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[Survival] Weekly Event - Grassluck [1MIL EMP PRIZE!]

May 28, 2024, 07:49 PM   |    : AtomicPulse

Hey everyone! Want a chance of winning a huge pot of 1million EMP in this weeks Grassluck? Its easy and you don't even have to be online.

All you have to do is vote for us on all of our 9 sites (/vote) to be entered into the grassluck competition and stand a chance at grabbing the massive prize pot.

Want more entries? That's po...

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[Survival] Weekly event - Tower spleef!

May 21, 2024, 02:30 PM   |    : Kakota

Heyo everyone!

I will be hosting tower spleef this Thursday, at 8PM EST :)

This is a non-death event --- there are 10 levels of spleefing!
Grab your best shovel(or go get making it!) and bring it with you for this fun event!

There will be 3-5 rounds depending on outcome, of 150,000 each! :)

See you there! <3

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[Survival] Weekly Event - Luck Marathon!

May 16, 2024, 06:33 AM   |    : Maya546

Hey everyone!!

This Saturday, May 18th at 9pm EST, I will be hosting a Luck Marathon!

Sheepluck, grassluck, leafluck... you name it, we play it! So come online this weekend for some lucky fun...

The winner of each game we play will be award 100k!

Hope to see you guys there (:

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[Survival] Weekly Event - Scavenger Hunt

May 07, 2024, 09:33 PM   |    : Nicadean33

Are you looking for an easy 150k? Are you good at finding lost sponges? Well then, take some time over the next few days to look around the spawns of /w1, /w2, and /w3 to find my missing sponges. This is a play-at-your-own-pace scavenger hunt where as you find the sponge you will take a screenshot and send to me either through forum or discord dm.

The sponges will be released at midnight t...



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