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  • MasterX70 : Oh derp, Bteam. It probs got bcv'd and removed
  • MasterX70 : Which server and how long were you banned?
  • ZENder : i got unbanned today but my house on here is gone
  • ZENder : I got unbanned but now my house is gone
  • Drako_dragon777 : TOW HIII
  • Towelie : Mining just got 100% better. We added this plugin
  • American_Walrus : y e e t
  • Nute11aToast : yeet
  • Towelie : Happy Halloween everyone!
  • frankie_jay17 : nay
  • PurpleShlong : All in motion to replace chat box with ads say aye, those oppose vote nay.
  • Towelie : Yeah but it looks ugly and asymmetrical. Y'all should come check out discord, we have new dank bots now!
  • BattleAxium : poof
  • PurpleShlong : Same. Shout box had always just been %u201Coverlooked%u201D
  • boymac45 : be an add and replace it with sellout
  • winston_b : Well honestly I've neven looked at the shoutbox until today lol
  • PurpleShlong : This vvvv
  • Miricx : be a sellout and replace it with ads
  • Nubbun : i often just look at it and go "i guess it would look weird if that box was missing"
  • Towelie : Some times I wonder "Why don't I just remove the shoutbox from the website?" But then I realize "oh... work..."
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Heyyyyy guys!

Hope you are all having a good week :D

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Oct 13, 2018, 12:40 AM   |    : JustAddWater

Hey everyone!  :heart:

This weekend, me @Darren64_NY and @TheStarNomad✯ will be hosting 2 rounds of boatrace with 100k prizes! It will take place at 8pm EST on Saturday the 13th.

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Can you write?

Oct 11, 2018, 01:33 PM   |    : xQuicScopex✪

Are you able to make an advertisement for any one server without being dumb/boring? Then we need you!

SFT has gone through some rather large changes in the modded mc world recently (shutting down lost, launching The 1.7.10 pack, updates/additions to BTeam) and now its time for us to tell the world! One problem, i personally SUCK at making these things so I need some help from you lovely peo...

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Heyyyyy guyssss!

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