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Hey everyone, as you know the Architect team has been working on building a brand new World 3 for you all. Most events have been updated, and Wipeout is no exception to this. The time has come to look at what works and doesn't work with the maps, so i'd like to hear everyones feedback (regardless of if you're amazing at Wipeout or a total noob).

Please vote in the poll for your favorite Wipeout maps! You can vote for just one or a maximum of 3. I will also be looking to hear feedback in the replies to this thread about why you have made your choices. Stuff that interests me is which section of each map you like most too if you'd like to go into that detail.

Feel free to also leave feedback about maps/section you dislike also! All feedback is most welcome.

I'll leave a reply to this thread with pictures of each Wipeout map to jog your memory as for which is which.
Omg yes, my all time favorite event! Count me in.
You can bottle your XP with Slimefun using flasks of knowledge. Although i'm not sure how it fully works and if you lose any levels.
Quote from: Towelie on Jul 25, 2020, 02:31 PMReally awesome, but please make sure to also move the other needed arenas (mobarena, murder, rooftops, etc etc etc).
Also, I'd like to request a big circuit for the new racing cars and superbikes.
Don't worry, we're on it! A new big circuit would have to built in W1 or W2 as vehicles are disabled in W3.
Greetings Super Fun Time!

I come to you today with a very special anouncement, after months of hard work, it's finally time to reveal what the Architect team have been at hard at work on. A new Event world!
JustAddWater has kindly made us a video teaser on just some of the work that has been done. Check it out above (and subscribe to him)!

What can you expect in our new world 3?

- Some new Events.
- Complete redesigns of current events, both in a technical sense as well as being 1000% more gorgeous.
- A whole world full of Easter Eggs, a huge attention to detail like nothing seen before on SFT.
- More automation and command blocks used to make Events seamless!
- More!

Now finally, the thing I bet you're all anxious to know, the release date. Sadly, the release date is still unknown at this point, but hopefully we will have a release date soon (still lot's to do!)

I'll leave you with a selection of screenshots taken by @JustAddWater

And has a bonus, here is one I took myself.
Another thing:

I don't think Terminal has been set up properly for murder.
- Needs more gold spawns.
- A few more cauldrons dotted about.
- There is NO altars set up at all yet, these are needed. Probably about 6-7 given the map size.

A lot of players also feel that /murder should cycle between maps automatically, so that players can just type /murder everytime rather than figuring out which map is next on rotation. I don't know if this is possible.
Is there any feedback on the following ideas that were presented in this thread? Never got any response regards to:

- Bringing back /randombiome
- Reducing the cooldown on /random
- Bringing back paintball
I think the vote rewards are something that keeps playing vote every day. It would be foolish to lose this plugin.  A new joiner the other day said we were number 10 on (whatever vote site) so the votes are clearly helping.

Vote tokens are indeed the only way to get a beacon or /fly - two things that a lot of players strive towards. We should really do our best to keep it.
Hello, it's me again.

Proposing that we disable MCMMO in W3 for the following reasons:

- Can be used to give an unfair advantage in PVP events.
- Using Haste in games like spleef and treasurehunt has always been a grey area, would prevent this from being an issue in any further events.
- Disabling it will makes it so people will always die of fall damage when falling off the map in /rooftops

The only disadvantage I can think of to disabling it is it means players have less goodies to pick up underneath spleef, but it's not a huge issue in my opinion.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?
I'd be happy to see it trialed in /sw before being considered in the normal worlds.
I don't have an account and can't view the plugin. What effects does the weather have? Any griefing mechanics/block damage? If so, then a big no from me.
General Survival Discussions / Re: 5 Years
Jul 11, 2020, 12:36 PM
Congrats! Heres to another 5!
Quote from: Darth_Noob on Jul 08, 2020, 05:16 PMSomething I just remembered is /randombiome. It would be great to see that come back imo.
Sorta similar to this, since we can no longer use /random bypass can the cooldown on /random be reduced a bit? Maybe to 5 or 10 seconds max.
It's fun! Good classic minigame.
Some things to be careful of though before you play:

- Empty your inventory/take off armor before. There is a rare bug where the game can stop and your inventory will be wiped.
- Pvp will be turned on for you, so after the event, remember to type /pvp off
You truly are the voting legend. Congrats on 4 years!
Quote from: Chill2000 on Jun 21, 2020, 12:31 AM
Quote from: Bobert on Jun 20, 2020, 11:36 PMAyyy 3rd place in spleef I remember sweating so hard through that tournament lmao
Do you remember the prize pool it was huge from what I remember
I want to say it was around 20 mil.
Dear Survival Players,

We're currently on the lookout for some new Event ideas that can be hosted by EventHosts/EventMods/Managers in World 3. Please suggest here if you have any interesting ideas, theres a lot of new mechanics in the game which means potentially we've overlooked some. Please consider the following:

- The Event does not use Plugins. The Event may use command blocks (so long as it's simple and doesn't require datapacks). If your event does need redstone/command blocks please try and describe it so it can be reproduced.
- The Event is easily hostable by the team (the simpler the better).
- Try not to suggest new maps of current events (for example a new Wipeout course or Boatrace map) unless you have a really interesting spin that could make it stand out.
- One of the things we're on the look out for particularly is new luck games (but any game is good)!

Don't be shy to suggest anything you can think of! The more ideas the merrier!

Many thanks,

Quote from: omelet on Jun 08, 2020, 06:33 PMThey're already in the premium shop.

Oh bugger you're right! I'll lock this then.

I recently had the thought about returning player heads to the premium shop to help boost revenue. I did a tiny bit of research and it would seem that player heads are actually EULA compliant because;

A) They are purely cosmetic
B) Give no unfair advantage (Provided they are player/block heads instead of Mob heads)

Some people discussed on this thread here:

I also checked out the premium shop of a server I once visited many years ago that I remember selling them (sorry, don't kill me) and they are still up and selling them. I won't mention the server name here but here is a screenshot as proof.

It would be awesome to this item returned. I know it was pretty popular for head collectors back in the day.
Been thinking about this for a while - a /kit revamp. As it stands a lot of the kits are useless, for example kit member gives you just two cookies and which always get chucked away.

Below is the changes to current kits I think should be made:

/kit starter - No change.

/kit member - 1x Milk Bucket, 16x Cookie, 1x Iron Chestplate

/kit veteran - 1x Horse Egg, 1x Saddle, 5x XP Bottles, 1x Emerald

/kit elite - 10x XP bottles, 4x Ender Pearls, 1x Diamond

Also think the introduction (or re-introduction) of some new kits would be useful.

/kit torches - 32x Torches (Available to all Guest+) - Return of an old much loved kit.

/kit farm - 8x Potatos, 8x Carrots, 8x Seeds, 8x Cocoa Beans (Available to all Guest+)

/kit crafting - 1x Crafting Table, 1x Furnace, 16x Oak Planks (Available to all Guest+) - Requested a lot from players i've noticed needing a crafting table in the wild. Will help stop trees being half cut down in the world.

None of these suggestions will do any damage to the economy, but create a nice balance between usefulness and also items to look forward to in the next rank.
Also disagree with you there Cire for reasons others stated above. Especially as Waffle pointed out, water is a key part of some Wipeouts in particular (4 and 7 come to mind).

Quote from: Cireshie on Apr 23, 2020, 03:06 AMDepth strider in wipeout is no different than using efficiency in spleef, especially if you use the argument that "Not everyone has depth strider."

One of the key differences in availability of the enchantment. A lot of people would enchant then shovels for every pair of boots they enchant. Not to mention it is far more common on enchanted books.

At the end of the day, it is always the hosts discretion and judgement what they allow in their events. I personally am not opposed to the idea of a host doing an unenchanted iron game of spleef if they wished.
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Pyrofishing plugin
Apr 16, 2020, 09:55 AM
Soulbound rods would be amazing, even it takes a lot of work to get, it would be worth it.
General Discussion / Re: 8 years of service
Apr 01, 2020, 03:04 PM
Quote from: Kysentra on Apr 01, 2020, 02:49 PMDamn Green 8 years is pretty impressive. (and omg GotAnError, another old name).

I recently checked the event list and saw Tiebreaker is still around...that steal or share thing has your name on it. Let it be known that I am shamelessly claiming credit for originally bringing that idea to SFT, though you probably did a better job than my crappy old red and blue pile of redstone crap.

Love ya you lovely welcoming person you.
Ah yes I remember the old one, it was lost at one point and needed to be rebuilt. Wasn't sure who built the original but i'll add your name for credit now I know!