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General Announcements / [Xbox One] SFT Club!
Nov 17, 2016, 03:00 PM
Our dear leader @Towelie has made an Xbox one club in relations to a SFT, for us all to play together if and when we want to.  (named: SFTMedia, look it up)

Clubs are groups of people on Xbox that can invite eachother to parties. And access games together easily, there's a little tag on your friends list indicating how many people in the club are online!

Miss are optional, swearing is okay though no trash talking, we play casually and it's for all ages :) Everyone is welcome!

Message MrEpicWonder on Xbox one and ask to be invited. And I'll happily do so.

Hope people join in with the fun :D
Though many of you probably haven't forgotten, some of you may have, this is just a reminder that instead of going to Towelie directly, come through me, everything said will be confidential, and I will abide your requests, unless entirely unnecessary - though I'm having to resign because life is getting busy, I won't be around so often, but still going to be Towelie's slave Secretary, so anything that you think needs to go to Towelie or the Manager team, come to me either through skype or a forum Private Message. I will sort through them, either needing to go to Towelie directly or the manager team in general, though I'll no longer be on manager team, I'd send it to someone who can forward it through.


*stamps, tow approved post*