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Other Servers / Forum / Discord / Re: Tomsoz
Feb 17, 2021, 06:52 PM
Thankyou for agreeing to the terms, i'll pass this on to the Manager+ team to process the unban.
Other Servers / Forum / Discord / Re: Tomsoz
Feb 17, 2021, 06:24 PM
Hi Tomsoz, I was the one who banned you for lagging the server.

As you stated in your unban, I did not witness you do anything to lag the server yourself, however the reason I banned you is because you seemed to be on a team with the player who did. As a result, in order to protect the security of the server, I banned you both.

Since you didn't do anything specifically yourself, I am willing to unban you so long as you promise not to cause trouble or engage in anything that could lag the server. Please put a music disc  :greenrecord: in your reply so I know you have read this and agree to the terms.

Please reply within 48 hours or this will be locked with no unban.
This wasn't an invite thing, it was entirely impromptu because Tow noticed a lot of "OG" players were online, don't feel left out because you weren't told because nobody was.
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Suggestion
Feb 04, 2021, 10:59 PM
I suggested the same thing as a /kit but it was turned down sadly.
I know it's a tad late now, but perhaps also some extra time before you are dropped from your vote tier? Perhaps an extra 12 or 24 hours, it won't discourage people from voting daily as the rewards are still worth it, but it will stop people from losing all their progress just because they forgot or were busy. It my even have the opposite effect, encourage people to vote more often as there's less of a dis-satisfaction of missing a day.
Creative / Re: Creative Feedback/Suggestions
Jan 31, 2021, 02:33 AM
One thing I would say, is that the number of plots a player should have access to should be tied to their rank. A few months ago a player went on and claimed hundreds of plots, I believe a suitable amount would be:

Drafter: 4
Apprentice: 8
Builder: 12
Constructor: 15
Engineer: 25
Architect: 40

All other ranks: unlimited.

Might aswell post here what I sent to Wpp the other day to see what other peoples thoughts might be:

- Endstone (obselete)
- Rabbit Spawn Egg (Cheap on mobshop)
- Dragons Breath (Nobody uses this)
- Quartz (raw) - (Easy to gather)
- Writable_book (???)
- Golden Apple (Kinda pointless)
- Mob Transporter (No longer necessary as world reset has passed. Players can still craft)

- Prismarine_shard or Crystal x16 tier 1 & 2
- Prismarine_shard or Crystal x32 tier 3 & 4
- Prismarine_shard or Crystal x64 tier 5
- Quartz_block varients - 32 tier 3 & 4
- Quartz_block varients - 64 tier 5
- Glowstone x5 tier 1
- Emerald x5 tier 2 & 3
- Emerald_block x3 tier 4 & 5
- Sealantern x5 tier 5

- Diamond_ore - x2 tier 5
- Emerald_ore x4 tier 3 & 4 & 5
- Lapis_ore  x10 - tier 3 & 4 & 5
- Gold_ore x10 - tier 3 & 4 & 5
- Heart_of_the_sea x1 - tier 5 (rare)
- Snowglobe augment x1 tier 5 (very rare)
- Random fossil x1 tier 4 & 5
- Sifted Ore x5 tier 2 & 3 & & 5
- Mythical Lure x1 - tier 5
- Ender_Pearls x4 - Tier 1
- Ender_Pearls x8 - Tier 2
- Ghast_tier x2 - Tier 1
- Ghast_tier x4 - Tier 2
- Crab Claw or Scale x2 - Tier 1 & 2
- Crab Claw or Scle x4 - Tier 3 & 4
- Netherite_scrap x1 - Tier 4 & 5
- Bell x1 tier 2 & 3
- Mythical fish x1 tier 5 (very rare)
- Shulker_shell x1 tier 3 & 4
- Crying_obsidian x2 - tier 3 & 4
- Basic/Unusual artifact x1 - tier 1
- Epic/Exceptional artifact x1 - tier 2
- Legendary/fabled artifact x1 - tier 3
- Mythic/celestial artifact x1 - tier 4
- Divine artifact x1 - tier 5
Amounts can be adjusted. I might have gone overboard, because we still want keys probably dropping at the same rate that they currently do.

NOTE: Using tiers 1 - 5 as the example rather than 0 - 4 as it appears ingame.
Quote from: George on Jan 09, 2021, 11:45 AM<snip>
Some context:

I often find myself hanging out with people who I am not in a party with, and would love to just talk to them without spamming public chat. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has been in this situation, so it actually would be really useful.
Hello all, another suggestion from me. Been thinking about this one a while.

The suggestion is a local chat feature, that only broadcasts your message to players within ~250 blocks.

The command would be activated by /l (message). Additionally, I think a /l toggle (or just /l) should be added and given to Veteran+. The reason I think it should only be given to these ranks, is to prevent new players asking questions in /l by accident. This is how I believe the messages should be formatted.

The yellow text is so that it stands out among other normal chat messages, as I feel a message sent to you in Local would be something you'd be more likely to want to read.

The benefits of this system is that it will allow you to communicate with groups of friends privately even if you're not in the same party as them, will hopefully spam the chat a bit less.

I believe messages sent in Local chat should NOT show on discord for a bit more privacy, and they should only be viewable by Admin+.

What do you guys think? Left a poll to hear everyone elses thoughts.
What are you advertising: Autoshop
What is the warp to your business? : /warp HotTopic
What is the name of your business? : HotTopic
Who is the owner of the business? : Green_Giant

Additional information: It is inside of any auto that is already on there (Droffex) but acts as a completely separate entity. Would it also be possible to have in a bullet point "Specialises in Nether Blocks".
Hello people of Survival!

I am happy to announce that a new public resource has surfaced on SFT. Like the much loved SFTTree and SFTFarm, we now have a brand new Sheep farm for all to use!

Use /warp sheep or /warp sftsheep to get there!

Some elements of the design are still a work in progress. I'll be setting up shears and wool shops aswell. If you have any issues with the farm, please let me know!
Pretty much what others have said is true. The main boardgame maps are how they are because anything more complex is very hard to host, and players simply do not have the patience. Just look how rarely Mario Party is hosted (properly). I will be spicing up some elements of boardgame in the new W3 to make them far more interesting without overloading the player or host with too much. If anyone has suggestions for these, please message me!
Quote from: George on Nov 08, 2020, 08:37 AM
Quote from: omelet on Nov 08, 2020, 12:58 AM
Quote from: George on Nov 07, 2020, 05:50 PMso you are telling me that i dont pay rent i own the actual thing but i will get kicked out if im inactive. get outta here dude

It's to make the town lively. They don't want a bunch of houses owned by inactive players sitting around when there are people who might really want to own those houses. I did the exact same thing with my town a few years ago (Nommy Island), and it worked really well- I had a population of very active players and homes were always available for those who wanted one. It also was a consistent source of revenue for the town ;)
Well no1 should have the permission to take your property.

To put it frank, it's not your property. They're spawn houses.
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Suggestion
Oct 25, 2020, 07:22 PM
I believe the reason they are disabled is to stop people from making iron golem farms.
I see some merit behind the idea of the merge, but I feel in practice it doesn't quite work for our server. A lot of what I need to say has already been mentioned above, so i'm not going repeat that however I do have a few things to add. Here is my idea:

Definitely need to have the return of "/gshout" but with some edits to how the command works and displays messages. First off, I think it should be reverted back to /sh (message) - a much simpler command to type and many old players know this command as it was the old command to talk to all players on survival back when the server was busy. ALL messages should go to it's local server only by default, with the exception of any messages with /sh before it.

The chat message would look much like it currently does, however i'd suggest changing the server prefix to yellow so it sticks out as global message rather than a local one.


The formatting of /gshout (/sh) should be changed. Best described with an image. It should look very similar to how you've made it now, only the Prefix representing each server would be yellow so it sticks out more as a global message.

Next up is some changes to the tab list. I'm happy we finally updgraded from the old tablist. The new one has some useful featues like Ping and TPS, and it looks a lot more modern, however there are still some improvements I may suggest.

First, take a look at this screenshot.

All the servers have different ranking systems and colours. I have circled a particularly... cursed example (sorry @NotChocobo654321 ) I have a change that can be made to perhaps help mitigate this.

First off, remove all the rank prefixes from the tab list, and have it only display the player name in it's rank colour. The colour should be enough to distinguish their rank, without making it look messy, and cause long names to be cut off.

Second off, change the text that says "Survival, Pixelmon" etc. to bold and make it "admin red" and make the player count orange. I think it'd stick out a little more and fit the house style that is set by the information above it.

I would also suggest moving the Server name/count up a line, have 2 empty spaces on the right, and then have the playerlist of that server begin on the line below.

And then the last suggestion which would kinda combine both suggestions together to make a clean chat/tab - clean up ranks! The servers have all different colours, and some more uniformity could go a long way to making people adjust to this change.

General Discussion / Re: Half a dozen
Sep 26, 2020, 02:26 PM
Grats Winnie!
Congrats Lou!
General Discussion / Re: 8 years!
Aug 26, 2020, 11:03 AM
Congrats Eric!
Buying Pyromining Fossils and Artifacts

Additional Details:
I am buying all Pyromining Fossils and Artifacts. Prices for specific items below. Please contact me in-game or on discord if you have any to sell rather than responding to this topic.

- Fossils I do not already own: 25000 EMP or trading for a duplicate fossil I own.
- Fossils I already own: 15000 EMP

Tier 1 (Basic) - 500 EMP - Currently not purchasing
Tier 2 (Unusual) - 1000 EMP
Tier 3 (Epic) - 2000 EMP
Tier 4 (Exceptional) - 4000 EMP
Tier 5 (Legendary) - 6000 EMP
Tier 6 (Fabled) - 10000 EMP
Tier 7 (Mythic) - 15000 EMP
Tier 8 (Celestial) - 25000 EMP

Additionally, i'm also buying all Mysterious Dusts for 1000 EMP each.
NOTE: I will not be buying any dusts that were obtained before the latest Pyromining update as they no longer work.

Closing date:
Whenever I decide to stop purchasing.
Omg yes, my all time favorite event! Count me in.
You can bottle your XP with Slimefun using flasks of knowledge. Although i'm not sure how it fully works and if you lose any levels.
Quote from: Towelie on Jul 25, 2020, 02:31 PMReally awesome, but please make sure to also move the other needed arenas (mobarena, murder, rooftops, etc etc etc).
Also, I'd like to request a big circuit for the new racing cars and superbikes.
Don't worry, we're on it! A new big circuit would have to built in W1 or W2 as vehicles are disabled in W3.
Greetings Super Fun Time!

I come to you today with a very special anouncement, after months of hard work, it's finally time to reveal what the Architect team have been at hard at work on. A new Event world!
JustAddWater has kindly made us a video teaser on just some of the work that has been done. Check it out above (and subscribe to him)!

What can you expect in our new world 3?

- Some new Events.
- Complete redesigns of current events, both in a technical sense as well as being 1000% more gorgeous.
- A whole world full of Easter Eggs, a huge attention to detail like nothing seen before on SFT.
- More automation and command blocks used to make Events seamless!
- More!

Now finally, the thing I bet you're all anxious to know, the release date. Sadly, the release date is still unknown at this point, but hopefully we will have a release date soon (still lot's to do!)

I'll leave you with a selection of screenshots taken by @JustAddWater

And has a bonus, here is one I took myself.
Another thing:

I don't think Terminal has been set up properly for murder.
- Needs more gold spawns.
- A few more cauldrons dotted about.
- There is NO altars set up at all yet, these are needed. Probably about 6-7 given the map size.

A lot of players also feel that /murder should cycle between maps automatically, so that players can just type /murder everytime rather than figuring out which map is next on rotation. I don't know if this is possible.
Is there any feedback on the following ideas that were presented in this thread? Never got any response regards to:

- Bringing back /randombiome
- Reducing the cooldown on /random
- Bringing back paintball