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The gary foundation is a nonprofit group with the goal of renewing the entreprenurial spririt on the server. It is named after the late garywb, who was the owner of gbstore and a close friend of mine.


Every month, the Gary Foundation will award one aspiring autoshop owner 10 million emp. If you are interested, just click on the APPLY HERE at the top of this page and fill out the application. Applications are reviewed by members of the foundation and the most compelling applicant will be awarded the 10 million emp on the first day of every month. Applicants must abide by the terms below.


Recipients of award money must:
- Not have received the award before (1 award/person)
- Use the award money for their autoshop
- Eventually complete and open their autoshop


If you are interested in donating money to the foundation, contact omelott over discord (@omelet#7541)
➼ omelott
➼ winston_b
➼ Kakota

A few years ago, I made a guide about how to make money that was well recieved. Sadly, that guide contained outdated information and has since been removed. So I'm making a new one.

In this guide, I'm going to share with you the 8 most efficient methods to make money on survival (in no particular order). This is mostly for late-game players who already have good tools/high mcmmo levels. I have spent hundreds of hours testing these methods and perfecting them. I will be updating this guide as emp/autoshop prices change and new minecraft/plugin updates come out.

Enjoy! Just try not to break the economy. ::)


Voting is hands down the best and most reliable way to make money on survival. It only takes 5 minutes/day and you only need to log online every once in awhile to claim your rewards/sell your rewards. Those who vote every day at all 10 voting sites and sell the rewards they get can make up to 1 million emp in a week. That may not seem like a lot to some but doing it consistently for weeks on end really adds up.

:paper: TIPS :paper:

-Sell your fishing rewards (crab claws, dolphin tails, etc.) to /warp ofisho and your mining rewards (artifacts, fossils, etc.) to /warp mineshop
- Sell your vote tokens and steveco keys to other players. Market value for tokens is 5-10k and 10-25k for keys. Both items are in high demand. If you don't have ml perms or don't have the patience, /warp sanmarco buys both for 4k/14k.


Fishing is one of the most popular ways to make money on the server. For the purposes of this guide, I will recommend ignoring most  pyrofishing features (entropy, augments) because you will make more money selling your fish than gutting them for entropy to make augments. A fishing rod loaded with augments might look cool and there are many people who like to do that as a hobby, but they really aren't as powerful as they look and you're going to do just fine with a normal enchanted fishing rod.

:fish: WHAT YOU NEED :fish:

-A pier in the deep ocean
-Maxed out fishing rod with mending
-Backpacks or shulker boxes
-Slimefun magnet (suggested)

:fish: TIPS :fish:

-Use a boat to move around so you don't overfish one area
-Stockpile your fish. Deliveries (/fish deliveries) are the way to get the most money for your fish. The second best money for your fish is the special fish (in /fish shop), which resets every few hours and pays 1.5x regular price.
-If you're impatient, sell your fish to /warp fishshop
-Sell the enchanted books you fish up to /warp mallusa if they are pure/don't have other enchantments. Sell other books to other players.
-Sell the item loot you get (saddles, tripwire hooks) to the EMP.
-Bottle the XP you get from fishing into slimefun flasks of knowledge and sell them on /ml. The market rate is 10-20k/stack. 


Mining is another popular way to make money on survival. I will recommend ignoring most of the pyromining features (zeta, fossils/vessels) because they are not worth your time and you will make more money from selling pyromining items off the bat than you will bulking up your pickaxe with vessels.

:diamondpickaxe: WHAT YOU NEED :diamondpickaxe:

-Fortune 3 pickaxe
-Silk touch pickaxe
-Backpacks or shulker boxes
-Haste 2 potions (suggested)
-Water bucket (suggested)
-Slimefun magnet (suggested)

:diamondpickaxe: TIPS :diamondpickaxe:

-Mine at Y-level 11 for the best chance to find diamonds
-Mine in an extreme hills biome. This is the only biome you'll find emeralds spawning in.
-Turn on F3+G to see chunk borders. Mine along chunk borders. This is because 1 vein of diamonds will spawn per chunk.
-Haste 2 potions making mining a lot faster and are I highly recommend using them. Just be wary of your pickaxe's durability.
-Explore caves! There are a lot of caves in both worlds that haven't been explored yet. Ore is exposed in caves so your pickaxe's durability isn't wasted.
-Mine ALL the ores you see. Mine every ore with silk touch first (If your mcmmo mining level is high enough, you have a 50% chance for double drops from the ore you mine), then replace the fortunable ores and fortune those ones.
-If your mcmmo smelting level is high enough, you have a 50% for every ore you smelt. This is a great feature for when you smelt your gold and iron ore.
-Sell your fluxes and gemstones in the mining shop (/mineshop).
-Sell all ores to the EMP.
-Sell mysterious dust and artifacts to /warp mineshop.
-Bottle the XP you get from mining and smelting the iron/gold ore into slimefun flasks of knowledge and sell them to other players. The market rate is 10-20k/stack.


:gold: WHAT YOU NEED :gold:

-A mesa biome
-A pickaxe
-Backpacks or shulker boxes
-Haste 2 potions (suggested)
-Slimefun magnet (suggested)

:gold: TIPS :gold:

-Gold is as common as coal in a mesa biome. Either dig straight down to find it or use a haste potion to create a cavern to expose the ore.
-Explore caves! There might still be some caves left undiscovered and they expose ores to the air, saving your pickaxe some durability.
-If your mcmmo mining level is high enough you have a 50% chance for double drops from the ore you mine. If your smelting level is high enough, you have a 50% for every ore you smelt.
-Sell the ore you smelt to the EMP. Gold ingots sells for 240/each.
-Bottle the XP you get from smelting the gold ore into slimefun flasks of knowledge and sell them to other players. The market rate is 10-20k/stack. 


:fire: WHAT YOU NEED :fire:

-Silk touch pickaxe
-Fortune 3 pickaxe
-Fire protection 4 armor (Or use the slimefun hazmat suit with a blast protection 4 helmet/legginings/boots)
-TNT + flint & steel (Do not buy TNT from autoshops- instead, collect the sand yourself from a desert and collect the gunpowder from gravel at the bottom of the ocean)
-Backpacks or shulker boxes

:fire: TIPS :fire:

-Mine at Y-level 15 for the best chance to find netherite
- Create a long 1x2 tunnel and dig holes in the wall. Ignite TNT to create large caverns that expose the netherite and other ores.
- Mine all the ores you find- quartz, gold, and netherite. All of them are valuable.
- Silk touch your nether gold ore and then smelt them into ingots. Sell those ingots to the EMP(240/each).
- Fortune your quartz and craft the quartz into blocks. Sell those blocks to any autoshop (/warp mallusa offers the best payout, at 145/block).
- Smelt your ancient debris into netherite and craft netherite ingots with some of the gold you mined. Sell that on /ml (market value for ingots is 30-50k). If you are impatient, do not smelt your ancient debris and instead sell the debris to /warp mineshop for 7.5k/each.
-Bottle the XP you get from mining and smelting into slimefun flasks of knowledge and sell them to other players. The market rate is 10-20k/stack.


:potato: WHAT YOU NEED :potato:

-A big potato farm
-A fortune 3 hoe
-Fly perms
-A ton of backpacks or shulker boxes
-An efficient autosmeltery (suggested)
-A slimefun magnet (suggested)

:potato: TIPS :potato:

-Sprint-fly while breaking the potatoes with your hoe. This way, mcmmo will replant the potatoes for you if your herbalism level is high enough.
-If your mcmmo herablism level is high enough, you have a chance for double drops, which maximizes the number of potatoes you can gather.
- Sell your potatoes to the EMP. 1 shulker box of raw potatoes is 12k (which you can get in about a minute).
-At the very least, you will need an inventory of shulker boxes to load the potatoes you farm into in an hour.
-If you have an autosmeltery than can very efficiently turn your potatoes into baked potatoes, which sell to the EMP for 12 as opposed to 7, then use it. However, we're talking about hundreds of chests of potatoes, and it could take hours or even days for your smeltery to process all of them.


:diamondaxe: WHAT YOU NEED :diamondaxe:

-An axe
-A slimefun table saw (multiblock)
-A ton of backpacks or shulker boxes
-A slimefun magnet (suggested)

:diamondaxe: TIPS :diamondaxe:

-Use /warp SFTTREE
-Use the MCMMO chainsaw ability with the giant spruce trees. This ability allows you to destroy the entire tree instantly but only lasts for a 10 seconds. It repleneshises every 10 minutes.
-With each use of the chainsaw ability, you will collect about 27 stacks of logs. Convert those logs into planks with your table saw. 1 log=8 planks with the table saw.
-Sell your planks to the EMP. The emp buys planks for about 3/each.


:gravel: WHAT YOU NEED :gravel:

-An ocean biome
-Slimefun goldpan
-Respiration helmet
-Depth strider boots
-Fly perms
-A ton of backpacks or shulker boxes
-An efficient smeltery (suggested)
-A sword to fight drowneds (suggested)
-A slimefun magnet (suggested)

:gravel: TIPS :gravel:

-Go to the bottom of a cold or normal ocean and use your gold pan on the gravel
-Collect the clay and sifted ore, but do not collect the flint
-Smelt your clay into bricks, then craft brick blocks and sell those to an autoshop (/warp mallusa offers the best rate at 63/block)
-Sell your sifted ore to other player. Market rate is 1-2k/sifted ore and demand is currently high because the new hopper rule is forcing people to use the slimefun cargo management items. If you are impatient, sell your sifted ore to /warp dsf (1k/ore).

Last month, @winston_b and I participatated in a challenge where if one of us missed a day of voting, we would each contribute a decided-upon amount to the lottery. Since both of us failed to miss a day, we decided we'd try something new this month.

For players who vote every day in April at all 10 voting sites, we will each contribute the following amount to the lottery on the first of May (the two of us and alts do not count):

4 players: 250k
5-9 players: 500k
10+ players: 1 million

Happy voting! ;)
The Exhibition / TownUSA
Jan 01, 2021, 08:33 PM
Tired of the expensive, crowded city life? (Yes, that was a jab at Brickport). Move to the suburbs!

TownUSA is a town modeled after the American suburbs, built by @omelott with the help of @Firelighttt. It is currently under construction, but once finished, it will have 50 homes and a new mallusa in the center of town. The town will also feature a main street with player-run businesses, a town hall, church, golf course, and a freeway connecting the town to @casey_jr_9's amusement park. Due to the town's close proximity to Brickport, the freeway may one day connect to Brickport and players will be able to travel in between the two towns via cars (although this would be pending manager/admin approval).

All houses are built with a spacious floorplan and consist of at least 2 bedrooms (1 masters and 1 regular, with closets), 1-2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, garage, front/back yards, and a large attic for your storage needs. Every house is unique and not a single one is like the other. Most are 2-stories but some are 1-story with a basement. 

The standard price for each house is 750k. A 10% is offered to active staff members as a "thank you" for their work to better the community. Contact omelott (discord omelet#7541) if you are interested in buying a house.

You can come visit and see our progress at /warp townusa.

Town Rules:
1. Treat your neighbors with kindness and respect
2. Do not change the exterior walls of your house and be modest with your yard decorations. This helps us preserve the town aesthetic.
3. Do not sell or rent your house to other players
4. Do not move your house out of the town
5. Do not go inactive for 2 or more months. However, this rule does not apply to you if you put considerable effort into decorating your house/ it looks like you live there. I'm obviously not going to evict people who would care about being evicted.
6. Do not put British flags outside your home (Canadian ones are OK).

Inactivity Board / Will be inactive
Aug 10, 2020, 05:21 PM
In-game name: omelott
Return date: Around Christmas, but will pop in every now and then.
Reason for inactivity: Life
Add members to a protection?: Add Winston_b to omelott_1 in World 2. Also add Casey_jr_9 to the mallusa protection.

Ducky's Palace has been put on autopilot and I will be in constant communication with players to be sure games/events are still hosted. If there is a world reset, I request that it be moved since it is a certified attraction.
Marketplace / Build me a mall
Jul 03, 2020, 05:42 AM
I need someone to build me a Caesar's Palace/The Venetian style mall. It must be entirely indoors and consist of a street with various shops along the side of the street. A fake sky must loom over the entire build. It must be built underneath Ducky's Palace casino (/warp DuckysPalace). I only want the best builder I can hire to build this, and it must be very well built and detailed. It must be compatible with the style in which I built the casino. The build must be completed in a timely manner (no more than 3 months). The reason I am requesting this to be built is because I don't like the mall I already have. I want something that will really impress people who come to my casino.

Here are some images to get an idea of what I want built:

My casino:

10 mil

Closing date:
2 weeks or whenever I approve someone to build this. If you are interested, hmu on discord @omelet#7541, or catch me in-game. I will want to see proof that you are a good builder.
General Discussion / garywb
Apr 01, 2020, 07:01 PM
Hi guys.

It really pains me to inform you all that recently, a dear member of the community, garywb, passed away due to natural causes. Some of you already knew that he was a senior citizen, something which made his commitment to the community even more impressive.

Gary played on survival almost every day from 2013-2018. And not just a few minutes a day, a few hours. He racked up 11,000 hours in survival uptime, which makes him the player with the most uptime in the history of SFT (at least, since /pstats was introduced). He never forgot to vote, and did so nearly every day for 5 straight years. The fact that a senior citizen can do that but we can't says a lot about our own commitments and the potential for us to do better in them.

Gary operated gbstore, one of the most popular and longest running autoshops on the server. Gbstore was iconic; it was always built of dark oak planks and consisted of numerous aisles running horizontally. He employed players to help him collect resources, some of whom grew close to him. His employees were treated well: each was paid at least 250k/month and he would sometimes use his own money to purchase them fly perms. He enjoyed skyping with them whenever he could (though the calls would be frequently interrupted by his thirst for coffee). His store was always surrounded by a town, which was built by his employees. In total, there were 6 official incarnations of gbstore and 5 incarnations of the gbtown.

Gary spent most of his time online mining for gems to sell in his store. But after pyrofishing was introduced, he developed a knack for that. T4 built him a fishing shack, which he used to the fullest extent possible. Every night, he would be out fishing in the lake next to his house. Gary slowly climbed /money top thanks to the sales at his store. But it would be thanks to fishing and the help of some other SFT players which would allow him to eventually dethrone ctyfrmr from the #1 spot.

Gary left the server in 2019 after the reset, but he gave meaning to the rank "legend" and will be remembered as one for as long as SFT is still a thing. To remember him and his remarkable dedication to the server, I'm changing my chat badge to the yellow coffee cup- his badge. I encourage every other survival player with badge perms to do the same.

He chose to leave a lot of details about his life to himself and only those who knew him best, so out of respect for him and his family, I'm not sharing any information about his family and links to his obituary. Please send them your prayers and wishes, though, as they come to terms with his passing.

Being a lucky ducky doesn't just require luck; it also requires skill. Last year, I held a poker tournament that a few lucky duckies seemed to enjoy, so I'm holding one again this year. :laugh:

The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 21 at Noon EST (5PM GMT), inside the poker room at everyone's favorite casino: /warp Ducky's Palace (on Survival: play.superfuntime.org).

To participate, you will need 50k EmpBucks for a box of chips. Unlike the last tournament, you will not be able to buy back into the game if/when you lose all your chips. In addition to winning all the chips (300k, max), the winner will also win 1mil EmpBucks (courtesy of Towelie) and a custom trophy and will get their own bust in the hall of fame. All participants, however, will recieve a small prize for their participation.

I will not bother explaining the rules of the game, since I expect most participants to have already played with me before; however, written rule guides will be available. Participants will also be shown the basic mechanics (how cards are dealt and disposed of, how to place chips on the table, and so on).

If you are certain you will participate, you MUST RSVP. You can do this by replying to this thread or by DM-ing me on discord (#omelet7541). This is because I only have 6 seats available and I want to make sure everyone who wants to play can play.

Marketplace / [Buying]Map materials
Jan 03, 2020, 12:41 AM
Buying Map materials

Additional Details:
I need 480 stacks of paper

There's no way I'm buying all this from the emp.


Closing date:
2 weeks from now
Survival Guides / How to Make Money
Jun 03, 2019, 10:29 PM
I currently occupy the #2 spot on /money top, and was recently dethroned from the #1 spot by @sky_comet. Naturally, I get a lot of questions about how I make my money. So I thought I'd share my favorite techniques with you all. All of these techniques follow server rules and are 100% legal. Just be aware that they are time consuming and not for the easily bored.


 :diamond: You'll need :diamond:

-1 Silk Touch Pickaxe
-1 Fortune 3 Pickaxe
-1 Shovel
-Glowstone Helmet (so you can see in the dark)
-1 Water Bucket
-Shulker Boxes

 :diamond: Suggestions :diamond:

-Mine at Y level 11 or 12. You can check what Y level you're mining at by clicking the F3 button. If you mine at a level lower than 11, you risk an encounter with lava.
-Mine on the border of chunks (which you can check by typing F3+G). This is because only 1 vein of diamond ore spawns per chunk. Mining on the border of 2 chunks will maximize your odds of finding a vein of diamonds.
-Use the MCMMO super breaker ability when it's available to you. It refreshes every 10 minutes and makes your mining trip less timely.
-Turn on subtitles. You can do this by going to options, music & sounds, then turn subtitles to 'on.' Subtitles will allow you to know if there's lava or a cave nearby.
-Explore every cave you come across. Caves can expose a lot of ores and there are still many left undiscovered.
-Mine every ore you across (even coal).
-Mine the ores you come across with your silk touch pickaxe first. This is because if your MCMMO mining level is high enough, there's a chance there's a chance more than 1 ore will drop from mining 1 ore. Then replace your ore and mine with your fortune pickaxe.
-Smelt your iron/gold ore in groups of 32. This is because if your MCMMO repair level is high enough, there's a chance more than 1 ingot will be smelted from a 1 ore.
-Craft your gems into blocks for a more efficient use of space in your inventory.
-Always sell your gems to the EMP. Autoshop sell prices are crap and almost always lower than the EMP's. Even if you can sell your gems to an autoshop for the same price as the EMP, don't bother because there's a 10% tax on autoshop transactions (meaning when you sell a diamond to Mallusa for 1600 emp, you're actually only getting 1440 emp).

Nether Mining

:fire: You'll need :fire:

-1 Fortune Pickaxe (with mending to make it indestructable)
-Good Armor (with fire resistance and mending)
-Slime Boots
-Elytra (with mending)
-Food (Lots, because you'll run out quickly)
-Shulker Boxes

 :fire: Suggestions :fire:

-Use your elytra and rockets to navigate the nether. It's easier than building bridges and pillars with throwaway blocks. Just be careful not to crash into cliffs.
-Mine all the quartz ore you come across.
-Mine the quartz ore you come across with a silk touch pickaxe first. This is because if your MCMMO mining level is high enough, there's a chance there's a chance more than 1 ore will drop from 1. Then replace your quartz ore and mine it with your fortune pickaxe.
-Craft your quartz into blocks for a more efficient use of space in your inventory.
-Always sell your quartz blocks to the autoshops, not the EMP. Mallusa is the best autoshop to sell your quartz blocks to, but the chests there fill up really fast.
-Use the XP you gained to enchant books/tools/armor, which you can sell on /ml. One of the amazing things about quartz mining is that you gain a lot of XP, which will automatically repair any mending tools/armor you have.
-I've been told by some people that glow stone is another nether material worth mining. I usually don't bother with it because it's harder and more dangerous to reach than quartz. Not to mention, it takes more time to mine.

Gold Mining

:gold: You'll need :gold:

-1 Pickaxe (Enchantments don't matter)
-1 Shovel
-Water Bucket
-Shulker Boxes

:gold: Suggestions :gold:

-Find a mesa biome. Gold can be found at any Y level in a mesa biome, as long as it's surrounded by stone.
-Dig straight down (anywhere). I know it's risky, but if you can type /w1 fast enough, you'll be just fine.
-Turn on subtitles. Having subtitles on will allow you to detect lava before you mine into it and therefore limit your encounters with it.
-Smelt your gold ore in groups of 32. This is because if your MCMMO repair level is high enough, there's a chance more than 1 ingot will be smelted from 1 ore.
-Always sell your gold ingots to the EMP.


:fish: You'll need :fish:

-A good fishing rod (having mending on it will make it indestructable)
-A sword
-A dock/boat
-Shulker Boxes

:fish: Suggestions :fish:

-Fish in an open/deep ocean biome only
-If you're short on time, sell your fish through /fish shop.
-If you're in it for the long run, gut your fish for entropy and use the entropy to obtain augments for your fishing rod (which in turn will allow you to catch more fish).
-Sell the items you fish up (saddles/nametags mostly) to the EMP
-Use the XP you gain to enchant books/tools/armor, which you can sell on /ah
-The fishing deliveries (/fish deliveries) are worth the prize money (but you'll have to move biomes)
-The fishing contests are worth the prize money (not to mention, they're a lot of fun if others are participating).

I have a few more techniques, but since I'm pretty lazy, ima stop here and add a few more later.
The Exhibition / Ducky's Palace Casino
Feb 17, 2019, 01:00 AM

About us

Ducky's Palace is a casino and certified attraction built and operated solely by myself, @omelet. My objective isn't just to make money; it's to create a space for members of the community to gather and have some fun. Whether you like to gamble, shop, role-play, or enjoy the scenery, there is something for everyone here. For two years, I have been adding and removing features to keep players interested. I also regularly hold in-casino events. So if you find yourself having nothing to do when you're on survival, come give this place a visit. It is definitely a must-see on survival and even if its your first time visiting, odds are, it won't be your last. ;)

Ducky's Palace is a subsidiary of QuackCorp, a conglomerate which consists of other much-loved brands such as townusa and mallusa. Making purchases at those locations helps me operate the casino indirectly.

Places to see

/warp casino

Slot Machines:
/warp slots
/warp gemslots
/warp wheeloffortune

Other Games:
/warp roulette
/warp blackjack
/warp poker

Other activities:
/warp giftshop
/warp halloffame

Integrity policy

Ducky's palace is in compliance with all server rules and is sometimes checked by members of the staff team to ensure that rules are being followed. Jackpot prizes listed on the slot machines are winnable as advertised.  All table games have card decks that are fully shuffled to ensure that the cards being dealt are entirely random. Any losses you endure while gaming at Ducky's Palace are your responsibility. We do not have to refund you unless there was an error in the game. If there was an error in the game, please report it to omelott (discord is the best place to reach him at omelet#7541) and he will fix the error and refund you.

All Slot machine transactions are logged and suspicious activity is reported to staff. While we can't stop players from using our slot machines, players who have a history of cheating and/or stealing at the csasino are added to a backlist and cannot play at any of the table games. If your name is on this blacklist, you will be notified if you attempt to play any table game. This policy may sound stern, but it is the policy we must pursue to maintain the integrity of our operation.

Marketplace / [Auction] House in Mallusa Town
Oct 13, 2018, 02:30 AM
Are you an American? If you are, you might enjoy this house. This classic American suburban house is an original design and one in a set of eight houses. It's just 12 blocks away from SFT's largest (and arguably most successful) autoshop: mallusa - and it could be yours!

Check it out: /warp Delaware4

1 Living Room
1 Kitchen
1 Garage
1 Backyard
4 Closets
1 Smaller Bedroom
1 Master Bedroom
1 Bathroom (connected to master bedroom).

Starting Bid: 100k
Minimum Increments: 20k

Closing date:
Friday, October 26.
General Discussion / Post your HANDWRITING!
Aug 02, 2018, 06:44 AM
I think we had a post like this a few years ago, but it's long gone.

I'll start.

Spoiler: show

Marketplace / [Buying]Vote Tokens
Jun 23, 2018, 03:48 AM
Additional Details:
I'll buy as many as you have.

5k each. I have plenty of money to splurge.

Closing date:
July 6, 2018 (2 weeks from the creation of this post)
Nommy Island Treasure Hunt

Hey all! This weekend, I will be hosting a treasure hunt (under the supervision of @GoldenDruid76). The event will take place in my town, Nommy Island (/warp NommyIsland). I will start the event by giving everybody a clue, which will lead to a location with another clue. The event will end when one player reaches the end location.

The first person to reach the end will win 1 million emp, but everybody who participates will receive a custom souvenir. The entire event will be funded by my sugar daddy friend, @garywb.

The event will take place on Sunday, June 3 at 2 PM Eastern Time. For those interested, here is a countdown.

I hope to see you all there!

It's been awhile since I've held an auction. Today, I'm auctioning off a beautiful modern suburban house. Like my last house, it's made primarily of concrete and clay. It's located in a nice, isolated area in world 2. You can visit in-game by typing /warp suburbanhouse .

This house comes with:

1 Living Room
1 Kitchen
1 Garage
4 Closets
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Backyard


Starting Bid: 100k
Minimum Increments: 25k

Closing date:

Friday March 2. I will contact the winning bidder in-game.
Polls / Fast Food
Mar 15, 2017, 05:56 AM
Non-Americans might have trouble answering.

Have fun! ;D
The internet plays a big role in the daily lives of many people. How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?

Polls / What time do you go to bed?
Aug 02, 2016, 07:16 PM
I've been noticing a trend of people online late at night recently. I'm curious to know, what time do you go to sleep? ;)

I know, I know, go ahead and tell me off for using the 12 hour clock.