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Wouldn't the existence of such contraptions cause an excess of lag in the area?
General Survival Discussions / Re: 4 Years
Dec 09, 2017, 02:51 PM
How about a Broadway themed crate? I was thinking it could have the heads or other items from broadway musicals.

By the way, for all the crates I've suggested feel free to message me for a sample of items if you're interested! :)
Crash Bandicoot crate?

Family Guy crate?

The seven wonders?
This could be a crate with pieces of pictures of the seven wonders of the world

PiewDiePie crate? (this one's for you @Towelie  ;)) I don't want this either, just joking.

Big Bang theory crate?
Harry Potter crate
Hey guys, so is it possible for the PE server to be updated to 1.2.6 instead of 1.2.5 since 1.2.5 is a beta version and not everyone can get it, i know it is probably hard to update a server but i just wanted to bring it to your attention.
I don't know much from Pocket.. I prefer Wallet.. *BA DUM TSS*

But either way, I think updating is quite a burden when it comes to PE. I think the right people to talk here are the Senior Pocket Staff so I'm not going to say anything else.

Good day! :)
me but i'm lazy so prob not me
i'd be a great mayor
remember right hand epic
Don't forget Legal Owner and Server Overlord for the 5 minutes a couple weeks ago...

But either way.. this is just another popularity contest and same thing could happen as it did to Player Of The Month.
I vote for @omelott  , by the way.  :potato:
General Announcements / Re: Black Friday
Nov 25, 2017, 03:30 PM
It's Saturday though..
When you say 1 area what does that mean, like is it one chunk or is it just near each other?
From my experience as staff and knowing how lag works in general as a Junior Secretary of the Organisation of Toaster Usage as a Computer, I'd say that the rule most likely refers to the area that's loaded from one person being there. Like 1 building/protection. But I'm not the one to clarify exactly what this means.

Either way, nice rule and I'd just like to suggest the creation of a plugin so that Mods+ can actually count how many hoppers there are in an area so they don't have to count them all one by one. I'd suggest a similar method to the piston thing, for those who get me. I have no idea who to tag for this. :P
[attach]@reiner_13[/attach] Rin, thacks 4 b-ing e gud frend. U r probublee mie bist frend un here. I also really owe you a good discord/Skype call . Thanks for being awesome you un grand Citron!

But either way, thank you for being there for me too Chan. You're definitely one of my best friends on SFT too and I really miss you. I remember you since you were a little JNub and I've seen you become the Chanubager you are now with pride. Keep being great! <3
Red doesnt care about flooring, confirmed. Bin pls.

He does care. It's just that the floor needs to be some sort of red tile for him to care enough... #BaDumTss
rip sft part 7545475464223456545254345345774564657465746755645646546754
Thank you for your comment, it really gives me hope and it's totally in good taste.
Really? I didn't know that you liked the taste of wood! ;)
looks like this irl

Birthday Wishes / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOX
Oct 01, 2017, 05:04 PM
Happy birthday Booxy!  :heart:

I shall arrange a special birthday slap for you.  :heart:
Joyeux Anniversaire! <3

Unserious Section / Re: New staff
Sep 06, 2017, 08:44 PM
Damn dude, what about potatobots?   :potato:

Hot damn, if thats how every one will look good luck with the lag around it from the furniture
I had my brother go in there, and he got 50-60 fps easily (he has a really crap PC.)
Isn't there a rule that prevents you to have more 5 furniture in one building? I remember it as a policy staff had last time the furniture plugin was added.

Either way, I like the building from what I've seen so far. Bien fait!

Spoiler: show
Bien fait means Well done. Please don't kill me. Merci!
Birthday Wishes / Re: Athanasios
Aug 09, 2017, 07:58 PM
When Chan spells your full name wrong at first :')
Quote from: •DeXTero
u]s•™ link=msg=856849 date=1502168665]
soo the server is not available for windows 7?
We have a Survival server for classic PC minecraft.
I think by PC she meant Windows 10 Edition, not classic minecraft.
Sadly, I will not make it for the event. :S

But @MrChanango  and I have prepared everything for @Britney1177  to host it so make sure to pay her after!
Hope you guys enjoy it! <3