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congrats!! you deserve it so proud of you
Now I know this is very long but I wanted to make it the best. So please take your time to read this carefully and thoroughly as I did making this post:

I have been working on TaeAuto for almost a week now and will not be finished soon just yet. I am trying to make it the best and perfect AutoShop for players to shop in by putting a lot of work into this AutoShop and letting the people enjoy their time while being there so it will not be finished just yet! I want to preface this post by saying that this shop isn't just a regular old buy/sell auto.

TaeAuto is an opportunity to develop a new project which has many features, the main one being an AutoShop, I will also be adding a public fishing dock, public enchants, public SlimeFun activities, and so many more for the people to use without having to struggle! I will also be selling what most AutoShops wont be selling, such as SlimeFun ores, SteveCo. Crates, and plenty more! The projects main aim is to help bring together players from past and present and create an area of positivity and creativity. As of this week, my employees including me have had quite a lot of uptime working really hard to plan out this AutoShop for the community! My team have also been gathering more ideas for the public use, we have been thinking for more ways the public can use my AutoShop as a friendly and welcoming place to go to.
(I also now have 10 employees total and will be looking for more since I need a lot of help)
List of my employees & what they do for me:
Tombo_ (gathers blocks)
SharpCyuma (gathers blocks)
Kiannaa (gathers blocks)
Arcticyy (gathers blocks)
FatherWalrus (gathers blocks)
Doggggeh (gathers farming stuff)
Waffle_Man22 (in charge of slimefun)
Lady_Carissa (will be promoting my autoshop once finished)
Regina_George (will be promoting my autoshop once finished)
SashaLarie (will be promoting my autoshop once finished)

Check it out here: https://imgur.com/cc82h9S

This is also an opportunity to let people change themselves from the negative past, and help grow SFT by letting them be part of something they never got to experience on this server since people are quite fast to judge you based off the past. As I was once those people who was always surrounded by negative thoughts this has really helped me and my friends change for the better. But unlike others that are quick to judge this is a friend group with lots of caring and loving people that are accepting of others and willing to forgive your past, and a lot of happiness rather than being gloomy. My employees are not just my workers, they are my friends that I have made on this server and they are what make me want to stay on SFT. Without this group of friends that I've spent so much time investing in, I probably wouldn't have changed for the better. They have helped me realized my wrongs and my rights and teach me what I can do to improve myself as a person on SFT. This will also help other players of SFT that have had a bad past change for the better! If I can change they definitely can too. Surely this would definitely help improve SFT and how this would impact in the future to show players and staff that we shouldn't judge people based off their past and to help them grow rather than always bashing them down making them not want to play anymore. Instead bashing on players for their past we have learned to help them grow which will resolve to helping SFT grow more players instead of banning them all leading to less players, we should work together on helping them grow into better people.
And to prove that I have changed, I got Legend taken away from me years ago and I just now got it back. Including SharpCyuma, and Tombo_, hopefully that says a lot too!

So I'm not the only one who's ranting on and throwing purely my opinion at this, I also asked some of my helpers why did they joined this auto and what where they looking to achieve from it copied exactly word for word their own opinion in what they think.

Tombo_: "Why did I want to join nich in the creation of this project? I wanted to help nich create something that we will be recognized across the server for. TaeAuto is something that is going to hopefully change peoples opinions and play host to some fun events/activities in the future. TaeAuto is a project which in the long run will help bring together players in the community whether that be just buying/selling items or learning a new skill or interest on the server like pyro fishing. I hope that as a result of this project people will be able to see a different side to me and I can make new friends"

SharpCyuma: "I didn't only join this team because i'm friends with everyone on this team. I joined because i like being helpful. I had a past. A very bad looking one. I wanna prove/show everyone that i've changed and have gotten more mature, so i would work very hard for anyone, and in this case for nicholiplays and the team itself."

Kiannaa: "When I first took part in this project I honestly volunteered to help as Nicholas is a close friend of mine. Even though he didn't want me to help I've always insisted just because I know that it's his first time opening something this big which will be used by the community. During my time working for Nicholas, I had to talk to people I wasn't too familiar with which was a little scary. I wasn't aiming to gain friends from this project but I'm really glad that I've got the opportunity to work with these amazing people! I've honestly never seen Nicholas this determined to complete anything before. I'm really glad that he has stayed motivated to keep going. I honestly thought he was going to quit but I've been shocked with how serious he has been taking this. I'm really proud of Nicholas and the team for staying on top of things. I'm really glad I've joined this team as they are a diligent, motivated, caring and are a fun bunch. I wouldn't want to work for anyone else!"

I would also like to take a moment to thank you for considering me for this opportunity. I hope that you can see how serious we are about this project.

Another thing about this project is that it has all sorts of different people from all over the world! And all different sorts of timezones. We have people from Aussie, United States, and the UK. We are all very diverse so there will usually always be someone online that could help you look what you're looking for or if you need help with anything.

The project has already influenced the community majorly bringing together players of all ranks and positions together to help gather blocks and construct the the foundations of the AutoShop. I hope that as a result of this project we will be able to create a micro community on the server. This community will, as a result of our services, be able to socialize and interact with each other, build their supplies and fund their own projects and find new ways to play the server which they may not have known about previously!
Currently people only know about the big names. The mallusas, the San Marcos, the emp even! TaeAuto aims to be healthy competition to these auto shops that's ran by dedicated players who want to change opinions and inspire others. Along the journey so far we have had support from all ranges of people as mentioned above, people of all ranks have gotten involved, so not just normal SFT players, staff workers from SFT included. Everyone is welcomed to help me build this lovely AutoShop for the community.

Also please come check out our AutoShops and compare before choosing who gets this investment! It is so important that you see that I have put so much work into this piece. I've never done anything like this before and it is my first time building something so different, putting my mind into it before building it was hard but I did it and I hope you feel the same way! (It may still be in progress and may not be done yet)
AUTOSHOP WARP: /warp TaeAuto

I would like to end this post by saying that although we are grateful that you're considering us for this competition. Whether we are successful to winning this insanely generous donation of this competition or not we were planning on making this AutoShop way before this post anyway and will continue to do so even if we do not win.

I hope I have convinced you fairly enough to choose my AutoShop for your server, I took a lot of time into choosing my words carefully and thinking it out fair-well with me and my workers. If you choose me I will surely show you that we have really changed for the past years that I have played on this server. You wont regret it Tow!  ;D
"Autoshop warp, who exactly are your employees and are you paying them?" - Tow

The real AutoShop Warp: /warp TaeAuto

To pronounce Tae it sounds exactly like Tie

Here are some shorter versions of the warp for my lazy people out there:
/warp Tae
/warp TA

Employees So Far (10 total):


I pay my employee's around 100k-400k+ a week depending on how much they are able to gather me. But I do pay them more than that if they collect me a lot of items so don't think I am money greedy!

I also updated what I said so please go read that last bit.

I will be looking for more employees this week, so if anybody wants to join please msg me privately if you ever see me online or DM me via. Discord @nich#2082 if you cannot get to me (I would prefer it if I knew you personally since I enjoy playing with friends, but I am open to making new friends!)
Requirements to join: You need a good set of OP MAXED OUT TOOLS!! you will be using it a lot since you will be helping me gather items
I've been building my AutoShop for the past three days now so it is completely new and in progress, with the help of my friends. Come check it out at (/warp TaeAuto). I know I haven't been the best lately but I will surely not disappoint you and if you were to give me this opportunity to let me prove myself to you that I am being serious about this and actually want to put my time and effort into it I hope that can build up your trust towards me and my friends. I also understand if it does not go well I will give you back the 10mill but that will most likely not happen me and my friends are very dedicated to this project and we enjoy doing it. If you would check my uptime I've been very active and so are my friends. I currently have 64+ hours total this week, @Tombo_ has 62+ hours, @SharpCyuma has 53+, and @Kiannaa has 50+ hours. On account of those total hours we've been working on the AutoShop so I hope it proves to you that we are being serious about this and not fooling around. I only have 3 people hired right now, but I will surely be looking for more workers that are as active as I am if you give me this chance.

Now about my AutoShop, if you come check it out at (/warp TaeAuto) it is very modern and nicely built and extremely detailed. I wanted to give the people a unique and different place to shop something they've never seen before, where they can feel welcomed. I am also planning a lot more to it so the people can see where all the blocks and items are stored rather than having to scavenge for it like other AutoShop's where its difficult to find items that they need, making them not want to shop there again. I will also be trying to make the EMP prices cheap on everything so everyone can have their share and be able to afford it, I understood the struggle when I first began playing and wasn't able to buy the things that I wanted to so I would like to give back to the community that inspired to help me started this!

I will also be putting the 10mill into my workers for their generous help and hours they've put in into helping me achieve this goal. We all bond over achieving this goal together and we also have a good time doing it rather than just doing it for the money. It also helps us keep out of trouble since we always get bashed on for bantering, but we have been minding our business now doing our own thing together as group privately rather than in global. We are trying to better ourselves and I hope you give us this opportunity, thanks for taking your time to read this and considering me and my friends, I hope I've convinced you enough to choose me and my buddies.

QUICKEDIT PLEASE READ: I didn't see the "how it would help me and SFT" part so here it goes. This would definitely benefit me because I usually do not do anything on SFT besides make projects like farms trying to earn EMP, and once I finish I have nothing else to keep me busy and if I were to open this AutoShop I'm sure it would keep me busy 24/7 since it needs a lot of love, time, and patience towards it, it will always keep me busy and something to do on SFT. And since a lot of people know I have a bad reputation I would like to change that for once and be part of this community in a positive way rather than negative. It also helps people get to know the real me outside of the SFT community, the side I don't show on SFT and hopefully changes their mind about how they think of me I am more genuine than people think. I've never put this much time on a game before and I hope it says a lot. I also think it would help SFT since I have been trying to get some old players online back and active again, I really am just trying to do something positive for your server and try to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone around me.
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Sep 14, 2017, 01:16 AM
love u tow
General Announcements / Re: New RightHand
Jun 16, 2017, 04:09 PM
Yeah but its not as fun as physically moving on MC and playing actual minigames @Towelie
minigames is what i live for, especially if its on sft i can play with players that i enjoy talking to. but hopefully its actually fun games that wont die off
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Dec 24, 2016, 12:19 AM

Rice with the side of rice
Forum Games / Re: Yum Or Yuck?
Dec 24, 2016, 12:16 AM
whats a casserole
please rig this for me - your bestest
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Warps to builds: /warp archi1 and /warp archi2 is interior
Barney. You know why ;)

how do you post pictures Fixed

my lover, my bae, my babe, my baby, my everything, my world, my lover, my crush, my man, and my stuff.
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May 21, 2016, 02:03 PM
Quote from: Brightpkz on May 21, 2016, 01:50 PMGet more players by trying to add features which other servers don't have. Maybe we could do a mini game server full of automatic games...

i agree with @Brightpkz i love automatic minigames that keep me entertained. i usually play them a lot more than Survival now because i get bored easily when no events, or fun things are happening. (NOT EVENTHOST GAMES) but anyways, id play more on SFT if there were automatic minigames.
Every 10 times? I thought it was only 9 times.
           - Survival

                 :fire: /warp archi1 http://imgur.com/zBMuGGJ
                 :fire: /warp archi2 too lazy to put link.
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May 07, 2016, 10:53 PM

The person below me is rich
Quote from: NicholasPlays on Apr 25, 2016, 04:54 AMi voted for pvp.
description: Team Deathmatch - A deathmatch round against 2 teams, first to a defined score wins.  :diamondsword:

This is where I found the idea but it also has other minigames included @Towelie
i voted for pvp.
description: Team Deathmatch - A deathmatch round against 2 teams, first to a defined score wins.  :diamondsword:
Skype (You can pm me):happeh.ft
List of warps to builds:/warp archi1 & /warp archi2

i made it all by myself, used imagination, toke a while with the first warp but i did it.

the second one is a home i built, its small, but toke a while too because symmetric.

there is another one i made but i couldn't seem to find the warp.. (might be added later)