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Survival / Re: RedRGE (MrRed2k18)
Apr 06, 2020, 02:06 am
Going to be honest with you, Red.

When you were initially banned, you refused to take responsibility for what you did. You blamed 7CK and were insistent that you wouldn't post an unban request because you didn't want to take responsibility for "something you didn't do." Because of that, I refused to message you.

But several months later, to my surprise, you messaged me apologizing for what you did. You also forgave me for some of the hurtful things I did to you/the other Rednian Empire players.

In our conversations, I've observed a remarkable emotional growth in you. You've learned to take responsibility for your actions: an ability necessary to properly function in the adult world (sadly, many adults don't have this ability). I've also been blown away by your work ethic and academic achievements. You have a spectacularly bright future ahead of you and we are very lucky to have you as a part of the community.
General Discussion / garywb
Apr 01, 2020, 07:01 pm
Hi guys.

It really pains me to inform you all that recently, a dear member of the community, garywb, passed away due to natural causes. Some of you already knew that he was a senior citizen, something which made his commitment to the community even more impressive.

Gary played on survival almost every day from 2013-2018. And not just a few minutes a day, a few hours. He racked up 11,000 hours in survival uptime, which makes him the player with the most uptime in the history of SFT (at least, since /pstats was introduced). He never forgot to vote, and did so nearly every day for 5 straight years. The fact that a senior citizen can do that but we can't says a lot about our own commitments and the potential for us to do better in them.

Gary operated gbstore, one of the most popular and longest running autoshops on the server. Gbstore was iconic; it was always built of dark oak planks and consisted of numerous aisles running horizontally. He employed players to help him collect resources, some of whom grew close to him. His employees were treated well: each was paid at least 250k/month and he would sometimes use his own money to purchase them fly perms. He enjoyed skyping with them whenever he could (though the calls would be frequently interrupted by his thirst for coffee). His store was always surrounded by a town, which was built by his employees. In total, there were 6 official incarnations of gbstore and 5 incarnations of the gbtown.

Gary spent most of his time online mining for gems to sell in his store. But after pyrofishing was introduced, he developed a knack for that. T4 built him a fishing shack, which he used to the fullest extent possible. Every night, he would be out fishing in the lake next to his house. Gary slowly climbed /money top thanks to the sales at his store. But it would be thanks to fishing and the help of some other SFT players which would allow him to eventually dethrone ctyfrmr from the #1 spot.

Gary left the server in 2019 after the reset, but he gave meaning to the rank "legend" and will be remembered as one for as long as SFT is still a thing. To remember him and his remarkable dedication to the server, I'm changing my chat badge to the yellow coffee cup- his badge. I encourage every other survival player with badge perms to do the same.

He chose to leave a lot of details about his life to himself and only those who knew him best, so out of respect for him and his family, I'm not sharing any information about his family and links to his obituary. Please send them your prayers and wishes, though, as they come to terms with his passing.

If you ask the manager hosting the EMP politely, I'm sure they'd fill your boxes for you. But I can see this being a lot faster.
Quote from: GRIMI_ on Mar 31, 2020, 03:44 pm
Quote from: Towelie on Mar 31, 2020, 06:47 amA stock system is not very feasible for our server type. Stock system means economy the economy can both florish and colapse, leaving our server dead again.
Over the years I have shown my opposition to similar systems and even now I still say we're better off with a static system.
Any rules against a private system barely regulated by the server?

If some of the top business owners on the server came together, perhaps we could make a such a system work with the use of redstone/autoshop signs. Trading stocks wouldn't be nearly as simple as a plugin would make it, though.
Quote from: maxwolf28 on Mar 31, 2020, 01:13 amJust a thought on how this could work, have a players balance be connected to the stock/company (lets say maxauto). so my balance would be the companies income. there could how ever be problems with players betting against a stock and having the company tank (give all their money away) and profit from this without losing money.
a way around that could be a specific "bank account" linked to me and maxauto. I would get a salary from the account. I would use the money in the account to buy items to sell in my auto. this would keep it all in one account and you soundly be able to take the money out without "bankers" (someone who can keep track of spending and fraud. it would work the same as above just might be a little safer.

I just kinda made this all up right now, so if it doesn't make sense, sorry.

Bank accounts would really tie the whole thing together. Any money made at autoshop signs could be automatically directed to the account, and funds in the account could be withdrawn by the player at any time. The account would be used to determine a company's IPO and dividends would automatically be paid out from the account to shareholders.
You can get 3/week for free in the beekeeping kit in the premium shop. I do agree that there needs to be more spawn eggs on /mobshop, though.

I was going to suggest the same thing. It would be a great opportunity for our business-savvy players to make some money on the side and perhaps encourage players to start new businesses and compete with each other.
The Exhibition / Re: Ducky's Palace Casino
Mar 25, 2020, 07:22 pm
Coming to Ducky's Palace in the near future: the clubhouse. Featuring even more non-gambling recreational activities!

Congratulations to @Autpek for winning the tournament!

We played a few rounds today in preparation for the tournament. @XxChromeGOATxX walked away from the table with a mindblowing 550,000 emp and @Phoenix with more than 300,000. If you participate this Saturday, not only do you have a chance of winning more than twice that, but you also win a custom trophy and a permanent bust in the Ducky's Palace hall of fame. Could the odds be in your favor? There's really only one way to find out!
The tournament has been postponed to next week, on Saturday the 21st.
Being a lucky ducky doesn't just require luck; it also requires skill. Last year, I held a poker tournament that a few lucky duckies seemed to enjoy, so I'm holding one again this year. :laugh:

The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 21 at Noon EST (5PM GMT), inside the poker room at everyone's favorite casino: /warp Ducky's Palace (on Survival: play.superfuntime.org).

To participate, you will need 50k EmpBucks for a box of chips. Unlike the last tournament, you will not be able to buy back into the game if/when you lose all your chips. In addition to winning all the chips (300k, max), the winner will also win 1mil EmpBucks (courtesy of Towelie) and a custom trophy and will get their own bust in the hall of fame. All participants, however, will recieve a small prize for their participation.

I will not bother explaining the rules of the game, since I expect most participants to have already played with me before; however, written rule guides will be available. Participants will also be shown the basic mechanics (how cards are dealt and disposed of, how to place chips on the table, and so on).

If you are certain you will participate, you MUST RSVP. You can do this by replying to this thread or by DM-ing me on discord (#omelet7541). This is because I only have 6 seats available and I want to make sure everyone who wants to play can play.

General Survival Discussions / Re: hey
Feb 10, 2020, 04:44 am
Quote from: diamondcc888 on Feb 09, 2020, 12:59 amI don't know what the purpose of untrusted is for

Part of it is to punish players who've broken the server rules. The other part of it is to restrict these players from most commands because they've proven they can't be trusted (thus the name, untrusted). If the rank is "making people leave," then those who leave really weren't dedicated to the server in the first place (as they often plea in their unban requests). Also, leaving proves you didn't deserve to be unbanned in the first place because you clearly are unwilling to accept that your actions warrant consequences.
Have you wanted to start an autoshop but didn't want to go through the hassle of building and advertising it? If so, I have a proposal for you. Ducky's Palace- SFT's most popular casino, will soon be opening a mall, and I need shopowners to operate the shops.

Stop by /warp duckysmall and check out the shops. If you're interested in buying one, message me on discord at omelet#7541 or in-game. There are only 10 available, so buy one before someone else does!

- Attraction status (you won't ever have to worry about resets)
- Free advertising (omelott will periodically advertise the casino and mall when he is online)
- Free /autoshop listing (omelott will buy a spot on /autoshop for the mall once enough autoshop chests are set up)
- Mobs don't spawn
- Free storage (you'll have to ask omelott for access, though)

- You must have autoshop perms
- You may only buy one shop
- At least half of your autoshop chests must be up and running within a month of purchasing the shop
- You may replace the original decorations but the new ones must look nice and fit the general theme
- I (omelott) reserve the power to evict shopowners who fail to comply with the rules

240-500k. Depends on the shop size. Prices are listed outside each shop.

Closing date:
4 months or until all shops are sold.
The Exhibition / Re: Ducky's Palace Casino
Jan 26, 2020, 10:32 pm
What could this be? :o

Big new additions to Ducky's Palace are coming soon.

Quote from: Happysheep102 on Jan 07, 2020, 06:23 pm
Quote from: omelott on Jan 07, 2020, 05:26 pmNo. People ask to bring back factions all the time, but Towelie has made it clear that won't be happening. Can't you guys respect that? He has a good reason, too. I get that not all faction players are toxic, but compared to the other servers, the amount of toxicity and willingness to break the server rules (using hacks) is staggering. Factions's fast-paced and destructive gameplay naturally attracts a lot of players with toxic personalities. You can ban a toxic player, but a new one will join and take their place. It also doesn't help that factions seems to have a much younger playerbase than the other servers, which makes it a hotbed for adult players with ill-intentions.

I get where you're coming from but with all due respect, you joined SFT after many of its servers shut down. SFT had a much larger player base and was much more enjoyable to play around the time where there was a large number of game modes to choose from.

If your argument was true, then all factions servers would be toxic. With strict moderation, behaviour can be controlled.

I played factions for a bit when I first joined and had about 75 hours on there. And- all faction servers are toxic. I've played on several faction servers before and while my experiences alone can't constitute such a claim, it would be dishonest for me (and other faction players) to say that the factions community is mostly clean and devoid of toxicity. Especially when players casually throw around verbal insults like "F**K YOU" and "GET RAPED," or in extreme instances, have their personal information leaked. The faction community is nothing like the survival community. There's a constant competition among faction players, which often times gets so extreme that players (out of frustration or desperation) say or do things that are toxic.
No. People ask to bring back factions all the time, but Towelie has made it clear that won't be happening. Can't you guys respect that? He has a good reason, too. I get that not all faction players are toxic, but compared to the other servers, the amount of toxicity and willingness to break the server rules (using hacks) is staggering. Factions's fast-paced and destructive gameplay naturally attracts a lot of players with toxic personalities. You can ban a toxic player, but a new one will join and take their place. It also doesn't help that factions seems to have a much younger playerbase than the other servers, which makes it a hotbed for adult players with ill-intentions.
Marketplace / [Buying]Map materials
Jan 03, 2020, 12:41 am
Buying Map materials

Additional Details:
I need 480 stacks of paper

There's no way I'm buying all this from the emp.


Closing date:
2 weeks from now
The Exhibition / Re: Ducky's Palace Casino
Jan 01, 2020, 06:29 am
Lots of small fixes and updates have happened at Ducky's Palace lately. Displays were built in the emptier rooms, slot machines were restocked and fitted with 1.15-themed prizes, game guides were written, and the roof is finally fixed. A new, 9th game, was added as well: pai gow poker.

Are you actively working on any major builds (towns, big autoshops, attractions)? I've been noticing that survival has been lacking new builds, which kinda stinks because they're what keep people interested in playing. Fill out the form below in a reply and I'll check out your build. If I think it's worthy of investment, I'll pay you 2 million emp and send you a screenshot for proof over discord. My only requirement is that you promise to finish what you've started and you place a sign to advertise my casino (/warp Ducky'sPalace) at or near the spawn warp where people can see it. ;D 

Discord name:
Warp to build:
Explanation of build:

List of sponsored builds:
/warp HSA (Happysheep102)
/warp xsmle (xsmle)
Quote from: George_Filos on Dec 01, 2019, 10:11 amWill the server be whitelist or same list as survival?

How are you not banned from the forums too?
The Exhibition / Re: Ducky's Palace Casino
Nov 14, 2019, 03:57 am
I apologize that the casino is a mess right now. A couple of the Slot Machines are out of order and will be for the next couple of weeks. I have a long list of renovations I plan to make before the new year, so know that I haven't given up.
General Discussion / Re: 5 Years on SFT
Sep 26, 2019, 10:26 pm
Winston! I'm so glad I met you. You're an amazing person and my time on SFT, especially in the past year, wouldn't have been as awesome if you weren't around.

Here's to another 5 years.