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Hey guys! On Tuesday, July 23, at Noon - 3PM EST (5PM - 8PM GMT), @Beanz_ and I are going to be holding a poker tournament. The game will be Texas Hold'em and will be held inside the glamorous Ducky's Palace. You'll need at least 30k to play, but up to an additional 100k may be needed if you opt for a 1-time buy in when/if you go bust. The rules will not be explained, but a quick visual demonstration will be given before the game (to show how cards are dealt and disposed of, how to place chips on the table, and so on). In addition to winning all the cash, the winner will also be given a custom trophy and a bust in the casino 'Hall of Fame.' Further information will be provided closer to the tournament date.

Anyways, I hope to see many of you there!

I currently occupy the #2 spot on /money top, and was recently dethroned from the #1 spot by @sky_comet. Naturally, I get a lot of questions about how I make my money. So I thought I'd share my favorite techniques with you all. All of these techniques follow server rules and are 100% legal. Just be aware that they are time consuming and not for the easily bored.


 :diamond: You'll need :diamond:

-1 Silk Touch Pickaxe
-1 Fortune 3 Pickaxe
-1 Shovel
-Glowstone Helmet (so you can see in the dark)
-1 Water Bucket
-Shulker Boxes

 :diamond: Suggestions :diamond:

-Mine at Y level 11 or 12. You can check what Y level you're mining at by clicking the F3 button. If you mine at a level lower than 11, you risk an encounter with lava.
-Mine on the border of chunks (which you can check by typing F3+G). This is because only 1 vein of diamond ore spawns per chunk. Mining on the border of 2 chunks will maximize your odds of finding a vein of diamonds.
-Use the MCMMO super breaker ability when it's available to you. It refreshes every 10 minutes and makes your mining trip less timely.
-Turn on subtitles. You can do this by going to options, music & sounds, then turn subtitles to 'on.' Subtitles will allow you to know if there's lava or a cave nearby.
-Explore every cave you come across. Caves can expose a lot of ores and there are still many left undiscovered.
-Mine every ore you across (even coal).
-Mine the ores you come across with your silk touch pickaxe first. This is because if your MCMMO mining level is high enough, there's a chance there's a chance more than 1 ore will drop from mining 1 ore. Then replace your ore and mine with your fortune pickaxe.
-Smelt your iron/gold ore in groups of 32. This is because if your MCMMO repair level is high enough, there's a chance more than 1 ingot will be smelted from a 1 ore.
-Craft your gems into blocks for a more efficient use of space in your inventory.
-Always sell your gems to the EMP. Autoshop sell prices are crap and almost always lower than the EMP's. Even if you can sell your gems to an autoshop for the same price as the EMP, don't bother because there's a 10% tax on autoshop transactions (meaning when you sell a diamond to Mallusa for 1600 emp, you're actually only getting 1440 emp).

Nether Mining

:fire: You'll need :fire:

-1 Fortune Pickaxe (with mending to make it indestructable)
-Good Armor (with fire resistance and mending)
-Slime Boots
-Elytra (with mending)
-Food (Lots, because you'll run out quickly)
-Shulker Boxes

 :fire: Suggestions :fire:

-Use your elytra and rockets to navigate the nether. It's easier than building bridges and pillars with throwaway blocks. Just be careful not to crash into cliffs.
-Mine all the quartz ore you come across.
-Mine the quartz ore you come across with a silk touch pickaxe first. This is because if your MCMMO mining level is high enough, there's a chance there's a chance more than 1 ore will drop from 1. Then replace your quartz ore and mine it with your fortune pickaxe.
-Craft your quartz into blocks for a more efficient use of space in your inventory.
-Always sell your quartz blocks to the autoshops, not the EMP. Mallusa is the best autoshop to sell your quartz blocks to, but the chests there fill up really fast.
-Use the XP you gained to enchant books/tools/armor, which you can sell on /ml. One of the amazing things about quartz mining is that you gain a lot of XP, which will automatically repair any mending tools/armor you have.
-I've been told by some people that glow stone is another nether material worth mining. I usually don't bother with it because it's harder and more dangerous to reach than quartz. Not to mention, it takes more time to mine.

Gold Mining

:gold: You'll need :gold:

-1 Pickaxe (Enchantments don't matter)
-1 Shovel
-Water Bucket
-Shulker Boxes

:gold: Suggestions :gold:

-Find a mesa biome. Gold can be found at any Y level in a mesa biome, as long as it's surrounded by stone.
-Dig straight down (anywhere). I know it's risky, but if you can type /w1 fast enough, you'll be just fine.
-Turn on subtitles. Having subtitles on will allow you to detect lava before you mine into it and therefore limit your encounters with it.
-Smelt your gold ore in groups of 32. This is because if your MCMMO repair level is high enough, there's a chance more than 1 ingot will be smelted from 1 ore.
-Always sell your gold ingots to the EMP.


:fish: You'll need :fish:

-A good fishing rod (having mending on it will make it indestructable)
-A sword
-A dock/boat
-Shulker Boxes

:fish: Suggestions :fish:

-Fish in an open/deep ocean biome only
-If you're short on time, sell your fish through /fish shop.
-If you're in it for the long run, gut your fish for entropy and use the entropy to obtain augments for your fishing rod (which in turn will allow you to catch more fish).
-Sell the items you fish up (saddles/nametags mostly) to the EMP
-Use the XP you gain to enchant books/tools/armor, which you can sell on /ah
-The fishing deliveries (/fish deliveries) are worth the prize money (but you'll have to move biomes)
-The fishing contests are worth the prize money (not to mention, they're a lot of fun if others are participating).

I have a few more techniques, but since I'm pretty lazy, ima stop here and add a few more later.
The Exhibition / Ducky's Palace Casino
Feb 17, 2019, 01:00 am
Are you a lucky ducky?

If you are, then a trip to /warp ducky'spalace won't be a waste of your time. A trip to our casino is an experience unlike any other. Try your luck at the slot machines. There are 6 variants, each with unique prizes (and better odds than our competitors). Are the slot machines too boring for you? Join your friends at one of several table games. Blackjack is by far the most popular, but don't be afraid to request to play a different one. I plan on adding more table games in the future.

Not a gambler? That's fine. Our massive 12,000+  block facility has something for everyone. Browse our gift shop, where you can purchase custom souvenirs and rare items you won't find anywhere else. Try one of our famous handcrafted drinks at our bar. Get down in our nightclub to the music of a LIVE DJ. Marry your significant other in our wedding chapel. Watch a LIVE performance in our theater put on by our paid actors. 

Marketplace / [Auction] House in Mallusa Town
Oct 13, 2018, 02:30 am
Are you an American? If you are, you might enjoy this house. This classic American suburban house is an original design and one in a set of eight houses. It's just 12 blocks away from SFT's largest (and arguably most successful) autoshop: mallusa - and it could be yours!

Check it out: /warp Delaware4

1 Living Room
1 Kitchen
1 Garage
1 Backyard
4 Closets
1 Smaller Bedroom
1 Master Bedroom
1 Bathroom (connected to master bedroom).

Starting Bid: 100k
Minimum Increments: 20k

Closing date:
Friday, October 26.
General Discussion / Post your HANDWRITING!
Aug 02, 2018, 06:44 am
I think we had a post like this a few years ago, but it's long gone.

I'll start.

Marketplace / [Buying]Vote Tokens
Jun 23, 2018, 03:48 am
Additional Details:
I'll buy as many as you have.

5k each. I have plenty of money to splurge.

Closing date:
July 6, 2018 (2 weeks from the creation of this post)
Nommy Island Treasure Hunt

Hey all! This weekend, I will be hosting a treasure hunt (under the supervision of @GoldenDruid76). The event will take place in my town, Nommy Island (/warp NommyIsland). I will start the event by giving everybody a clue, which will lead to a location with another clue. The event will end when one player reaches the end location.

The first person to reach the end will win 1 million emp, but everybody who participates will receive a custom souvenir. The entire event will be funded by my sugar daddy friend, @garywb.

The event will take place on Sunday, June 3 at 2 PM Eastern Time. For those interested, here is a countdown.

I hope to see you all there!

It's been awhile since I've held an auction. Today, I'm auctioning off a beautiful modern suburban house. Like my last house, it's made primarily of concrete and clay. It's located in a nice, isolated area in world 2. You can visit in-game by typing /warp suburbanhouse .

This house comes with:

1 Living Room
1 Kitchen
1 Garage
4 Closets
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Backyard


Starting Bid: 100k
Minimum Increments: 25k

Closing date:

Friday March 2. I will contact the winning bidder in-game.

Nommy Island (/warp NommyIsland) is a thriving seaside nation in world one. It was founded by @omelott on July 2, 2016. Today, it is the largest town on SFT. Nommy Island has more than 70 residents and 84 total houses. Feel free to wander around and explore any houses with open doors.

Nommy Island is a member of SITO (Serverwide International Treaty Organization). SITO is an organization that intends to settle the peace of all thriving SFT nations and provides alliance, assistance, and acceptance. Click here to learn more.

All citizens of Nommy Island must abide by these rules. These rules are also listed in the town hall (/warp NommyIsland).

I: I (omelott) reserve the power to evict you under every circumstance.
II: You may only have one house in Nommy Island.
III: Keep your house looking presentable from the front. 
IV: Do not sell/rent your house to other players.
V: Your house can be resold to me for 50% of the original price. It must be in the exact condition when you bought it.
VI: If you are inactive for longer than 1 month and it appears you haven't done anything with your house, I will evict you with no refund.
VII: Do not tear down your house for the resources.

Town Hall (/warp NommyIsland)
North Island (/warp NorthIsland)
South Island (/warp SouthIsland)
Store (/warp LeAuto)
Areal Viewpoint (/warp NommyView)
Park (/warp NommyPark)
Lake (/warp NommyLake)
Harbor (/warp NommyHarbor)
Fishing Dock (/warp NommyFish) or (/warp NommyFish2)
Recycling Center (/warp NommyRecycle) or (/warp NommyRecycle2)
Slimefun Building (/warp NommySf) or (/warp NommySf2)
Enchanting Building (/warp NommyEnchant) or (/warp NommyEnchant2)
Airplane Runway (/warp NommyRunway)

This list will be updated with every major change I make to the town.

(7/16/16) Island is completely excavated
(7/20/16) Town Hall is finished
(7/28/16) Store is finished
(8/11/16) Residential buildings 2, 3, 4 & 5 are finished
(8/17/16) Residential buildings 6, 7 & 8 are finished
(8/21/16) Town Hall is rebuilt
(8/30/16) Residential Buildings 10, 11, 12 & 13 are finished
(9/14/16) Residential Buildings 9, 14, 15, 16 & 17 are finished
(9/14/16) Residential Building 1 (shopkeeper's home) is finished
(9/14/16) Recycling center is finished
(9/29/16) Storage units 1-7 are finished
(9/29/16) Slimefun Building is finished
(10/17/16) Residential Buildings 18, 19 & 20 are finished
(10/17/16) Enchanting Building is finished
(10/17/16) Runway is finished
(11/13/16) Park is finished
(11/13/16) Residential Building 24 is finished
(11/27/16) Residential Buildings 25, 27, 29 & 31 are finished
(12/8/16) Residential Buildings 21 & 23 are finished
(12/15/16) Bridge between Nommy Island and GbTown is finished
(1/8/17) Second park is finished
(1/29/17) Town Hall is renovated
(2/5/17) Fishing dock area is finished
(2/9/17) Minor edits are made to the landscape
(7/5/17) Nommy Island is moved to world one
(7/16/17) Nommy Island one year anniversary
(7/30/17) Hologram is moved to spawn
(8/11/17) Town Hall is renovated
(8/25/17) Torches are spammed everywhere to prevent mobs from spawning
(9/15/17) Second fishing dock area is finished
(9/16/17) Residential Building 22 is finished
(9/27/17) Residential Buildings 26, 28 & 30 are finished
(10/6/17) Residential Buildings 32, 33, 35 & 37 are finished
(10/15/17) Residential Buildings 34, 35 & 38 are finished
(10/22/17)  Residential Buildings 39, 40, 41 & 42 are finished
(11/3/17) Residential Buildings 43 & 44 are finished
(11/18/17) Residential Buildings 53, 54 & 55 are finished
(11/25/17) Residential Buildings 50 & 52 are finished
(11/25/17) Harbor is finished
(12/3/17) Residential Buildings 45, 46, 47 & 48 are finished
(12/7/17) Residential Buildings 49 & 51 are finished
(12/10/17) Storage units 8-21 are finished
(12/10/17) Second enchanting building is finished
(3/11/18) Second park is finished
(3/21/18) Second slimefun building is finished

Donations make up a large chunk of Nommy Island's revenue. If you are interested in donating to Nommy Island, contact me in-game or visit /warp NommyDonate.

Top Donators:


Nommy Island is not accepting any volunteers at this time.


Polls / Fast Food
Mar 15, 2017, 05:56 am
Non-Americans might have trouble answering.

Have fun! ;D
The internet plays a big role in the daily lives of many people. How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?

Polls / What time do you go to bed?
Aug 02, 2016, 07:16 pm
I've been noticing a trend of people online late at night recently. I'm curious to know, what time do you go to sleep? ;)

I know, I know, go ahead and tell me off for using the 12 hour clock.