bidder and the storage will be unlocked for you after the event ends.

Survival Weekend Event
Spleef Tournament

Hello everyone! This Friday, the 14th of July 2017, Mrs_Ender88, timelord_emma and I will be hosting a spleef tournament!
Narcotex has fully granted the prizes for this weekend event, donating 50 Million! Thanks a lot!

The event is going to take place as follows; first we are going to have Pyramid Spleef, then Candy Spleef and then Tower spleef. The winner of each spleef takes the amounts as below;

PyramidSpleef     7.5 Million EmpBucks
CandySpleef17.5 Million EmpBucks
TowerSpleef25 Million EmpBucks

See you all there! (Countdown)

Due to not being able to attend the event at that time we have decided to push the event for 2 hours and 30 minutes later on the same day. The counter has been reset and it's still correct to check. Thank you very much for understanding!
- Thanos

Also, some things that should be mentioned. The rounds of spleef will be help in the following order; Pyramid, Candy and Tower. If someone wins one of the rounds they may participate on another but they may not win so that we avoid one person taking all of the prizes.

Also, the rules are simple and will be repeated before the event.
1. No potions/effects.
2. No flying.
3. No islanding. (If it's not your fault we will reset the area)
4. No placing blocks.
5. No breaking blocks from bellow.
6. No teaming.

If anyone breaks the rules they will automatically be banned from all the remaining at the time events.
The Skin Competition
on Survival & B-Team

Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since we've had a skin contest so we thought; why not have one again?

The theme for this contest is TV, Movies & Theatre. You can create skins that you like of favourite TV/Movie/Theatre Characters, of secondary characters you like or from people behind the scenes (for example a lights technician..).

1st place - 1,500,000.00 EmpBucks
2nd place - 875,000.00 EmpBucks
3rd place - 125,000.00 EmpBucks

If you'd like to participate fill in the following form once your skin is ready.

Code Select
[b]Minecraft IGN:[/b]
[b]On which server would you like to receive the prize in case you win? Survival or B-Team?:[/b]
[b]Description of Skin:[/b]
[b]Pictures of Skin:[/b]
You may use Gyazo to take screenshots or to upload them from your screenshots folder on .minecraft at %appdata%. You may also post pictures of your skin in a Nova Skin Minecraft Wallpaper.

In case of 2 players having the same score the 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd prizes will be united and will be divided by two. If you win on Survival you will be paid by me (Prof_Thanos) wheareas, if you win on B-Team you will be paid by TheStarNomad.

Competition Rules
1. All skins you use have to be your creations. To avoid confusion try creating something more original. Originality will be taken into great consideration.
2. You may participate to the competition with up to 5 different skins, but only one of them can win any place.
3. People from the judging team may participate on the contest. Their score will be counted as x/90 and then turned into x% and they will not vote for their skin(s).
4. Your skin may not be based on another skin, which is not yours, with minor changes.
5. Teams are allowed. Prize will be split in the number of members unless we are asked to do otherwise.

You have a little more than 2 weeks to create and submit your skins. You may view the time left on the following Countdown.

The Judges (in no particular order)


All judges will give a score with 10 points being perfect. All rating will be publicised but will be anonymous.

Spoiler: show
Good luck! <3
Bugs/Suggestions / [SFTEggs] Fish count
May 09, 2017, 02:06 PM
So, this is a rather simple sing I noticed. When an SFT Egg works on fish, it counts every time you catch fish as 1 fish. Although, there are times two fish are caught and it still counts as that.

I'd just like to ask that this is fixed so whenever someone catches 2 fish they get both their 2 points. That's all!
Let's bring old players back!
by TowelieDOH

#1 Name an old player that you'd love to see return.
#2 Tell us why you'd like to see them return by replying here.
#3 If you have any contact information from them (skype for example), send it. Please don't send phone numbers or other identifiable information though.

We will then talk to them, showing them that SFT still cares about them and telling them why we think they should come back!

Let's make this happen!

Already mentioned players:
1. Altume
2. bjstreets
3. bolly - No. Confidential reasons
4. boymac45- Back as Elder on Survival!
5. cherrypogirl
6. Deekota_ - Back as legend on survival.
7. DiggerCreep- Still around here and there.
8. Dorritolicious- Sometimes online on the forums.
9. DX_Dragon - Around on Skype, he has technical issues.
10. elijahbuttu675
12. Fizz pot
13. Freddo
14. Hannoufa
15. HoboDavid- Sometimes around on the forums.
16. IShotElmo
17. IShotMarvin
18. itsConnor_- Lost all intrest in minecraft.
19. Karkafi- Sometimes around on the forums.
20. killpaddy47- Online on the forums sometimes.
21. Kylesentra
22. Kyle_Boardman-Back as Survival Elder, online here and there.
23. Lachine
24. Laughing pickle
25. Leebarca
26. Marinus
27. mastodon
28. Millsyboi- around on the forums sometimes.
29. mjoll9
30. Nafi- Back on Survival. Is now an Admin-Developer.
31. Natty boy
32. NPP_Stevie
33. Odeteka
34. owyahh
35. Cabbie
36. PaintballKitty
37. pimmerik
38. Pressmand
39. Riles
40. RPG_Nerd
41. Ryaaaaaan
42. Sea_Knight
43. Skyline blue
44. Spookystorm - Back as Elder on survival now.
45. ste2302- Back as a player.
46. Terror134- Sometimes around on Survival.
47. The Huntsman - No, Confidential reasons
48. TheOfficialMiner- Back as Specialist or higher on multiple servers.
49. ThorandCoal - Back on Survival
50. timelord_emma - Back as manager
51. towas
52. TRITIUMNITR0X - Just back as a player here and there.
53. ultiwolf
54. Ultiwoolf
55. UnicronOnACob
56. UrbanmineR (UrbanX)- Still around on survival here and there.
57. us_marine
58. Warrkrack
59. Waziel
60. Wppvater
61. XDOpticMars (_Key_) - Around on survival sometimes
62. xsosolid1kx
63. xxsnowelxx
64. wolfey136
65. IrishFan44- Sometimes around on the forums.
66. spen96
67. flame8o8- Around on forums/pixelmon server.
68. Shanee-Isnt around too much anymore, resigned on survival a few months ago, never online.
69. hax2damax
70. sjshark (sjshark29)
71. Totalchip
72. XI_Logic_IX
73. ddude_stnom- Returned, online on the survival server as a Legend.
74. Bakonator - Back on PE.
75. Ellieellieepic11 - Back as Manager on PE.
76. xxsummerxx - Isn't able to log online anymore from what I understand.
77. KasaiHono - Back as Admin on pixelmon.

Un-merged from [Merge of Posts] The General SuperFunTime Post.
About the Study Corner...

Welcome to the Study Corner! This is a board with the aim to help the people who need help with their homework! We are an Off-Topic board, sub-board to the General Discussions. If you need any help with your homework make a post here and members of our community may surely help you!

Study Corner Board Mod


Posting Rules
1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Do not make any inappropriate posts or replies.

3. Do not leave your topic untouched for more than 15 days. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

4. Do not use this board to troll people. This is a place for people to get help with their schoolwork and that is a rather serious matter.

5. This is a board for us to provide help to students, not do their homework but help them do it.

6. If you are having rather mature homework make sure to add a tag, like [Mature]. Such topics may be cruel actions in history or reproduction system, etc. Stuff that are done in higher ages so students are mature enough for them, generally.

7. Don't set Sticky Topics without the Board Mod's permission. Exceptions to this rule are Managers+.

The rules may be edited only by Thanos or an Admin+ for a valid reason only!
Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

The General SuperFunTime Post                    

The following post consists of important tracking and non-tracking posts concerning the SuperFunTime community and Owners/Developers. The following post replies consist of copied information from the original posts, which were removed due to an attemp to minimise the sticky topics of the board.

Who to contact when you have issues with one of the servers
SuperFunTime Website Log
Goals for a sustainable SFT
About Forum Warnings
Skype account exchange
Board Mods

For any questions or concerns, feel free to send a Forum PM to Thanos and he will link it to the appropriate people or answer your questions.

Christmas-Themed Skin Competition 2016

Dear players,

It's that time of the year again when everything starts to become magical and we are getting ready for Christmas! A little bit early for this right? Oh well! Your friendly judging team from The Halloween Big Build Contest is organising a skin competition for you this time with the theme being Christmas! :D

We have another 2 judges with us this time though! The competition was organised by Prof_Thanos and Jinxie whereas the the judging team of the contest consists of the organisers, misspiggy95, TheStarNomad, tree43 and Mrs_Ender88!

So this time our theme is Christmas! This contest is all about designing a Christmas themed skin! Your skin should be detailed, original and have a background story about it if you want to get a good rating! Each judge can give you up to 100 points, so the score is counted with 600 points being maximum! Comments will be given anonymously and they will be explaining the score you got from the judge.

You can use or to make your skin! You can either wear it and get screenshots (with F2) and upload them with or get a screenshot of it when it's done from the site you made it. You can use for that! Another thing you could do is wear the skin while the judging is being done and we do the judging with a skin viewer! It's your choice! :)

You may donate the the prize by sending your donation in game to either Prof_Thanos (for Survival) or TheStarNomad (for B-Team)! Please provide a screenshot of it if we're not online and you let us know about it in a PM! :)

We were very generous with the prizes (@SANTA) so here is what we have for you! :D
First Place: 1,500,000.00 EmpBucks
Second Place: 1,000,000.00 EmpBucks
Third Place: 500,000.00 EmpBucks

The contest is due the 18th of December 2016, 18:00 (GMT+0)! Use the following form to enter the competition. Copy it in the reply box, fill it in and there you go! You can fill your information and provide the screenshots by editing your reply when the skin is ready! Please make sure to give us screenshots from all angles!
Code Select
[b]Minecraft IGN:[/b]
[b]Server (Survival or B-Team):[/b]
[b]Story behind the Skin:[/b]

The Judges

About the General Discussion...

The General Discussion is a board of the Off-Topic Forum Section.
It is used for any off-topic discussions. It allows the members to interact with each other about various matters, exchange opinions and share things they may have in common (for example, the Post Your... posts) !
It consists of two Sub-boards, the Study Corner and the Polls Board.

General Discussion Board Mods

Study Corner Board Mod

Polls Board Mods
Survival Managers

General Discussion

Posting Rules

by Thanos

1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Be respectful when exchanging opinions with others.

3. Do not make any inappropriate posts or replies.

4. Do not leave your topic untouched for more than 15 days. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

5. When talking over a sensitive matter (politics for example) remember to act in a civilised manner, don't be offensive to others who have opposite views than yours and act maturely in the discussion. Any topics where this rule is not following will be locked.

6. Don't set Sticky Topics without the Board Mod's permission. Exceptions to this rule are Admins+.

7. If you post a mature or sensitive topic please make sure to add a tag to it's title, like [Warning! Sensitive Topic] or [Mature Topic]! If this is forgotten, it's all good, the Board Mods or a Moderator in one of our servers will get to it! :)

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

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What do you know and think about the person above?
Post your FACE
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Creation of General Sharing post
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Addition of new Board Mod
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If you would like to express any concerns or ask any questions as regards the General Discussions Board, make sure to send a Private Message on Forums to the board Moderators.

Replies on this topic may be deleted if a general cleaning is believed to be appropriate.
Polls / Are you looking forward to Chirstmas?
Oct 03, 2016, 05:49 PM
Hey guys! So as you can see from the title, this poll is for Christmas lovers!

Yes - You really like the holiday and look forward to it
No - You don't look forward to it
HELL YEAH - You adore Christmas and you're that guy who listens to Christmas songs  and decorates from November
I don't really care - You don't care
I don't celebrate Christmas - You don't celebrate Christmas
Feel free to explain why bellow. :)
Pocket Minecraft / Hello everyone! :)
Oct 02, 2016, 05:37 PM
Hello PE Players! :D

My name is Thanos and I'm a loyal SFTer since 2014! Some of you may know me from Survival and well for those who don't, well I'm here to meet you all! :D

Today I joined PE and found a lovely environment with helpful players and amazing staff and I certainly plan to be a loyal part of the pocket community as well! So that's all for now!

Looking forward to having a great time with you all! See you around! :D


Yes you heard right! We are having a building competition this Halloween! :D

What the competition consists of is the fully building a Halloween themed build somewhere in one of the Worlds and post the warp and the description/background story of your build on the replies! All buildings will be judged by the Judging team of the competition, which consists of myself (Professeur), Jinxie, misspiggy95 and TheStarNomad! Each judge can give your building up to 25 marks and the score will be counted at 100 marks being the highest reachable. Your score and the information of how much you got from each judge and their comments will be posted at your building application. The people with the top 3 high scores win the competition!

First place: 1.22 Million EmpBucks
Second place: 875,000 EmpBucks
Third place: 327,500 EmpBucks

All winners will also receive a special item(s) from misspiggy95 and Jinxie!
Donations are highly appreciated! If you wish to donate give the items/money to Prof_Thanos!

Deadline: Sunday the 30th of October 2016, 18:00 (GMT+0)

Please use the following Form to apply for your building to be judged!
You may make a team of up to 4 people as well!
Code Select
[b]Story behind the build:[/b]

You are not allowed to copy and buildings and your builds have to be appropriate!
Good luck!

What to do if your Topic has been Locked

As you may be aware of Topics that have been inactive (have had no replies) for more than 15 days are supposed to be locked. Locked Topics will be removed within 5 days from the day they were locked.

If your topic has been locked for inactivity this is the place to request for it to be unlocked! Just fill in the following form in a reply and the Board Mod (About The Exhibition) will get to it!

Code Select
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Link to post:[/b]
[b]Reason for Inactivity:[/b] (Personal reasons is acceptable)

When your request has been processed your reply will be deleted to keep the post clean.
The Harry Potter Guild

Welcome to The Harry Potter Guild! This is a guild for the Harry Potter fans of our community!

If you want to register to our Guild please reply filling in the following form!
Code Select
[b]Minecraft IGN:[/b]
[b]Survival Rank:[/b]
[b]Favourite Harry Potter book/film:[/b]
[b]Favourite Harry Potter Character:[/b]
[b]Hogwarts House:[/b]
[b]Group:[/b] Deatheaters / Dumbledore's Army / The Order of the Phoenix
Thanos or xJimJam are going to add you!








Dumbledore's Army

The Order of the Phoenix

The Deatheaters

For any suggestions/questions please contact the Guild Managers, Thanos and xJimJam.

Also check!
The Harry Potter Wiki
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

About the Exhibition...

The Exhibition is a board of the Survival Server.
It is used for the demonstration and advertisment of Towns and Businesses.
It consists of two Sub-boards, the Marketplace and the Community Projects Board.

The Exhibition Board Mod

Marketplace Board Mod

Community Projects Board Mod

Use The Exhibition to make posts about your Towns or Businesses.
Use Community Projects to make posts about any landmarks you might be building.
Use Marketplace to make posts to advertise items or buildings you might be selling.

Remember to include!!!
  • Ownership Information
  • Builder's/Employee's Information
  • Warps
  • Brief Explanation of what you're demonstrating
  • Screenshots

Now here's a GIF of  Mr Krabs for you! ;)
The Exhibition
Posting Rules
by Thanos

1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Do not make replies that mock the poster's work. Negative Feedback is allowed but it has to be respectful.

3. Do not provide videos with the higher purpose of advertising your YouTube channel! It is visible if you do.

4. You are in charge of locking a post if your Shop/Business or Town has been removed for any reason.

5. Do not leave your topic untouched for more than 15 days. Replying to them saying you updated the information makes it clear they are still active. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

6. Use the Board correctly. The Exhibition is to advertise your towns or businesses. If you're building an Attraction use the Community Projects board and if you're selling items or builds use the Marketplace board.

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

The Rules may be edited only by the Survival Manager+ team or Thanos for a valid reason only!
Minecraft Community Help
Posting Rules
by Prof_Thanos

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2. Do not make fake replies with a trolling purpose! Doing so will be corrected by the Moderators and will get you warned severely!

3. Provide screenshots or links to a video when helping somebody. It might be easier for them to abide by it if you give visual examples. This rule may not apply to all cases and if it doesn't you may excused from it.

4. Providing videos or screenshots that advertise any Minecraft servers is strictly forbidden and may result in a severe warning or even a ban!

5. Do not provide videos with the higher purpose of advertising your YouTube channel! It is visible if you do.

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

The Rules may be edited only by the Survival Manager+ team or Prof_Thanos for a valid reason only!
Would you like to be part of the Staff Team?

We recommend you don't comment with how much you'd like to be, due to asking and saying how much you want it may decrease your chances.
Polls / [Discord] Opera Events
Jun 09, 2016, 09:28 AM
Hello everyone!
My next project is going to be an Opera since as you all know I am huge fan of Opera. I am also thinking of organising some Opera events on Discord (Music Room).

Would you join such an event?


Welcome to The Music Guild of SFT! This is a Guild made as regards our music likes. Anyone is welcome to join us by filling out this form and posting it bellow:
Code Select
[b]Minecraft IGN:
Music Type (may be more than one):
Favourite Artist:
Favourite Song/Piece (please add a YouTube link as well):[/b]





Heavy Metal:



This is the Forum's post as regards the /warp Guide building in W1 built by Prof_Thanos and NutellaToastx.


Hello guys! Today it is Darth_Stath's birthday and this is a post to give her wishes!

I'll start:

Happy Birthday Stath! We all love you and we are looking forward to your return! £>

Funny Stuff / Television....
Oct 28, 2015, 10:23 AM
So, here's a really nice video of our favourite Stewie and Brian singing a song about Television at the 59th Emmy Awards.
Enjoy! :)
Unserious Section / I'm the Devil... xD
Oct 04, 2015, 09:55 AM
Today (October 4th) I discovered something very interesting about myself and that day

Check the Votes
Unserious Section / That explains everything!
Jul 29, 2015, 04:11 PM
Here's a really funny image which explains a lot of things.... xD