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  • jamalzaher1221 : Coming back to this server xD
  • Towelie : What's the error you're getting? Have you tried uninstalling all java versions and installing the latest jdk x64 ?
  • King_Craftius : Been like this for a week, hopefully my shit aint been BCVd
  • King_Craftius : My minecraft wont open on my laptop, anyone know of any fixes?
  • Arizma : skrr
  • Towelie : Yep miri, wahauger - If you are interested in helping for free (can't afford to pay atm :S) pm me, if not, dw about it, I understand xd
  • wahauger : *knows php*
  • Miricx : What happened with ya bois Tinoow and Mordalthunder? They just vanishee
  • Towelie : If only I had a PHP developer
  • Bobert : Brutal
  • the_living_human : oof
  • Scotmid : O_o
  • Towelie : I am dead inside
  • Towelie : Test
  • MasterX70 : Oh derp, Bteam. It probs got bcv'd and removed
  • MasterX70 : Which server and how long were you banned?
  • ZENder : i got unbanned today but my house on here is gone
  • ZENder : I got unbanned but now my house is gone
  • Drako_dragon777 : TOW HIII
  • Towelie : Mining just got 100% better. We added this plugin
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[Survival] Nether was reset

Today at 10:32 AM   |    : Towelie

Just wanted to mention that nether was reset on Survival, and also, at @garow93 's request, I have disabled the fireworks on mcmmo perk activation/deactivation (they caused a ton of lag)

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[BTeam] If you live in W2, its advised to move to W1 ASAP

Nov 12, 2018, 04:43 PM   |    : AtomicPulse

Hello BTeam Players!

Due to a recent decision from the Owners, W2 will no longer be supporting backups. This means that if the world becomes corrupted, the chance is your base may be removed and gone completely.

If you need help with moving your base or other materials, contact a Manager+. In some cases, other staff ranks can help too.

Its still un-certain if the world will be...

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Reddit Post

Nov 12, 2018, 11:58 AM   |    : SashaLarie

Hey guys :heart:

Here is the weekly Reddit post:

Please share SuperFunTime with your friends c:

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[Survival] Weekend Event!

Nov 07, 2018, 04:04 PM   |    : SashaLarie

Hey guys!

Super_Boox, Darren64_NY and I will be hosting Wipeout 1, 2 & 3!

The prize for each race will be 250k!

The Event will be held on Friday at 8pm CST. We hope to see everyone there!  :heart:

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