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Happy birthday, Pidge.
You're okay sometimes, I guess.

@TheOfficialMiner , please notice him. He's friendly.

@Best_Shooterman  :cake:

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa!  :christmaspig:

You guys voted, so Nafi and I delivered!

We created an area dedicated to you guys leaving gifts for all of your friends in chests that are unlocked for you to use!

Use /warp christmas2016 to get started!

When leaving gifts, PLEASE be sure to:
1.) /lock the chest
2.) /cmodify the person you want to give the gift to
3.) Leave a sign on the chest saying who the gift is to, and who its from!

We will leave this up until January 2nd, 2017 (as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa end on January 1st!)

If your friend doesn't pick up their gift, don't worry! I am volunteering myself as Santa's helper to deliver the gifts to everyone's /home by January 3rd, 2017.

Have fun! :heart:  :cake:

Hello wonderful players of SFT Survival!

This time, the staff team is coming to you for your choice of a fun event to do for this weekend seeing as it's Christmas!

I've come up with three ideas that you can choose from in the poll above. If you have a different idea, please leave a response below. If you like a players' idea, be sure to like their post so it can be considered!

We only have roughly 24 hours to come to a decision for this so we can start working on it right away, so please vote asap!

Thanks everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fun and enjoyable holiday!
Happy birthday to one of my very good friends, @garow93 ! :heart: He's getting old now too. ;P

Thank you for all that you do for Pixelmon and the SFT community!

Picture Credit: http://meleemonkey.deviantart.com/art/Cyndaquil-Birthday-8620218
Birthday Wishes / Happy birthday, IPwnCreeps!
Oct 19, 2016, 09:27 PM
Happy birthday, @IPwnCreeps !

Hope you have a great year, and thanks for sticking around here for so long. You're a pretty cool guy. :cake:

Hello SFTers!

After a discussion with @iLaxrv10 , we have decided that, following in the steps Survival has taken, we too will offer an alternate way to achieve Ecologist (Member) other than playing a full 24 hours.

Once a player has 12 hours of B-Team uptime, they can apply for the Ecologist rank using the below form with their own forum account.
If caught using a forum account that is not yours, or another playing lying for you, you will not have this option for you, and you will have to earn all 24 hours to rank up.

Code Select
[color=blue][u][b]IGN: [/b][/u][/color]
[color=blue][u][b]Forum Name: [/b][/u][/color]
[color=blue][u][b]Total B-Team Uptime: [/b][/u][/color]


IGN: CaykoMarie
Forum Name: CaykoMarie
Total B-Team Uptime: 13 hours 12 minutes

This is an attempt to get more B-Team players active on the forums and to introduce you to the community and other servers that SFT has to offer.

Remember, reply to this post!

Happy playing!
Hello lovely people of SFT!
It's your friendly neighborhood B-Team Admin here to announce:

The B-Team Reset is COMPLETE!

You are now able to join and play to your heart's content!

With the reset:
-All builds, inventories, and money are gone! The only thing that stayed is your rank and your uptime.
-The nether glitch is fixed! Please use /nether to get to the nether!
-The End is BACK! Please use /end to get to The End!

To be added:
-Ways to sell genes
-Lots MORE!

I hope you enjoy all the hard work the staff and build team has put into making the server great.
If you have any further suggestions for the server, please post them here!
Instructions on how to download the modpack are found here!
B-Team / [B-Team] Suggestions!
Oct 09, 2016, 12:26 AM
Please use this post to report any suggestions you have for the server!

Please be advised:

  • It is not our modpack. We cannot update it or add any modpacks.
  • Please keep suggestions do-able. Outrageous requests will be ignored.
  • Please stay civil.

Thank you!
Lets all wish ASquattingNub errr... @ASquattingDog a very happy birthday!

Thanks for being such a big part of the Pix community! Wouldn't be the same without you. :heart:
Hey everyone!

Today is the day our wonderful owner, saywhat was brought to this earth by the alien race that raised him.

Happy birthday Nick, thank you for all that you do for us here on SFT. We love you!
Birthday Wishes / HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZDAER! <3
Apr 06, 2016, 07:24 AM
Hey everyone! Today is some pleb's birthday! He's finally not a teenager anymore. ;P

Happy birthday, Sam!  :heart:
I'm not expecting to be compensated or anything as it wasn't a huge deal, but I've lost a few items randomly as I was trying to put them into chests or tool station, as well as the windows that open for those closing automatically to where I can't use them. I have 3gb allocated, and I recently deleted and reinstalled the pack due to a graphics bug.