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IGN: Prof_Thanos
Total Uptime on Survival: About 2230 hours
Weekly Uptime: ~8 hours (I've recently returned)
General Reputation on SFT: I've been a Mod. I think I have a good reputation and people think I'm fair guy.
Justice or Chief Justice? Chief Justice
What will you Accomplish as a Justice/Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? I would like the RE laws and all SFT Rules & Regulations to be taken seriously on the Rednian Empire. I'd like a fair environment for all the citizens and government of the RE and generally bring justice.

/warp Guide has been updated with new floor patterns...

and with a brand new Starter Section...!

That's all for now! : )
General Discussion / Re: [Poll 1] 2017 Census
Apr 28, 2017, 11:27 AM
Done! :)
I think this is a nice opportunity for staff and players to communicate. I voted yes
The Exhibition / Re: [Town] Petit Paris
Apr 27, 2017, 03:25 AM
Petit Paris has been shut down and the land is being reused by [unnamed] town. Please lock and remove.
I'd gladly take this off your hands and construct a new town (if the existing buildings & roads were demolished).  This is a perfect opportunity, seeing as the land is already cleared. ;)

Skype me if you'd like to negotiate a deal.

@Thanos @MrChanango
We agreed. Petit Paris, which will most likely change theme and/or be renamed, is under new management. Please welcome the new owners @omelott  and @AmusingThrone  !
and, if you ask me, I don't see why we would now.
What do you mean by that?
I mean that nobody did anything but incredibly few things after some time.I'm not blaming anyone, but the team was getting incredibly busy and is busy and besides... Paris is a really difficult theme we can't achieve; yet you can always say "just change your theme" but we tried and things just didn't work out.
The people are busy and the whole condition is a mess. We currently have no list of the protection donators, no builds are made and there is a gigantic area, perfect for VetWorld prots, unused and named after a city.

@MrChanango  will post here as well. As he was leading owner and we agreed to stop with the project.

I understand that the people have an interest in towns-communities but this one apparently didn't work out.
General Discussion / Re: Census
Apr 26, 2017, 07:06 PM
Done :)
Why not just allow someone that's active to continue this project ? (if anyone from it is)
People are active and I'm sort of coming back but still... nobody really did anything so far and, if you ask me, I don't see why we would now.

Could always put it as an attraction
It's far from being an attraction, especially at this point. Thanks for the thought though!
I dont understand why you'd want to destroy all your hard work, surely someone could try and make it into something which could be used
At this rate thanos the only build which is going to be left which is by you is the house you gave me over a year ago
But I am going to build other things... That's not about me leaving... as I said
...and I'm sort of coming back...
. There is a whole different reason this is happening which I explained above.
Why not just allow someone that's active to continue this project ? (if anyone from it is)
People are active and I'm sort of coming back but still... nobody really did anything so far and, if you ask me, I don't see why we would now.

Could always put it as an attraction
It's far from being an attraction, especially at this point. Thanks for the thought though!
Hello everyone! This is just a short announcement about Petit Paris...

MrChanango and myself have decided to shut down Petit Paris (our town) and ask that all the land we used is regenerated. The reason for this is that nothing has happened for a long time. We are quite busy and have clearly abandoned Petit Paris to it's luck. We really don't want to waste so much land in VetWorld and have so many things lying around, producing an unpleasant place.

The following people have donated their protections, using a signed Book & Quill and may have them back once announced in this post.
The rest VetWorld protections used don't have a record in signed books but in verbal agreements.

The following people own properties and are kindly requested to move their buildings by the end of next week.
@AmusingThrone  & @MINIREES9
@Rorymoonshine  [(you own a flat, so you will be getting a coupon for a 50K discount on a house built by my planned building/real estate company (which hasn't been named yet)].
If you fail to make the necessary moves, I will personally keep the items of your chests to some chests in my storage until you'd like them back. :)

@MrChanango  , the leading owner since my resignation, has allowed me to take the 4 (left) beacons, heads, materials and my personal donation to the town, as they were donated.

Also, @Jinxie  , RainbowToadette has a forgotten storage buried in Petit Paris at /warp RainbowToadettePP and we think you're the person appropriate to take the items from now on so that they are not removed.

Due to our shutting down and removal, we find it appropriate to ask that Petit Paris is removed from /town, @Towelie  (or @TheOfficialMiner ).

Thank you all for your support so far but this isn't going to work out as it seems. :/

This has to be a bloody joke...

As clearly mentioned above, this is a game. The staff are supposed to have some level of maturity but being utterly serious is not the point of playing a game and I can say that from personal experience. Edna is an incredible member of staff who has great charisma in combining fun with working on the servers and whoever is making this "report", this is a game... try to have fun and understand that the staff are on SFT for that reason; fun.

Edna is not her real name; I just call her like that...
General Discussion / Re: Awesome Movie List!
Apr 23, 2017, 05:43 AM
Mary Poppins Returns (to be released in 2018)

In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael
Banks, along with Michael's three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover
the joy and wonder missing in their lives.
I personally feel like a full reset would be appropriate. To be fair though, any items bought from /buy (especially heads) should be returned if appropriate evidence is shown. (mentioning the detail first so I don't forget it)

Truth is it can drive many players away but I find it appropriate at this point. I know I personally left the community but seriously having nothing in comparison to others is one aspect which keeps me from returning. I think that a fresh start is something needed in general. I think that new players may appreciate not having huge differences with the server's "elite". Maybe reorganise the crates as well? Generally start over Survival. If you ask me it has been getting extremely boring lately as most of our loyal players tend to be bored because there's not much left to do.

Of course, doing such a thing will surely aggravate a great deal of players but I personally think it's worth the risk for the reasons above. I voted Yes to a full reset but I do agree with everyone saying that it will make a lot of players unhappy but it's a great opportunity for a fresh start. To be fair, I have nothing left to lose at this point and if you ask me, a full reset would make me want to jump in and play the game again!
As regards Petit Paris, since you messaged me, @MrChanango  is the Head Owner now as I have resigned. It is entirely his decision whether to give the town grounds to the RE or keep them for the town. Yet, I strongly recommend to both of you that you check with the protection owners first.

Good luck on the elections everyone! Hope this town goes incredibly well and quite frankly, I see that already. Au revoir!

Red... Please consider this as you would take full control over PP ;)
I had suggested this in the past and to be fair it was rejected due to the fact that the RE didn't want to have many (former) aspects of Petit Paris such as Kingdom, the PM and council system (and not president, government, leaders, and other ranks) and what they didn't agree with at all was the name change. I personally feel that Petit Paris is dead right now. From the time I left there has been incredibly minimum work done and I feel that the RE is the only one who is going to actually help. I have resigned from Petit Paris Owner but I'd just like to say that I personally support this idea (@ThePPTeam).
General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Apr 13, 2017, 11:18 AM
Bit of an update


I know this is too good to not be in an exhibition.. kthx
This did actually start as a joke in game...

But the word seems to actually exist according on Oxford Living Dictionaries
I don't see why not.
Didn't have as much success as my last one did. Yet, the assignment is due tomorrow so I'm going to disable responding.
Thank you very much to those who filled it in! :D

Really sorry for your loss Tow. He's not in pain anymore and that's what matters.
General Discussion / Survey about Hooliganism
Mar 06, 2017, 08:15 PM
Hello everyone!
If you have a short time, not more than 1-3 minutes, I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill in a Google form about Hooliganism to help me with my assignment!
Please make sure to read any instructions carefully and please be appropriate as the topic being covered on the survey is a rather serious one and my assignment is not something to joke about either.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Congratulations gentlemen! Very proud of you!
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Niiiice :o