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The GSpawner and Store Coporation!

Hello there! Welcome to this post about The GSpawner and Store Corporation!

About GSpawner:
GSpawner is a spawner founded by IIRR2BB, it is a quad cave spider spawner with a luxurious design, (designed by myself, It also has a 3x3 enchantment room with a few anvils to go on top of it. Have you jumped near a cave spider before by mistake and nearly died?, well don't worry, here at gspawner, we offer FREE milk buckets, on the left hand side near the spiders! Please after you have drank a milk bucket, return the buckets by throwing them into the hopper! The warp to the spawner is /warp gspawner. Please, do scroll down to see some screenshots of GSpawner!

About GSpawner's Skeleton, Zombie and Regular Spider Spawners:
Did you think all we had to offer is a cave spider spawner?, well you thought WRONG! GSpawner also consists of three more spawners, /warp gzspawner, /warp gspawnerskele and /warp gspawnerspider (our spider spawner is currently under construction as spiders keep climbing up the walls). Go on down to them and kill them zombies/skeles and get your xp levels up! Please, do scroll down to see some screenshots of our other spawners!

About Store:
Store is an autoshop, constantly everyday progressing and restocking to become one of the best autos on SFT. The design of it is very luxurious and good looking. The store is owned by IIRR2BB and iiRampage, we restock everyday and also try to get new stock for everyone to enjoy, we also have REALLY cheap prices! @Stardominate always buys from here, she'd recommend this store  ;)  ;)

The Project Helpers/Workers!:
George_Filos - Helped create and design / decorate all of the spawners!
iiRampage - Helped create and design / decorate the autoshop! - Autoshop Architect
ExBlooD - Helped with the water functions of oldgspawner
AWSMPANTS - Helped with the water functions of oldgspawner
DarkSword20 - Use to sell diamonds at oldgspawner
Palker - Helped with the old gspawner2 which no longer exists!
Stardominate - Helped with the old gspawner2 which no longer exists! / Autoshop Helper / helped out with gspawner! <3


Screenshots of GSpawner:


Screenshots of our other Spawners!:

Screenshots of Store:

@iiRampage @George_Filos credits to them for also being photo models.
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