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  • zomcry : Not that ive actually been on in the last year or two
  • zomcry : Oh just realised its my 6th year on sft
  • Towelie : A long a** f***** time ago, on a server called SFT, there lived a wholesome community, family friendly through and through, But yay there was a black sheep, and he knew just what to do, His name was Towelie DOH and he refused to step in line, a vision he did see-eth, f***** rocking all the time, He lit a fat one up and all the planets did align
  • _iTzReKtPvp_ : wassup
  • Towelie : Update: Look for "Contest Updates" in Off Topic for answers to your contest questions
  • BuilderCreep : habits of a creep
  • Nubbun : Builder, stop talking to yourself in 2nd pov. it freaks me out.
  • BuilderCreep : you're pretty
  • Nubbun : Casual reminder; JJ is pretty.
  • Towelie : I guess I need to get back to my 123's
  • MasterX70 : That's 5 lmao, hey slime face
  • BuilderCreep : Isn't that 5 a's?
  • Towelie : Hmm, didn't the real Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan have 5 a's ?
  • Miricx : fuckin a it's ryan
  • Ryaaaaan : Reunion
  • Towelie : Spen's fine, he's in my basement
  • Miricx : I've talked about that since day one
  • BuilderCreep : he prolly killed him
  • hobodavid : Never thought I'd see the day Miri would be talking about spen's death
  • UrbanmineR : i will come back next year
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Weekend Event

Today at 02:36 PM   |    : hi735

Hey Survival! For this week's event Ayman, Britney, and I will be hosting three rounds Run From the Beast (RFTB). The first round's prize will be 50k, the second 100k, and finally 150k for the last round. It will be hosted at 5 pm GMT. (Here's a countdown timer

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Reddit Post

Feb 18, 2019, 04:34 PM   |    : SashaLarie

Hey guys!

Here is the Reddit post:

Hope you all have an amazing week. :heart:

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[Survival] Weekend Update Feb 17 2019

Feb 17, 2019, 02:14 PM   |    : Towelie

- Fixed issue with multiple packages not being delivered in-game from the premium shop
- Switched payment gateway from PayPal Classic to PayPal Express Checkout. This should allow credit card payments for folks in US / some countries, and should be more consistent in delivering the items.
- Updated PyroMining & regenerated config (as required by the update, meaning you should see some new fe...

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Survival Weekend Event

Feb 15, 2019, 03:14 PM   |    : MasterX70

Howdy again folks :3

This weekend Towerspleef will be hosted by Darren64_NY, treefart, and myself.

It'll be held on Saturday, 2pm CST (3pm EST, 12pm PST) with a 90k prize per round!

Hope you'll join us :heart:

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