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Fixed. Had to go from Factions, thanks to Nafi :D Locking
Update -
Restarting my game, wifi, and computer didn't work.
I can access other servers just fine.
Earlier on, I went from Survival to /Creative to check out someone's builds. I logged off soon after on Creative, and then attempted to log back in to get back onto Survival. However, upon logging it, it would kick me off with these following messages:

At first, I thought this was an issue with my internet as it's quite bad. But then, I tried to attempt logging in with my mum's wifi which is much better, and still received messages shown above. Sometimes, I get booted off as soon as it loads up, and sometimes it doesn't load at all and gives me the messages above.

SFT Discord BotBOT - Today at 1:27 PM
Jinxie joined the server
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Jinxie joined the server
Jinxie left the server
Jinxie joined the server
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SFT Discord BotBOT - Today at 2:25 PM
Jinxie joined the server
Jinxie left the server
Jinxie joined the server
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Voted, however, these events shouldn't be removed but there needs to be work done to them:

Blue Maze - Needs to change (Older players know their way around it as it's been around for ages. Should be covered at the top.
Boat racing - Needs to be finished (I started this ages ago, but other people have taken over to finish it, but still needs work.
Horse Race - New course is needed. Making it look more presentable.
Red Maze - Same scenario as Blue Maze.
Run from the Beast - New map is needed. Make more areas to hide, more parkour, something more entertaining and to explore.
SFTHockey - Needs a better shaped arena. Great event, but the boat always got stuck in some corner. Needs to be hosted way more!

Also to add, some of these events are new or rarely played, if they get a low vote score, I believe they should be reviewed due to reasons I stated.
General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Apr 28, 2017, 11:09 PM
Thought I looked cute in this, might delete later :)

What kinda of better prizes would you like to see?
Maybe similar to the vote rewards, eggs (the ones that give rewards after doing it's task), mob head voucher (very fitting), and similar stuff like that. It would motivate people to play until all waves completed.
Here are a few ideas:

- Better prizes (The prizes now are lacking and doesn't really motivate people to play for long or even play at all.
- I understand it's called ''Arena'', but there needs to be more added to it instead of JUST an empty box with fancy walls.
- I believe there should be only 16 waves. Unsure how many waves there are now, but they seem like they go on FOREVER.
- Added boosters - Each wave, there are boxes scattered around with either good or bad items (IF POSSIBLE)
Forum Games / Re: Ban the person above you!
Apr 27, 2017, 08:06 PM
Banned for not giving other people a chance to ban Rose ;) (Damn, this game is 29 pages in?)
Bugs/Suggestions / New Global Word
Apr 27, 2017, 07:58 PM
I would like to suggest adding the word ''dot'' to the global word list.

People who advertise tend to use . when typing an IP, but now, they're starting to use ''dot'' instead, which, of course, is still advertising.

I saw a person pretty much get away with advertising earlier as the IP he put in chat had only gone to local, which, no staff member saw until it was brought up by someone who actually saw this player's local message. Thanks. :D
When you realise that this is just a town on a Minecraft server

I think TOW was thinking about this as just a survival thing, unsure if neededon  other servers.
I know it's mainly for Survival, but I based my quote about other servers on this:
Ambassadors should be per-server, so I will initiate this with Survival and if anyone else wishes, they can do the same on other servers.
I agree that if there were to be a future community ambassador that it should be non-staff. But a few more things too -
- They should be someone who KNOWS how staffing works too (Has been ex-staff, possibly ex-Manager+?).
- They should also not be afraid to say things how it is, but be constructive about stated problems.
- They should each know the designated server they're ambassador for very well - Possible been around for a while.
- They should be talkative, of course, both talking with players and staff about problems and other things.
- They should not be narrow minded, as in, not only seeing one option for problems.

So I found a browser based game of the ORIGINAL Lara Croft game. Not a re-make, but the original. You can play this completely free on web browser and mobile (Although mobile is reported to be a little difficult to control).

Link: http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/

Obviously the game can be a bit of a glitch-fest at times but I hope you enjoy it ;)

Please don't play if you have a fear of gore and triangle tiddies.
Also, @Jinxie  , RainbowToadette has a forgotten storage buried in Petit Paris at /warp RainbowToadettePP and we think you're the person appropriate to take the items from now on so that they are not removed.
Asked her to come back to collect her stuff but she didn't want to. So I'll gladly take her free junk ;)
We'd also like to track down all Nommy Island spies that are betraying our dear HoG, @TeraStorm.
Hey, I got reported because I put full-stops after everything I said as a Mod. People will literally find anything small to complain about. Star put nothing that was mature here, but did nothing that stepped over the line that classed it as ''immature''.

This example isn't ''immature'', but I understand when people do say some staff can be immature, which they can at times. I don't have any examples but it's just something you look over unless it steps over the line.
IGN: Jinxie
Survial uptime: 2383 hours
Can you get 6 hours of uptime on Survival each week? Yes
Have you been banned before? If yes, why should we overlook this? No
Do you have or can you get a Skype? Yes
Are you applying to be JMod or EventHost or both? If EventHost, will you be able to host 25 events per week? EventHost - Yes
You better start changing the name of all your posts, topics and signature to Bluenian Empire (;
Sure, this is all fine, but, the only thing that im concerned about is that weed isnt especially great for you health..
It's not healthy for developing teenagers, due to a teenagers brain still growing tissues and what-not. Due to this, a teenager that smokes weed can suffer memory loss and learning difficulties later on in life. It can also increase chances of some form of mental illness. However, it's okay for adults to smoke due to their brains being fully developed with it's tissues. It's less vulnerable to these issues.

However, this ain't a good post to discuss if weed is good or not really :P 
Make the RE dominate, ban full resets (I sincerely oppose it) and become owner.
Is Stugang back?
What's the point on JUST a money reset? Everyone will stock up on goods from auto shops and market, then resell it. It's either no full reset or full reset. Because taking away the money will not solve much.
Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday Katherine!
Apr 16, 2017, 09:22 AM
Happy Birthday @Katherine

Let's all wish the old prune a happy 21st birthday! (;

Here is a picture of Dalmatians because I couldn't find a nice enough birthday picture