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Today at 08:15 AM   |    : Towelie

So, this is a tool that fear set up a year ago for dev use. I have cleaned it up and have decided to launch ti as SFTBin.
So if you need a pastebin alternative, you may now use SFTBin

Posting warez/piracy/identifiable personal information will be punishable by ban.

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[Survival] Patreon & New packages

Jun 25, 2017, 04:09 PM   |    : Towelie

Reminder: Support us on Patreon to help us continue!

Shop changes:
+Added Disguise 1.12 Pack - Allows you to disguise as Parrot or Illusioner
+Added Parrots - Allows you to have parrots on your shoulders (even if you don't already have a parrot)

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[Poll 3] 2017 Census

Jun 24, 2017, 05:32 PM   |    : Towelie

Please vote here, as we are doing a Census of the players of SFT.,175072.0.html


SteveCo RareCrate #10 - The Parrot Crate

Jun 23, 2017, 04:49 PM   |    : Towelie

SteveCo Rare Crate #10 was added - The Parrot Crate.
In order to get it, you can purchase the "Drop two rare crates for everyone" perk, from:

What it contains:
- Three unique parrot eggs (All parrots are glowing, and have various particle effects: Regeneration, Resistance and Speed
- One of the parrot eggs contains a Fast Parrot w...

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