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  • IiRr22Bb : Same
  • TerraVex : I'm Tired AF
  • Mrs_Ender88 : I love you all
  • Lucy_23x : Oh
  • JinxOnTheLoose : Still need to play Episode 4 of that game. It's amazing
  • ping99811 : Watching Telltale's TWD season 3. #crying
  • Lucy_23x : Gud
  • IiRr22Bb : Hyd?
  • IiRr22Bb : Hi
  • Lucy_23x : Hi
  • Arizma : same tbf
  • Zeph : That isnt required
  • IiRr22Bb : I might be joining pc servers soon,is it necessary to make a post asking for a tourgide and tips and stuff?
  • xQuicScopex : can we finally get /event there? xD i can make it if need be
  • IiRr22Bb : Great towelie
  • Towelie : It's time for b-team to get some recognition for being our 2nd biggest server. Both Dpa and I will help blalp and ilax with B-Team and I instructed our devs to also make plugins for b-team.
  • blakus87 : nop3
  • GotAnError : Is Discord for anyone else down?
  • Bakonator : ear-hurting volume, check.
  • Lucy_23x : Thomas the tank engine song
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SFT Census 2017 - Poll 2

Apr 28, 2017, 09:46 AM   |    : Towelie

Please vote in the 2nd poll (what is your age group),175072.0.html


[Survival] Weekend Event Spleef Tourment

Apr 27, 2017, 04:37 PM   |    : Mrs_Ender88

Hey everybody I'm happy to let you all know that this weekend's event will be a  Spleef Tournament.  It will be hosted by @Moppeh_ , @timelord_emma , and myself. It will be on Sunday April 30th at 6pm GMT. It will be hosted at /warp spleef .

Please sign up on the forum if you would like to take part in it. If you are not there for th...

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About Super Fun Time

Apr 27, 2017, 10:23 AM   |    : Towelie

Support us on Patreon ->

Super Fun Time is more than just a game server/gaming community. It's a community of people and friends. It's a place where people can talk without the fear of being judged and hated for who they are (whether it's their race, gender, sexual preference or any underlying conditions). I believe such a place should be cherished and appre...

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[Pixelmon] Status update v2

Apr 25, 2017, 03:24 AM   |    : Dpa1991

Hey guys,

I've been working pretty hard on releasing pix 1.10.2 and I think I'm getting very close to release despite a few hefty setbacks. I've had to redo the permissions file numerous times due to some plugin screwups and some mishaps on my behalf. I'm learning a new system so I'm bound to make some mistakes here and there -- I'm not perfect. Which brings us to our most recent set back -...

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