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Are you allowed to sell minecraft items for real life money?
- I completely disagree with you. I believe a player SHOULD be treated based on his past. Just as in the Justice System, if you've had prior crimes, you will receive a bigger punishment, I believe it's extremely important for us to make a difference between people who just won't change and keep doing the same thing over and over again despite warnings and punishment and someone who's made a honest mistake once.
May I just say how badly I agree with this. During my days as staff I would come across many cases of people who were constantly being toxic but just not enough to cross the line of getting banned and then the next day same thing all over again. If your attitude is bloody horrible in general staff shouldn't and most likely won't treat like it's a new case all over again and if you ask me if you keep doing what you were doing after the first warning on the second time you should be banned rightfully.

In the end, all I see from these posts and from the zero tolerance policy is that the people causing that much trouble about this matter are just trying to protect their friends or themselves from getting banned for not following the rules.
Well... I'm going to suggest a more cultural holiday so I'm going to suggest you Paris and Athens.

Why Paris? Here's some places you should visit (I definitely plan to in a couple of years)
1. Le Louvre
2. Notre Dame
3. Montmartre (There may be many painters there who could paint your portrait)
4. Les Versailles
5. La Tour Eiffel
You should also try and book a ticket at Moulin Rouge (It doesn't only perform cabaret performances, there are concerts and other kinds of musical events going on too) and you should definitely take a ride on a boat at La Seine. Also, if you are interested into any other kind of show full of "Caractère français" I definitely suggest looking into the dates Piaf! Le Spectacle will be at at L'Olympia

Why Athens? Here's some places you can visit; yet, I strongly recommend doing so in the winter or Autumn or prepare to get boiled by the heat..
1. The Acropolis
2. Monastiraki (It's basically a place with lots of people and stalls where you can buy various stuff and souvenirs for free)
3. The Museum of the Acropolis
4. The National Garden - it's by the Parliament
5. The Greek Parliament - You should go just see the Tsoliades (that's the special soldiers there) do the stuff they do (imagine something like The Queen's guards' movement); don't go close..
6. The Athens Planetarium
7. Herodion theatre - You might catch some really good performances there. Sitting in the upper seats might be very cheap; around €20 per person..
I also suggest a trip out of the city in a coastal town of Attica where you can sit at a Tavern and have a nice meal - Sounio is the best if you ask me. And if you want to actually go swimming, I suggest leaving Attica and going somewhere else - Evoia has really clean waters (but again I'm germaphobic and bloody passionate with crystal clean waters).

If you want to go somewhere else in Greece, Crete is a really nice place with lots of monuments and really nice or deadly crazy people who make good booze such as Raki ( @Izzdaer  ;))

Also I don't suggest Mykonos for its unclean waters and dirt beaches and super inquiète nightlife - just spoiling the good rumours of that island here. Also taking a trip a bit northern, I suggest visiting Agion Oros (It's basically a place full of monasteries) but women are not allowed to even enter the land. Also if you visit any other monastery they're going to make any woman with you wear a skirt (they have some there) and a good suggestion is The Meteora (which is no longer used but the view is breathtaking and there's a room with skulls).

I've been to most these places since I live in the country but my suggestion if you want something more cultural is Paris, Greece is to take some good road trips in the Mediterranean weather and see something most European countries won't offer you (that's for outside of Athens).

Hope this helps! :D
Birthday Wishes / Re: Athanasios
Aug 09, 2017, 07:58 PM
When Chan spells your full name wrong at first :')
Quote from: •DeXTero
u]s•™ link=msg=856849 date=1502168665]
soo the server is not available for windows 7?
We have a Survival server for classic PC minecraft.
I think by PC she meant Windows 10 Edition, not classic minecraft.
Inactivity Board / Re: Vacation (again)
Jul 31, 2017, 09:04 AM

Have a good time! :)
Sadly, I will not make it for the event. :S

But @MrChanango  and I have prepared everything for @Britney1177  to host it so make sure to pay her after!
Hope you guys enjoy it! <3
Survival Weekend Event
Storage Wars

On Saturday the 29th of July 2017, 20:00 (UTC+0), Britney1177, MrChanango and I will be hosting Storage Wars at /warp storagewars. Click here for a Countdown.

Prizes include SteveCo Rare & normal Crates and Rare Keys, SteveCo Rare & normal Crate items, beacons, aeroplanes, vote tokens, diamond blocks and much more to be discovered!

No refunds will be made.
You should pay Britney1177 for any storage you win on auction and it will be unlocked under your name after the event.
Highest bidder wins.

I'd like to thank Mrs_Ender88 for helping us by providing custom items, TheStarNomad for making a huge crate donation and TheMelonQueen for allowing me to copy some items for prizes. Merci beaucoup! <3

Don't know what Storage Wars is?
Storage Wars is a game in which you can buy a storage by offering the highest bid on the auction. You may not know what is inside the storage and you may hit some pretty good prizes or not. You should pay Britney1177 once you are announced highest bidder and the storage will be unlocked for you after the event ends.

As much as I respect you and your opinion we have save guards in place. We have rules on how cursing is to be directed, and things in place to help players avoid these things. Would I have an issue with an auto censor plugin that's stops or changes the characters of certain words? No. We also have staff teams on each server that draw the line in the sand so to speak. And when someone crosses that line they are dealt with.

I understand where your coming from and this is a concern that's been addressed several times throughout my time here. One thing I know for sure if we were to completely prohibit swearing it would only make it worse. 
Exactly that.
Birthday Wishes / Re: Endar
Jul 24, 2017, 07:01 PM
Happy birthday Edna. <3
Birthday Wishes / Re: Today is my birthday!
Jul 19, 2017, 11:39 AM
Happy birthday!

Joyeux Anniversaire! <3
IGN: ProfThanos
Pocket uptime: 226 minutes
Uptime this week: Not much.. I just rejoined.
Are you able to obtain 4hours of uptime every week on Pocket? Of course!
Have you been banned before? If so, why should we overlook this? Not on Pocket. My old bans are on survival but they are more than 2 years old.
Do you have Skype or Discord? If not, can you get it? I have both
Any previous experience staffing on SFT? If so where and what rank? I'm currently a Survival Manager.

I'd like to say that I recently rejoined PE because due to the updates I couldn't join. From what I've seen on the community I really like how it's been doing and I'd like to get more into it. C'est ça. :)
This event was just great! Lots of people came and we had a wonderful time!
Our three winners were @Waffle_man22  , @Green_Giant  and @Arctic_Walrus  ! Congratulations!

Thanks again @Narcotex !
IGN: ProfThanos
Reason: I haven't joint for quite a while and I've forgot my password.
Due to not being able to attend the event it is going to be held 2.5 hours later than the set hour. Sorry guys.
Pocket Minecraft / Re: I'm back!
Jul 13, 2017, 11:41 AM
Glad to see you back Hasan! :)
Survival Weekend Event
Spleef Tournament

Hello everyone! This Friday, the 14th of July 2017, Mrs_Ender88, timelord_emma and I will be hosting a spleef tournament!
Narcotex has fully granted the prizes for this weekend event, donating 50 Million! Thanks a lot!

The event is going to take place as follows; first we are going to have Pyramid Spleef, then Candy Spleef and then Tower spleef. The winner of each spleef takes the amounts as below;

PyramidSpleef     7.5 Million EmpBucks
CandySpleef17.5 Million EmpBucks
TowerSpleef25 Million EmpBucks

See you all there! (Countdown)

Due to not being able to attend the event at that time we have decided to push the event for 2 hours and 30 minutes later on the same day. The counter has been reset and it's still correct to check. Thank you very much for understanding!
- Thanos

Also, some things that should be mentioned. The rounds of spleef will be help in the following order; Pyramid, Candy and Tower. If someone wins one of the rounds they may participate on another but they may not win so that we avoid one person taking all of the prizes.

Also, the rules are simple and will be repeated before the event.
1. No potions/effects.
2. No flying.
3. No islanding. (If it's not your fault we will reset the area)
4. No placing blocks.
5. No breaking blocks from bellow.
6. No teaming.

If anyone breaks the rules they will automatically be banned from all the remaining at the time events.
Unserious Section / Re: Useless Post.
Jul 09, 2017, 08:57 PM
Thanos staaaappp aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I'm dying with these gifs :O
But you didn't see my Nintendo switch... :(