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General Announcements / Its been a good run
Jun 04, 2019, 02:45 pm
just so people dont flock to me asking questions, but i have fully resigned from sft (as owner/dev/discord admin/any other rank i somehow have) this was not because of anything in sft (like certain people or something being ran bad) but because i just dont have the time needed to actually put in the work that sft actually deserved, this wasnt a decision i made lightly either (its actually been an internal battle for ~2 months now) but i feel that its my time to leave and let others pick up where ive left off

@Mord3005 / @ceddy24 : i trust you both to take care of 1.7.10/pe from now on (dont let me down)

@Towelie : sorry for the short notice but thanks for everything you taught me/helped me with over the years, you really do have an amazing community and im so glad i got to be a part of it for the last 6 years

and to everyone else, dont just let your dreams be dreams, sometimes you have to make hard decisions to progress as a human being and that is ok, it will make you a better person and let you have experiences that nobody else can have (or everyone can have if youre as boring as me)

Until we meet again sft

-Quic :>

(direct copy of message i left in announcements)
Hello everybody I'm happy to let you all know we are accepting applications for Discord Event Host. If you would like to be a discord Event Host please send me a message on discord with the answers to the questions below. My discord user name is xQuicScopex✪#1973

1. Have you ever been server/discord staff for SFT?
2. Have you ever been banned from discord?
3. How active are on discord?
4. What do you plan on doing as Event Host?

I hope to hear from you soon
All the scopes,
Hello players of our 1.7.10 server. If you've been banned and you've already posted an unban request, please sign up here instead of posting another unban. Please allow up to 48 hours for a first response on the unban as well.
General Announcements / Can you write?
Oct 11, 2018, 01:33 pm
Are you able to make an advertisement for any one server without being dumb/boring? Then we need you!

SFT has gone through some rather large changes in the modded mc world recently (shutting down lost, launching The 1.7.10 pack, updates/additions to BTeam) and now its time for us to tell the world! One problem, i personally SUCK at making these things so I need some help from you lovely people.  :heart: We wish to advertise the 1.7.10 pack on the official technic discord (only technic packs are allowed which is why we only need this one). The discord has some rules for the advertisement that read as follows.

 :goldenapple: You must put effort into your advertisement by giving it a description.

 :goldenapple: Must include a Minecraft server IP. In the case that the server IP comes already included in the modpack then you must specify this in the description.

 :goldenapple: Must include a link to the modpack on Technic. Modpacks on other launchers are not allowed.

 :goldenapple: You may include a link to your server's website and/or Discord guild in your advertisement

 :goldenapple: The use of URL shorteners is not allowed, especially if they're used to gain revenue.

 :goldenapple: The length of your advertisement should not exceed 15 lines.

 :goldenapple: Pictures shouldn't exceed 400x300 pixels.

You may submit your advertisements here and the one that we use will be given something for their work (on The 1.7.10 Pack). I hope someone can help me!  ;D  :heart:
General Announcements / My time has come
Jul 02, 2018, 11:32 am
it would appear that my time on sft has come to an end. I am not going to drag this out and make a long sad/sappy post but just know that i am very thankful to a lot of people i met here (you know who you are) and i will never forget any of the people that i met. Stay strong and prosper sft <3

until we meet again......

General Announcements / PS4 Community!
Nov 23, 2016, 02:44 pm
Our amazing leader @Towelie has given me control of our ps4 community! If you wish to join it, simply add me or message me on ps4 (LHR_xQuicScopex) and I will invite you into this amazing community!

You are allowed to send anyone to me to be invited and play anything you want with anyone you want. You can invite people that are not a part of SFT also and get them to join our amazing community and help us thrive!

Can't wait to see you all there ;)
Pocket Minecraft / Server compromised
Jul 06, 2016, 08:44 pm
The PE server will be down for 24-48 hrs in order to deal with the recent issues. A player has gotten access to staff accounts and has begun banning staff and destroying the server. We are trying to fix these issues and we apologize for it in advance.