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Birthday Wishes / happy birthday sax!
May 31, 2019, 05:53 pm
happy birthday to my wonderful girlfriend saxophonequeen7!!!!!

i'm awful with words but thankyou for being there for all of us! and being one of the friendliest people i know!

usually she hates her birthdays so hopefully this one will be a good one.

happy birthday!

P.S love you nerd.
This week on Sunday at 11PM UTC 0 me and britney will be hosting 3 rounds of boatrace each round will have a prize of 100K (note you cannot win twice in a row, leave some for the rest of us)

We hope you can join us and have fun!
This weeks event will be hosted by myself and treefart on sunday at 3PM PST.

2 rounds of boatrace, prize 50k each

1 round of traitor, prize 100k

we hope you can make it and have a great time! ;D