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Hi everyone, this Sunday at 8pm UTC myself and @T4Tom2 will be hosting the event Upwards

In this event you will need to get into teams of two. You'll then need to decide which one of you wants to be the block placer/breaker, and which one wants to be the climber. The way it works is each team will get given 5 varying blocks, the block placer must build a staircase by placing and breaking these 5 blocks for the climber to reach the top of the arena. The block placer will be allowed to fly, however the climber cannot. Whichever team reaches the top first wins!

Further explanation & rules will be explained before the event starts

Prizes will be given for first place, second place and third place:

1st - 400k and 2 playerheads
2nd - 200k and 2 playerheads
3rd - 100k

Also another reminder, Doggggeh will be hosting a 1mil prize Grass Luck this friday! -,194425.0.html

Hope to see you there!
Hi guys, please use this post to let us know about any suggestions or problems that need fixing. Additionally if you agree with another reply please like that message so we can keep a tally and work out what issues to prioritise.

Also another reminder that if you ever have any suggestions you're welcome to dm myself or @T4Tom2 and we can try make it happen.

Thank you!
Faction Recruitment / TMF
Apr 17, 2020, 02:58 PM




Total Members: 16/16

Recruitment Status: Full

Allies: Naboo, Abberantics
Enemies: Envy, UND

Whilst our recruitment status is currently closed until launch, we will likely be recruiting after launch so if you're interested feel free to fill in this form or dm us on discord. (We won't get back to you until launch)

[b]Ingame name:[/b]
[b]Do you have discord?[/b]
[b]Do you have any factions / 1.8 PvP experience?[/b]
[b]Which of your skills would most benefit our faction? (Mining/potions/building/pvp etc)[/b]
Hi guys, this Sunday at 9pm GMT myself and the loser T4Tom2 will be hosting /warp Beanstalk
For those of you who are unaware how this works, you need to parkour your way up a giant beanstalk and loot chests on the way.

There will be some super special prizes and even a cash prize for those who get to the top quickly ;)

Hope to see you there!

Hi everyone, with the halloween season approaching we've decided to host a halloween themed building contest.
To enter, build anything you like halloween themed by yourself or in a team and fill in the form below.

Team name:
Team members:
Warp to your build:

The prizes are as followed:

1st place: 3 million emp and 3 different pumpkin heads!
2nd place: 1 million emp and 2 different pumpkin heads!
3rd place: 500k emp and a pumpkin head!

You have up until Halloween to build. The judges will be the manager+ team. Good luck!

Auctioning Fishing house in deep ocean

Additional Details:
Located in a deep ocean biome (best for pyrofishing)

/warp House4Sale to visit

Starting bid is 75k

Closing date:
Marketplace / [Selling]Mending books
Sep 20, 2019, 05:13 PM
Selling Mending books

Additional Details:
Contact me ingame, on discord or reply here to buy any

225k each, if you wanna buy multiple I'm sure we can come to a deal

Closing date:
Marketplace / [Buying]Shulker boxes
Sep 19, 2019, 07:43 PM
Buying Shulker boxes

Additional Details:
In need of about 90 so if you have any hmu

Will buy them for 25k

Closing date:
Auctioning Selling my old autoshop building

Additional Details:
Recently ShardMall has moved to a new location so we are selling the old auto. It is fully functioning and has a very good lay out, along with an enchantment area and a emp style player shop. The autoshop also comes with a carrot, wheat, sugarcane, pumpkin, melon and nether wart farm located above & below the auto. Please note this auto does not come with any additional builds surrounding it or any stock.
If you'd like to take a look ingame go to /warp ShardForSale

DM me offers, the blocks & farms alone are worth a lot of money so any which aren't in the millions will probably be denied.

My discord is Tera#3614

Closing date:
Hi guys, sorry for the late post.

On Sunday at 6pm UTC+1 SashaLarie and myself will be hosting Jungle run. The winner will receive a prize of 500k and a head of their choice. Hope to see you there!

(If Jungle run ends quickly we may host some other events too)
Marketplace / [Selling]Beacon
Sep 13, 2019, 06:06 PM
Selling Beacon

Additional Details:
Contact me on discord or ingame if you're interested


Closing date:
Good luck exploring! /w2

Hey everyone, this Saturdaystevebean and I will be hosting a round of run from the beast at 4pm CST.

The prize will be 300k, and we're hoping to host it in a new arena! Looking forward to seeing you there.
Hi guys, its that time again where we're looking for some fresh builders for the architect team. If you're interested in joining either reply or dm me filling in the form below.

Ingame name:
Warps to builds:

A lil bit of information as to why its worth becoming an architect:

- Fly perms & compass perms to help with building
- Over time you can have sponsored blocks for building attractions (free blocks monitored by the managers)
- Rewards for completing spawns & attractions

Thanks to all who apply, we'll try get back to any applications as soon as possible.
Hi guys,

This Sunday TheStarNomad, Darren and I will be hosting 3 rounds of Skyfall at 7pm UTC

The prizes will be 100k, 50k and 20k respectively. Hope to see you there!
Ever wanted to be a JMod? Well now is your chance! If you think you fit the following requirements, then reply to this thread with an application!


- 5 Hours of uptime weekly.
- 150 Hours total uptime.
- No major bans within the past 3 months.

Please use the following format to apply:

[b]Why should you be a JMod:[/b]
[b]Do you reach the requirements:[/b]
[b]Do you try your best to help players ingame:[/b]
[b]How much time do you play on the server per week:[/b]
[b]Have you been banned before? If so what for:[/b]
[b]Do you have skype? If not are you able to get it:[/b]

Thanks for applying! If you're accepted you'll receive a forum pm from one of our staff members. Please do not comment back asking if you're being accepted or not, it lowers your chances.
Giveaways / [Survival - OPEN] EMP Giveaway
Jun 08, 2016, 05:40 PM
As usual, I'll keep it short.
Due to a couple things I probably won't be around on survival anymore, you can catch me on pixelmon and I'll still be on the build server.

I have 2.8mil on survival which I no longer need, so to enter the giveaway just comment below and I'll randomly generate a winner.

May give away other things like builds etc, haven't had time to look.
Giveaway will end in 7 days, if I forget remind me. xd
It's this time again! We're looking for some fresh builders on the architect team.

To apply fill in the following format:
[b]Skype (You can pm me):[/b]
[b]List of warps to builds:[/b]

Entries are viable from both survival and creative. If it is creative please include that information in your app.

If you are accepted we'll contact you most likely through skype where you'll be informed of a group project - If we like your work you have the chance of being promoted to architect. If you are not contacted your application has been declined (Don't mean to be rude).

Thank you.

I'm excited to announce the opening of our Ark Survival evolved server!

After popular interest within the community, I've set up a pvp modded server.

To join, either search: [UK]SFTArk[30xG/T/XP]Dragons! Mods! Wiped 20/12/15
Or, connect via steam with the ip:

The mods on the server include:

Advanced architecture
Glass metal
Small dragons
Joans meat spoiler
Joans incubator
Advanced grinders
Better beacons

If you do not own the game, I highly recommend it. Here's a lil trailer:

Any glitches / bugs etc can be reported to me via pm and I'll deal with them as quick as possible. You can also suggest mods to be added by sending the steam workshop link to me.

If you're having problems connecting, send me a forum pm and I'll try to help you the best I can.

Hope to see you there. c:
So erm... We've been twerking on trees to try and make them grow, what weird things are you guys doing on lost islands?


On the 22nd of April, Pixelmon will be hosting a large building contest. We are currently looking for some good builders, who are willing to build the server some attractions. Therefore, we ask any players from other servers coming over to participate in this event, to remain active if they win. More details such as the prize will be further down in the post. Here are some key points about the event:

:snowball: You will have five days to build.
:snowball: You may be in teams of up to two.
:snowball: The plots will be 45x45 blocks big.
:snowball: There is no theme to what you can build.
:snowball: The current prize will be a level 100 shiny Umbreon, level 100 shiny Staraptor and 1million pokebucks.
:snowball: As well as this, you will also be partly responsible for building official attractions.

How will the event work?

You will be given a selection of chests, which will have basic items in such as wood, stone, stonebricks, dirt etc. You'll have five days to complete your build . At the end of the event, you may ask a manager+ to change all of a certain block in your plot to something else. For example, say you build something out of snow, but wanted all the snow changed to obsidian. We could do that at the end of the contest before the builds are judged. Note that if you take any blocks from the arena, and use them for personal use, you will be punished harshly.

How to enter:

Team name:
Team member1:
Team member2:

Remember that team member 2 is optional. Signups close in exactly 1 weeks time from this post. Further details such as plot warps will be posted later on. If you have any questions, please either reply in this thread or pm me.

Current teams:
Builder Squad
Team Batman
Factions Crew
Monster Squad
Double L's
Baz n' Dandi

Thank you and happy building! c: