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Polls / Re: Spirit Animal
Jan 16, 2017, 08:48 PM
My spirit animal is a sloth.
Why? Because they sleep up to 20 hours a day. So do I.
but like are you sure you wanna see that? xD
I'm sure. The reason I ask is so I can possibly add to it :)
Weird question, but can I ask what the list of words blocked are? Personally feel like you may have left a LOT out xd
The youtuber ImAnderZEL has approached me with a proposal: He is scheduling videos for his channel and has asked me if I would be interested for him to shoot a video of SFT.
Not to be rude, but this in itself made the whole thing sound off
General Announcements / Re: Whats up?
Jan 12, 2017, 03:26 PM
Could we please add "Unban" as a global word? Earlier a player wanted their friend unbanned and I was the only one helping them due to Staff not being able to see it because of Local chat. [Not being rude at all, just saying that these words would make the staff see them as people ask for their friend to be unbanned a lot as I've seen!] (:
I'll enter! Thanks Halla! Jinxie
Clearly doesn't know how to make a good reply on this thread ;)
This whole thread is ''cringe''.
Forum Games / Re: Yum Or Yuck?
Dec 26, 2016, 01:02 AM

Lasagna is...
Forum Games / Re: Yum Or Yuck?
Dec 25, 2016, 07:08 PM
Depending on what it is, Yum!

Brussel Sprouts are...
Forum Games / Re: Yum Or Yuck?
Dec 24, 2016, 12:17 AM
Yuck :( Pizza is...

Also go away Nich
Forum Games / Yum Or Yuck?
Dec 23, 2016, 05:12 PM
Just a simple game where the person above you states a food, and you say ''Yum'' if you like that food, or ''Yuck'' if you don't like it. Don't forget to say a food after to see if the person below you thinks it's Yum or Yuck!

Person 1: Doughnuts
Person 2: Yum! Pickles...
Person 3: Yuck! Pasta is...
Person 4: Yum! Chocolate is...
And so on!

Let's start! Mashed Potato is...
Sorry, I'm lazy and take a year to do stuff, but my voting is done ;)
I suggest that you make something completely different for SFT. Copying something with new players will just look like a cheap knockoff TBH.
And finally ofc I'd like to thank the owners @Paul_Weebird
Finally, someone appreciating a real Owner. Paul is so underrated. Much love for you and him! <3
A will to live.
What have I started...
Rednian Empire ----> 10 other nations xd
I feel that the 'Nations' is just a different way of naming a town and the potential community within it. Undoubtedly the Rednian Empire has been the first to have such an organisation, it's own website, emblems and all the rest and so fourth but the whole point in the 'Nations' has always been existent, just with a different name, like 'Town Community'
No town community is a copy of another one and we should definitely not characterise any as the prototype or the motivation/idea-giver for others to start their own communities. :)

All in all, I personally feel quite glad many players are making their own sub-communities in game, including virtual space and community features! :)

Rather than that I surely plan to visit the island some time! Seems awesome to me! :o
Let's not take it as a competition, rather a learning experience and fun! The RE's political government is not just for controlling the nation, but for people to step into the world of politics, without having to interfere with real life politics.

Take it as it comes, minimize the disputes and competition, and let's just all have a good laugh.
Jesus, it's a Minecraft town with players in it. A. Minecraft. Town.
I personally don't want it moved out. To me, it looks uglier. :I
But what goes is what goes.
Also, I have two maps that were given to me by Fear, can those get fixed? I was told they're broken still
hi am new 30 stack dimon plz
Forum Games / Re: Edit the Picture Game
Dec 06, 2016, 12:08 AM

Great photo 😩👌
General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Dec 05, 2016, 12:21 AM

Update I guesss
i thought u was a black man
Lucy has been told by at least 4 Manager+ that her town will not be moved, but she can pick a build within it to have it moved.
This isnt anything new. There are rules set in place so please respect them :)
This is a lie.
I have been told by 2 admins and a manager that i can have it move in parts.
Sorry. :)
to correct you you were told it COULD be done in parts depending the rules and the rules do not allow it to be moved
Actually, I remember myself and another Admin telling you no, and even asked Tow and he said no as well.
Towns will not be moved, but you can use your 3 build moves to take 3 builds from it:)
You hate my guts anyway so of coarse you're going to say no.
Ill just do what i have to do, as always.
The one thing i actually have left is also being destroyed, which is strange, as this is a huge recurring pattern for me.
Are you seriously pulling that card? It's the rules of the whole move process and applies to EVERY player. Just because it's the only thing you have left, doesn't mean you're going to be granted more than other players.