[RULES] Minecraft Community Help Posting Rules

Started by Doctor_Thanos, Jul 05, 2016, 07:30 AM

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Minecraft Community Help
Posting Rules
by Prof_Thanos

1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Do not make fake replies with a trolling purpose! Doing so will be corrected by the Moderators and will get you warned severely!

3. Provide screenshots or links to a video when helping somebody. It might be easier for them to abide by it if you give visual examples. This rule may not apply to all cases and if it doesn't you may excused from it.

4. Providing videos or screenshots that advertise any Minecraft servers is strictly forbidden and may result in a severe warning or even a ban!

5. Do not provide videos with the higher purpose of advertising your YouTube channel! It is visible if you do.

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

The Rules may be edited only by the Survival Manager+ team for a valid reason only!