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Marketplace / [Buying]Vote Tokens
Jun 23, 2020, 06:40 PM
Buying Vote Tokens

Additional Details:
I'd like to buy a lot of vote tokens, I'm willing to negotiate prices. I need as many as I can get.

At least 5k-10k

Closing date:
1 month from now (maybe longer depending on what happens)
Grand Tower + Spider!

Hello there! Welcome to this post about The Grand Tower + Spider!

About Grand Tower!:
Grand Tower is a big community centre where we try to have everything for you! The Tower has a brilliant design by George_Filos and it contains of a Casino, an autoshop and much more for you to go there and find out about! We strive to bring everything for community and contribute to the server by putting brilliant prizes for players to win cool prizes, and we bring an autoshop with cheap prices for people to buy whatever they need! :)

Even if you aren't a gambler, or looking to buy for an autoshop, we have a place for people to chill out, come to our club! (/warp club). Bring your friends and have a party!

About Our Casino - MoneyMania:
MoneyMania strives to give good prices and items to start gambling, we are here for you, we offer cool items and try to give a good experience whilst you are here at the casino. You could even try out SFTs first ever Triple Slot Machines, the 50k token for one of them is easier to win than the diamond block machine - but it's that cheap to win some of the awesome items we have to offer, if I was you I'd get down there right now!

About Store:
Store is an autoshop, constantly everyday progressing and restocking to become one of the best autos on SFT. The store is owned by IIRR2BB and Stardominate, we restock everyday and also try to get new stock for everyone to enjoy, we also have REALLY cheap prices!

The Project Helpers/Workers!:
George_Filos - Grand Tower Architect


Screenshots of Spider:


Screenshots of our other Spawners!:
Coming soon

Screenshots of Store:
Coming soon
Polls / Mom or Dad?
Feb 04, 2018, 10:58 AM
I was bored, so I made this post.

I actually wanted to always know what LostIslands was,just never got to know. :slimeball: