A long time ago, in a galaxy far.. far away...

Super Fun Time

Chapter I: The beginnings

It is a period of calm and boredom. Towelie has just tried opening a webhosting business which failed horribly.

This let him with an un-used server so he decided to put it to good use.

He started a Garry's Mod - Sandbox server with bogeymanEST and later on the website/gaming community

The players were piling up and things were going really good. A player by the name of altosigma/darko (which is actually a good guy) had told towelie about a new game called Minecraft. What wizardry is this?

Towelie said when he first saw the game. He proceeded to playing the game in single player, building a dirt shack for safety against the monsters. He then realised dirt was a terrible idea afer being blown up to pieces by a couple of creepers.

Towelie had gotten addicted to this game. altosigma/darko then proposed that Towelie opened a Server for this interesting new game.

They (darko and Towelie) proceeded to build a Spawn Town for the new server, a town that later became "Torchstone" - The all-cobblestone spawn town of dreams. It contained player housing, a tool shed, a farming supplies shop, a Town Hall and a Hotel where new players would reside.

Chapter II: The Rebel Scum

The Rebel Scum, also known as the griefers paid Towelie and darko a visit in their little town and blown it to smithereens.

You see, Towelie and Darko did not believe such cruelty existed in the world of Minecraft so they did not expect this nor did they have any way of protecting their beloved town from it (mind you, this was back in the vanilla days and anti-griefing plugins were not yet invented).

By this time, an aussie friend of Towelie (called loggles) also joined the server and along with Darko and loggles, Towelie helped re-build the mighty spawn town, which was now standing in ruins.

To comemorate the successful rebuild of the town, they decided to build a monument that would stand tall and proud as a sign of the mighty town's rebuild : The monument of bling. It contained four of each precious metal's blocks : Iron, Gold and Diamond.

Chapter III: General Grievous and The death of Super Fun Time?

General Grievous (who was a player by the name of Alienyde) had joined our server. He Had The Nasty Habbit Of Capitalizing Each Word and the staff team had asked him to stop this, in a calm and patient manner.

However, like in the true nature of a Script Kiddie, General Grievous had decided to launch an attack on Super Fun Time's home world (aka a DDoS attack).

This attack lasted for many weeks and brought Super Fun Time to what seemed like a slow but sure death.

This caused SFT to turn form an open world which kindly received foreign visitors (open server) to a small world with strict border control (whitelisted server). It seemed like there was no end to this treachery.

However, Towelie was smart (and modest) and attacked General Grievous by reporting him to the Council (FBI Cybercrime Division, Interpol). This seemed to put a stop to his actions.

Chapter IV: The Re-birth of
Super Fun Time

Hope seemed to be at it's end for SFT. There seemed to be no choices to bring this once famous titan to its former glory.

However, a famous youtuber by the name of CaptainSparklez had heard about "SphereTown" - A floating town built by Fractalion and boymac45 and decided to shoot a video of it named "Sphere Town".

This video quickly gathered millions of views and Super Fun Time was more famous than it ever was!

Chapter V: The Builders and the Devs

Two players by the name of Tinoow and Pimmert joined our server and started building impressive structures. These players shared the same skin, but with the letters T and P on their skins We thought they were brothers, they had incredible coordination and building skills.

They built many of SFT's spawn towns including Civitas Valis, Beach Spawn, New Brickstone and others. Their contribution to the server is appreciated by players and staff alike. Tinoow also later designed Super Fun Time's current website!

A jedi master by the name of FearThe1337 along with his companion, jedi master Mordalthunder joined the server. Together they could wield the force in impressive ways and build awesome plugins / website applications which further propelled the server into pupularity and uniqueness.

Chapter VI: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dpa1991) had joined the fight! Quickly after joining, he discovered and reported an island made of chests, built by one of the time's Managers (which was not permitted).

He reported it to me, which caused me to suggest him for JMod. He became promoted to JMod and all the way to Owner (Nobody seems to recall the entire story of his promotion due to the speed of it all).

Obi-Wan Kenobi later built the awesome SFT Pixelmon modpack and server and showed incredible skill in wielding the force.

Chapter VII: The star system

Super Fun Time quickly evolved from a planet to a star system, with the addition of multiple game servers such as Minecraft, Tekkit, FTB, Gmod, TTT, DayZ, Unturned, Terraria and so on. This was mostly done with the help of Dpa1991 and the wonderful Developers

Chapter VIII: The SFT Rebellion

In an attempt to keep the empire's economy balanced, the Emperor (TowelieDOH) has decided to add a transaction tax on the virtual currency in-game. He did this only after consulting with the players and staff members.

Apparently this wasn't acceptable for Lord Palpatine and his minions and they proceeded to create a pathetic video in which they cried about the new tax and how life was unfair for them due to this.

They also commented on SFT's videos, posting negative comments and being douchebags in general. The Emperor had tried to reason with them but refused to negociate with these virtual terrorists

Chapter IX: The new guys

Several new Developers had joined Super Fun Time's devteam: BattleAxium, ColesyM and stuartman9 (in their order of arrival).

They helped make wonderful things for SFT's servers and helped make our Survival Server unique due to the level of custom plugins on it

Chapter X: The EULA

It's a dark time for the Rebellion. The Parliament (Mojang) had decided to enforce an EULA which prohibited servers from selling in-game items that affect the game balance.

This throwed SFT into a state of uncertainty not knownig whether the expenses would still be met after the EULA change.

With the help of the Jedi Knights (developers) SFT was able to defeat this by creating a series of Cosmetic plugins and converting the Premium shop to cosmetic-only items.

Chapter XI: The Survival Games Age

As time passes, a state of serenity encompasses SFT. This is good, but also bad, as it means the empire is losing members, and it is in danger of being unable to sustain itself.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dpa1991), our one last hope and his brother, Owen Kenobi (rallyreaper), try some new things to keep the empire alive. It is the Survival age. With new servers such as DayZ and ARK: Survival Evolved being hosted

This helps reinforce the empire's strength and rally (ha, get it? rally...) more people to the action.

Chapter XII: The change of modded guards

A great wielder of the force by the name of Yoda (blalp) has joined the team to lead and mentor a new generation of modded stakeholders: Mandalorian (xquic), Baby Yoda (ceddy) and Kylo Ren (Mord) .

Together they start a new age for modded, and gradually expand the minecraft modded servers we host, making things that were not thought possible before

Chapter XIII: To the modern ages

Today, we are here to talk about Jabba The Hut (evan). A sneaky wielder of the force, who has helped overhaul our discord with the help of his wise bot PickleRick .

He has also ran many Minecraft PvP servers for the Empire, such as Factions, Prison, KitPvP. Despite his obvious intelligence and skills, Jabba also assumed the role of the black sheep. What he doesn't know, is that despite that, he is well liked in the empire, and appreciated. But it's so easy to pick on him...

The extremely talented Yoda (blalp), has built what was thought impossible: a global communication system for all the members of the empire (cross-server global chat)

Chapter XIV: The second Steam Age

With help from Ben Kenobi (rally), Jabba The Hut (evan) and oversight from Han Solo (saywhat) and Darth Vader (Towelie), a new server emerges: Rust. This server is really fun, and customized with mods and plugins.

But that does not stop there. A re-visit of ARK: Survival Evolved is also planned, and who knows what else the brilliant Ben Kenobi and Jabba The Hut will think of next?.

PS: Evan sorry for making you Jabba The Hut, and I am sorry for being difficult with you. You are appreciated for all the hard work you do on SFT <3.

Chapter XVI: Han Solo, Princess Leia & The New Empire

Both Han Solo (saywhat) and Princess Leia (Builder), are not new members of the community. On the contrary, they've been here longer than almost everyone else.

With a troubled past due to being careless with his personal security and having a spotty activity, nobody believed Han Solo could ever be one of the most important rulers of the empire.

For it he (saywhat), Princess Leia (Builder), Yoda (blalp), Obi-Wan Kenobi (dpa) and Darth Vader (Towelie) that are writing a new chapter in the history of the Empire, as we speak, trying to, once again, align with the times.

Chapter XVII: The Story Continues

The story continues. This crawl will be updated with relevant facts that happen in the community. Please tell the Emperor (Towelie) know if anything was omitted from SFT's story.

I would also like to thank all the "unnamed soldiers", all of those who weren't mentioned here but contributed to SFT's well being a lot.

To be continued...