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These are boring 'roasts', go to ;)
General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Mar 20, 2017, 02:22 PM
Spring break=Becoming an ice cube and flying out to visit your best friend ;D @Toadlet

Just friends? Does that mean tod is single?
Maybe it also means Piggy is single ;) hmu xo
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Mar 20, 2017, 12:35 AM
All slots are filled, decided to reduce the size
Please be patient for your drawing. I've been busy and having a few problems IRL right now (Terrible time, I know!) but I will be able to get these all complete within 1 - 2 weeks. Thanks for being patient ♥
I also removed the mentions from the slots as it was spamming people - I'm really sorry for that ):


❤ All slots have been filled. ❤

❤ NicholasPlays - COMPLETED

❤ Lansdiinio -

❤ Fire_Lord_Nero - SKETCHING

❤ Hughesie1010 - COMPLETED

❤ Britney1177

❤ AmusingThrone

❤ TheStarNomad✯



  D r a w i n g   C o m m i s s i o n s 


❤ One per person! ❤
❤ Please be patient! ❤
❤ Don't use for commercial use! ❤
❤ Don't take credit for the drawing! ❤
❤ I have the right to reject your request! ❤
❤ Don't copy my drawing / use as template! ❤
❤ Please read all of the post before applying! ❤


❤ It's ''Pay What You Want'', but please be thoughtful - These do take time! ❤
❤ All payments must be made on Survival. I only play on there after all! ❤


❤ Here is the style I use and will be drawing your commission in ❤
❤ These are just a few examples - All examples are found on my DeviantART ❤
❤ I will only be drawing from the waist / mid-body up (Full bodies take forever)! ❤
❤ I won't be colouring them in - Drawings will be in the same style as the first two! ❤

❤ Want more examples? Please check out my DA below! ❤


❤ Please make a post below with the following details ❤
❤ Not including these will result in your request being rejected ❤

❤ Reference :
❤ Line Colour :
❤ Background Colour :
❤ Facial Expression :
❤ Extras :
❤ Offer :


❤ Reference - Please add an image / URL of your character - I cannot draw from description.
❤ Line Colour - As shown in the first two examples, the line to draw them.
❤ Background Colour - The background colour behind the drawing and white border.
❤ Facial Expression - Smiling will be a default expression. Please tell me otherwise.
❤ Extras - Anything you want added if it's not in the reference.
❤ COLOUR CODE IS IMPORTANT! There is more than one blue, red, eg. Use:

Submitted, thanks.

EDIT: wait can i not apply if i don't have 1000hrs?
If your rank was given to you by Towelie himself for staffing for a long time, or any other reason, as said in the previous post, it said you can mention it in your application and it will be brought up with him.
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Mar 13, 2017, 09:14 PM
You guys should draw and upload here more D:

This is a twist on Little Red Riding Hood (:
Community Projects / Re: [Project]Hogwarts
Mar 13, 2017, 09:12 PM
I'll donate 500k when I'm next on (;

As long as some of it is going to my Hagrid's little hut x
Bugs/Suggestions / [Bug] Vanity Pack
Mar 13, 2017, 08:31 PM
So I bought the vanity pack a long time ago and never had a problem with it until recently (As of 3 weeks ago), when I log in, the firework causes damage to me. Sometimes, killing me when I'm on low health since my last session. Unsure if this is to do with fireworks or a problem with the vanity pack itself.

  Hatchable Egg: Particle Balloon Perms 

Starting Price: 50k - Increments of 10k

End Date: March 16th 11PM GMT+0

will supply cake slice (;

I don't live in America so I don't know many stores (or) specialists that sell laptops in your area, however, I recommend staying away from HP as they're unreliable and don't live as long as other selected branded companies. But that's just my two cent on it. As you are limited, money wise, there isn't a massive selection you could get if you're looking for it to be sustainable for gaming. However, I believe, for what you need and for the limit you have, the Inspiron 15 Gaming selection of laptops by Dell are pretty good.
There are more below on the page, and I believe, for a gaming laptop for the money you have, are pretty good. But obviously, there are most likely better out there in America with specialists or companies I don't know. But I hope you find what you need <3
Factions / Re: The role of a CMod
Mar 07, 2017, 08:05 PM
I thought CMod stood for Cute Mod :(
How much did you pay to get that done?
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Mar 01, 2017, 10:44 PM
For those who are a fan of Stranger Things

Forum Games / Re: Would you press the button
Mar 01, 2017, 04:30 PM
Completed school so nah ;D

Would you press the button if there would be World peace but everyone hates you?
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Feb 28, 2017, 10:27 PM
Didn't enjoy my previous style so I'm reverting to an older style that I enjoyed more.

Polls / Re: Harry Potter Characters!
Feb 27, 2017, 09:45 AM
You should probably have added most of the secondary characters to this. Plus, a ton of main characters are missing lol
Forum Games / Re: Alphabet Game
Feb 25, 2017, 10:34 PM
I is for I want answers now, goddamn it

ONLY 1.8m EACH - 8 TO GO!
Still selling TONS 
Forum Games / Re: Alphabet Game
Feb 22, 2017, 08:10 PM
E is for Eyyy, why was my old topic locked and taken over,119870.0.html
Forum Games / Re: Yum Or Yuck?
Feb 17, 2017, 05:53 PM
Yuck :(
Strawberry Yoghurt is...
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Feb 15, 2017, 08:21 PM
Something I drew for iiScareCrow (▰˘◡˘▰)