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Birthday Wishes / Rabs Birthday!
Aug 28, 2018, 10:36 pm
Rab, what can I say, a best friend on sft to me, and and a really nice person. Please wish him a happy birthday!

@TheRabster1428 nub
Birthday Wishes / Gabriela's Birthday!
Aug 12, 2018, 09:09 pm
Today (for her anyway as she is 2 hours ahead of us at the time this post is out) is @Gabriela's birthday. She is a great TFOF Owner, and sets a really good example to the Pocket Community as she is an Admin.

Happy birthday!  :heart:

So, this is a suggestion to whoever developed the plugin for the Player Disguise Perms, as I've had this for a while I've realised that it needs more to it..

I think we should see what another users sees on their for example when I do say /d p TowelieDOH, I appear as TowelieDOH with his skin and everything, but so I can see that too, when I go into 1st, 2nd and 3rd veiw..

Is there anyway that can happen?

I am actually really sorry if I have read something wrong and you can do this a different way, or u can't because of EULA.. I don't know these things..
Hello guys!  8)

If you are in our TFOF Discord Server, you will see that @Gabriela has recently became Owner of TFOF! Be sure to congratulate her in the comments. And we are planning to hold a party for her, and for general TFOF Progression.

Anyone can come, and no cost, great to me, what about you? huh.. huh?..

This party will be held next Saturday at 1PM UTC Timezone. The party warp will be announced soon!

Want to see you there! Thank you  ;)

-TFOF Head Owner IiRr2Bb
Polls / Mom or Dad?
Feb 04, 2018, 10:58 am
I was bored, so I made this post.


    The Full of Friends Main Post
    Providing you homes today!

    The TFOF is a nicely built Nation, which has recently revealed as a Nation, and use to be a town. TFOF provide you with plots to build you're own homes, games, events, shops and even a Mall, we hope to provide everyone the greatest time living in TFOF, and maybe you could get a TFOF Staff Rank and become a TFOF Member to help us out a lot!

    TFOF Team
    The TFOF Staff Team provide you with a ranking system, where you can become a Helper (Whole Team), Farmers (Farming for the Nation), Engineers (Building attractions for the Nations), Secretary's (Administrators of TFOF Government) and the HoG Team (Head Administrators of the TFOF Government team) Within this Government, we decide on things that need adding, and make sure every month that the government funds are okay! You can also apply for the TFOF Government by using the applications listed below!

    The Whole List of the TFOF Staff Ranks

    • Owners: IIRR2BB, Gabriela
    • Secretary: Ryan1478
    • Retired OwnerMimsy, TheRabster1428
    • Helpers: Hasdaman, Dantdm_jr123
    • Farmer: Jainish, topfeedXYX
    • Engineers: Hemanshu_Hero, Orcodstra, Shiin

    *Full credits to MrRed2018 for this list from the RE Government post.*


    TFOF Citizenship:

    TFOF have two Citizens ranks, one is called Citizen and the other is Legend. The rank Legend is for people who go out of their time, and do superior things, and make sure TFOF is doing great, and love to help out. The rank Citizen is for normal players who build houses for themselves and not help other etc. You can apply for Legend down in the applications zone, or you can apply for Citizen by contacting a Helper!

    TFOF has set rules for you to abide, if you cannot abide these rules, you will be punished for the consequences!

    We have certain applications for you to join the Government, they will be listed below!

    Hey everyone , the helper application is open! If you are willing to apply send a Discord pm to myself with your application or post it in this topic and it will be discussed between the HoG Team. Here is the application:

    [/list][b]IGN - We need your in game name:[/b]
    [b]Uptime - We need to know your uptime:[/b]
    [b]Activity - Have you been active/ can be active 3 hours a week?[/b]
    [b]Staff - Do you have anywhere on SFT you have staffed (Not only PocketEdition):[/b]
    [b]TFOF Staff - Have you either staff on TFOF anywhere, for example our Discord server etc:[/b]

    Please note your application will take 48 hours to process! Good luck!

    Hey everyone, if you would like to apply for legend rank, there is your chance. Dm myself with the application below.

    [b]What is your IGN (in game name)?:[/b]
    [b]Why should you be picked to become a Legend?:[/b]
    [b]What reputation do you have in SFT (your rank, uptime, times got banned and reason):[/b]
    [b]Will you promise to be active?:[/b]

    Legend applications will take 48 hours as we need to talk them through properly. P.s The old legends are still staying legends :)

    What to do Before and After you Post an Unban Request!

    So, hmmmm, you must be stuck aren't you? Don't worry, I'll explain to you what you should do Before you post an Unban Request.

    1. Correct Server
    As you may of seen before, people do post Pocket unbans in the wrong server unban requests. So to save us the hassle of asking the <server> Board Mod to move it, you can post in the right server box.

    As you will see when you post an unban, it says 'Select Server', please click that. Scroll down and you will see 'Pocket edition' exactly like that, click on that, and it will be in the pocket unbans.

    2. Forum Account

    As you may or may not see, people do not reply because they don't have a forums account.

    To create a forums account, please go here, and sign up and listen to the details. This is really important, as this is what you're going to use to reply to the terms the staff has set.

    NOTE: Remember you're login details, as if you get banned again, you can use this account again to post an unban request. DO NOT make a new forums account every time.

    3.Other Users Forum Accounts.

    Do not use another persons forum account, as we can not confirm that is you. Be sure to use your own by putting it in the Forums Account box, otherwise, the staff will lock the post if you don't use your own.

    Now you have done what you need to do before, lets see what you need to do after:

    1. Patience - Its the aim of the game!

    Be patient for the staff member who banned you to reply with their terms, note it could take 48 hours, as the staff member could be busy after they had banned you.

    2. Replying- Replying to terms properly.

    To get you're unban process to speed up, make sure to read the whole post they made, and reply with every term they have said. Otherwise they will have to keep telling you to reply with that terms; it goes on forever!

    Now you are set to get unbanned! Good luck! Hope to see you back soon!  ;)
    Pocket Minecraft / [PE Guide] Xbox Account.
    Sep 25, 2017, 08:18 pm
    Hello guys!

    To start this off, I hope your all having an amazing day!

    We've been getting questions, as to 'I need a xbox account to play on Pocket, what do I do?'

    Well, yes you do need a xbox account, it is recommended, that you name it your in game name, if you cannot, Blue has very kindly made a plugin as to how you can change your in game name.


    Once you've logged onto the server, DO NOT, register a new account.

    You simply press to the menu, make sure your still in game, and click settings.

    Then you click the button "Name Changing Menu" and then it should say "New In Game Name" then change it to your OLD username.
    Then click this button: 'Confirm Custom Name' (https://gyazo.com/4f613b142af5656e603ae58452a8fec1) and there you are!

    Sorted.  :)

    Be sure to follow this tutorial, it will help you quite a bit for getting back your old stuff.

    Bare in mind: Once you connect all the TIME it will stay like this, so you don't need to change it after you do it once.

    Hope this helped  :)
    Birthday Wishes / HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAB!!!
    Aug 28, 2017, 07:02 am

    Its been a pleasure to be friends with you and help you with stuff you didn't even know! Thanks for all the memories we had. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @TheRabster1428  ;)
    Unserious Section / Hi
    Jul 15, 2017, 10:15 pm
    Hi I came to the unserious section to say hi because if you make a useless post somewhere else it gets locked :) so reply with your way of saying hi :)
    Pocket Minecraft / [PE] Events!
    Jun 21, 2017, 04:37 pm
    Pocket Edition Events!
    Suggest events that you would like to see here!

    This post is used for you guys to suggest Events for us to make, and to tell us what we should host more. Think of ones that Pocket Edition can make! Use common sense, don't suggest ones that work for PC only, that would be silly.

    Here is the application to suggest an event:
    [b]Event Name?:[/b]
    [b]How is it played?:[/b]

    This application does take time to process, the EventWorld Owners (Gabriela, PurpleRebal, Charliiruu, lilxKhhiiimyx) will get back to you ASAP for whether  or not they have accepted the applications!

    Events already made and can be hosted:
    Treasure Hunt.
    Simon Says.
    Sponge Hunt.
    Mycelium Luck.
    Multi Dig.
    Ladder rush.
    Pvp battles arena.
    Snowball fights arena.
    Tic tac toe
    Rainbow dropper
    Hide n Seek
    Four corners
    Draw Free
    Red light green light

    Events already suggested:
    Tower Spleef

    NOTE: Make sure the events you suggest aren't already made!

    Event Name:Warp:Prize:Hosted by:Can be hosted:
    AntFarm/warp AntFarm15,000EventHosts+Yes
    Drawfree/warp Drawfree7,000EventHosts+Yes
    Endurance/warp EndurancexEventHosts+x
    FourCorners/warp Fourcorners8,000EventHosts+Yes
    Grassluck/warp Grassluckxxx
    Hide and Seek/warp HideNSeek10,000EventHosts+Yes
    Ladder rushxxxYes
    Mycelium Luckxxxx
    Parkour/warp ParkourxEventHosts+No
    PVP/warp PvPxManagers+No
    Quiz/warp Quiz6,000EventHosts+Yes
    Rainbow dropperxxxNo
    Red Light Green Light/warp RedLGreenL8,000EventHosts+Yes
    Simon Says/warp Simon Says10,000EventHosts+Yes
    Spleef/warp SpleefxxNo
    Sponge hunt/spawn, /warp HideNSeekxEventMods+Yes
    SnowBall FightsxxEventMods+No
    Traitor/warp TraitorxEventHosts+No
    Treasure HuntxxManagers+Yes
    Wipeout/warp Wipeout, /warp Wipeout2xEventHosts+Yes
    If you break the table, please contact IiRr2Bb first! made by iirr2bb

    How to play?

    A - M Games:

    Amount of people: 3 or more needed!
    1) In AntFarm, you have to go through a complicated Maze, and avoid obstacles, first to the top wins the prize!

    Amount of people: 2 or more needed!
    1)You stand into the pods and wait patiently for the Host to start the game so they know whose playing.
    2)The Host will start drawing something (ex: Smiley Face) and you have to guess what they're drawing to win!

    Amount of people: x

    Amount of people: 3 or more needed!
    1) Run until you are told to stop, when told to, stay on the colour pod you are on!
    2) Don't try and change what colour you are!
    3) One person will sit in the box and call out the colour, if you are on that colour, you are out!

    Amount of people: x

    Hide and Seek:
    Amount of people: 4 - 5 needed people!
    1) If you are told to be It, you go into the It box and when the Host says count, count to whatever specified number!
    2) If you aren't found, you win!
    3) If the Seeker finds everyone, they win!

    Ladder rush:
    Amount of people: x

    Mycelium Luck
    Amount of people: x


    N - S Games:

    Amount of people: 2 or more needed!
    1) Do the parkour, first to finish wins!

    Amount of people: x

    Amount of people: 3 or more!
    1) Answer the questions the host give you to win!

    Rainbow dropper:
    Amount of people: x

    Red Light Green Light:
    Amount of people: 2 or more needed!
    1) When the host says green you go, When they host  says red you stop, If the Host misspells something, don't move!
    2) First to the end wins!

    Simon Says:
    Amount of people: 3 or more needed!
    1) Wait for the host to say Simon Says then an action and then do it!
    2) If you make a mistake you are out!
    3) If you are tricked you are out!
    4) Last person standing wins!

    Amount of people: x

    Snowball Fights:
    Amount of people: x

    Amount of people: x

    Sponge hunt:
    Amount of people: 3 or more needed!
    1) First one to find the Sponge in the given area wins!


    T - Z Games:

    Tic Tac Toe:
    Amount of people: 2 people needed!
    1)A 9x9 grid, the first one to get a three either across or diagonally wins the game!

    Amount of people:x

    Treasure Hunt:
    Amount of people: x

    Amount of people: 3 or more needed!
    1)Complete the Wipeout Parkour Race to win!


    This whole post was made by IiRr2Bb!
    This post is to be managed by the Event Team which are these people: Charliiruu, Gabriela, GoldenDruid76, lilxKhhiiimyx, PurpleRebal, or Tyler7733!
    Hey guys,

    We are doing applications for Pro and Architect.

    To apply you have to:
    • Be an active player!
    • Be super nice to others!
    • Be a member of the village
    • Cant be banned from the last 6months

    And that's it,here is where you apply.

    NOTE:Ellie_x and For3v3rAlon3 will be in charge of this post and will be accepting you people!

    [b]Why do you want to become your wanted rank:[/b]
    [b]Can you get 2hours of Uptime a week:[/b]
    [b]What are you applying for:[/b]
    [b]Do you have Skype?[/b]

    All the other terms will be added when you are accepted!

    Remember Staff of TFOF except founders+ you have to do this to become one.

    You will be contacted after the HOH team discuss it.
    Hello pe players who are in TFOF,

    This announcement is about our Legend Rank can have any prefix? You guys decide

    For instance like this:

    Legend Perms [Nub] but on the board where legends are?

    I really wanted to add this but let's see what the public has to say.
    You get to pick what you want for the prefix though.

    For instance if your ign was MemeFace765

    You was a legend and you asked for the prefix [Meme], I would give it you

    Keep noted this won't actually be added to ya name,just TFOF rank name on the board.
     :book: Maybe an Manager+ could inform me on forums about some of these suggestions I have made,this would be helpful if you did. :)

     :slimeball: Slime blocks- Tbh,I have never thought of these suggestions until know,and I believe that these would be good to add,maybe by using the slimeblocksee could make more mini games with these blocks.

     :slimeball:  Minigames- Minigames like spleef I know are already added,but could we please actually play them,instead of having them there to do nothing.

     :slimeball:  More events- I only really see these days events such as Simon says,sponge hunt,Smiley hunt, and that's it really,maybe these could be taken more seriously and be done like once every day.

     :slimeball: Emp- Personally,I think the emp doesn't open that much anymore,I think it needs to open more,and also add more things for players to buy.

     :slimeball: Eventhosts Rank- I think we should have this rank added into pe,it would make the server more fun and better if we had this rank and stuff.

     Overall,as a staff,I love this server and there is so many ways to improve,love this server and hopefully we can improve!  :heart:
    I actually wanted to always know what LostIslands was,just never got to know. :slimeball:
    Hey, (May 12 2017)

    This post is about some updates of my village.So now,I am still going to be mayor but,as I normally am,always going around the village watching it while players aren't needing help,well I am not going to be like that anymore,I won't be handling things about the village like needing a new spawn or meetings and stuff,people who will be taking care of this are TheRabster1428 or Gigi20_xoxo or For3v3rAlon3,as my staff job because I have to look after people and help them,if they are in the village,when I'm done I might just do a little look around,I will be looking at the village every week,so I'll be getting updates from my founders team,don't try to act like you don't know rules when I am not watching.

    Added 5/14/17

    New Mayor!
    So this has been updated,I only updated and added this because making too many posts for one thing with updates is annoying,so here we have a new mayor who was our old HOH (Head Of Helper),Its TheRabster1428! If you see him in game,please congratulate him on his new mayor job.

    New Head Of Helper (Not Assistant)
    So we also have a new HOH because rab is now a mayor,our new HOH is Gigi20_xoxo,who will be updating myself and rab everyday about things that will be happening in the village,she is probably going to stay like HOH for about 2 months and then we will see where we can push her to or what we will push her up to,we hope she makes a lot process! Please congratulate her in game!

    Saying Farewell to a old AHOH
    Yes,today one of our AHOH has retired,he has retired from his founder job and HOH job,it was For3v3rAlon3,he is now set to his prespective rank Legend,please tell him he will be missed and how great he was as a founder/AHOH he made us a lot of pods but now he is gone,a very valuable member,thank you for everything you do!

    How things will work here now
    Now we have rab as Mayor (who has been pushing and pushing for this position as mayor).He won't decide everything,I will stay be deciding things with him,since I am the creator of the village,I get only a few privs higher than him,so stay tuned with things like that.

    Our new Skype chat
    We have a like little of topic Skype chat for the village,where we just talk and have fun,please do not name call any other players,to join private message me or rab
    Our Skypes:

    What more things we will be adding!
    Well from the started progress with parkour added,shiin making our spawn,Sony putting lights around and stuff,them three will be carrying on to make the spawn look more official and better for us.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Pocket Minecraft / FullOfFriends New Spawn.
    May 07, 2017, 09:36 am

    FullOfFriends are making a new spawn seem as though the old one is pretty plain.

    We have some members already helping:splithead1017,Shiin,AhmedTheWolf,For3v3rAlon3 and a lot others,so if you would like to help please comment down below,were gonnna need a lot of help,and don't worry your builds are still gonna be saved.

    Pocket Minecraft / FullOfFriends Village Info
    May 04, 2017, 09:09 pm

    Hello all sft pocket players,

    Today,with help from players like Gigi,topfeed,mangle,shreyas,mimsy I have brought back the old village FullOfFriends.We use to be the biggest SFT pe village,and now we are still,within 3 hours of it opening we got at least 12 members.Now if there is anything about the village that concerns you please contact

    IiRr2Bb (myself)

    Since Mangle,shre and topfeed are the owners of the farm part,do not contact them about the builds and stuff,contact these people.Contact Shreyas Mangle_Funtime and topfeedXYX for farm problems and mines problems and the paths problems.

    Since myself and Blurryface and mimsy are the founders of the village,we will probably all admit we have had at least about 25-30 members before.

    If you are new and you want house around you,build in the village.

    The warp to get here is /warp TheFullOfFriends (seem as though I'm keeping FullOfFriends as a name saver).

    So this is basic info about the FullOfFriends Village,I will add the rules tomrrow as we are still deciding on some.

    If you are being promoted to a staff member of the village,you first be promoted to Pro then for a day we will see how you are and then promote you.

    These are the people who can promote you to a certain rank:

    Gigi20_xoxo:Helper and farmers and founders.

    Blurryface:Helpers and founders.


    mimsy:Backups,and all ranks but mayor and Founder and a HOH.

    IiRr2Bb:Any rank.

    To be a member ask any staff member of the village and they will tell me and so and so.

    This post was about the rules and info,thanks for ready  :heart:
    Pocket Minecraft / TFOF staff
    Apr 30, 2017, 09:40 pm
    I can't have this post anymore,I was meant to copy it but deleted it by mistake when I selected,please lock
    Pocket Minecraft / [PE] Commands Explained
    Apr 27, 2017, 07:36 pm
    This is for first players that play:

    You can still do ./spawn.

    There is just one thing,if you do "/" this will give you all the commands there are that you can use.

    If you use "./" you can see the chat but not see the commands you can do.

    Normally,so I can be reminded with what commands I can do,I do "/" then the name of the command.

    Examples that work: "/spawn" "./spawn"

    You can try that with other commands like:

    "/warp wild1" and "./warp wild1"

    So this is what you can do between "./" and "/"

    Also if you're a guest ask a staff member or a member+ to warp you there.

    Quote from: Baymax15 on Apr 28, 2017, 12:18 amAnd warping to spawn
    Gives a link to wood, wild1 and some warps so if there is no one above guest rank (The chances are very low), you can go to spawn to go to wood

    Hope this helped.

    -Zack  :)

    Any help,please ask.
    Pocket Minecraft / Server Update
    Apr 11, 2017, 05:31 pm
    So I've made this post so whenever there's a update of the server at the bottom there will be a box like this:


    (Server Updated,4/17/17)
    (Server Updated,Updated 4/21/17)
    1.0.8 5/4/17
    (Server Updated,Unknown Date)
    1.0.9 5/16/17
    (Server Updated,Unknown Date)

    So please don't spam staff saying it isn't updated and wasting their time saying you can't join.

    NOTE: When there's a new update, don't make a new topic, just note it here how I have here.Please turn auto updates off.
    How to get onto our server:
    1.Go onto Minecraft
    2.Press play
    3.Click onto the friends tab
    4.Next to the bar 'Add Friends' there's a little robot
    5.Click that
    6.Then for the name put 'Super Fun Time'
    7.For the Address put 'games.superfuntime.org'
    8.Keep the port the same
    9.Thats done play now

    How to register:
    1.Go onto settings on home page
    2.Make a name you think no one will have on sft
    3.Go onto sft server
    4.Type /register then your name
    5.Type your password
    6.Type it again
    7.You can play
    Extra info: Bare in mind that next time u come on just type the password once

    How to get Minecraft:
    1.Go onto your App Store
    2.I don't know the android way so read on if your Apple
    3.Onthe Feautured bar in the top left there will be a search bar
    4.Click that
    5.Then type in Minecraft PE
    6.Download it (It's going to cost)
    7. Once it has downloaded play

    How to purchase again with different account:
    1.So if your on a new iPad for example.
    2.With the same email as your other one.
    3.This is for Apple I'm not sure for android (someone could add on please)
    4.Go onto your purchase app with it is at the bottom bar of the screen
    5.Find Minecraft
    6.This time it will be free because it's already purchased

    How to get with a new email:
    1.Please add in if android can do this
    2.Firstly go to ur App Store
    3.Then,scroll down to the bottom on the Feautured tab
    4.Click Apple ID
    5.Once it has been clicked press sign out
    6.Click It again and press sign in
    7.Now the email you purchased Minecraft in type that in with the pass
    8.go to the purchased tag again and get Minecraft
    9.Wait for it to download
    10.Make sure to do 9.
    11.Sign back in to the normal email
    INFO:If u downloaded a lot of games with that email,your storage could be jam packed

    There we go,this took me real long and a lot of effort so please don't take down