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  • Bakonator : "Rise of Dpa : The Wheel of Fate Turns!" - now that's coming Summer 2017 y'all.
  • Lucy_23x : Oooo
  • garow93 : A Series of Unfortunate Events: A dap Beginning
  • ping99811 : One mod online. vv
  • ping99811 : Survival is staffless!
  • Duncz : whenever i join survival it just says 'loading terrain'. how do i fix
  • Dpa1991 : Ended up having a blown speaker that would just keep making crappy noises, so I had to go back and get an exchange...
  • Dpa1991 : It gets better. I got a new s7 edge (holiday promotion) got home, 3 hours~ set the phone up, noticed my ringtone sounded like crap - it sounded like a decepticon
  • blakus87 : poor Dpa been a rough week
  • ping99811 : Dpa's life has consisted of an unfortunate turn of evens lately lmao
  • Lucy_23x : Whats a "hug"?
  • Bakonator : Dpa do you need a hug? Things ain't being too smoothly over there.
  • Dpa1991 : Woke up late, apparently my phone died overnight. Won't turn on anymore and verizon wants $150 to replace a $100 phone -_-
  • Lucy_23x : and onl my spelling lol
  • one227 : ^.^
  • Lucy_23x : I hope thag reflected people's panic.
  • ping99811 : Survival is currently staffless!
  • Bakonator : That's dpa alright
  • Dpa1991 : Well what happened was I was working on the car, was charging my battery over night and when I hooked it back up I noticed the cable was loose so i went to grab my wrench. Unlocked the door, shut the driver door and accidentally locked instead of unlocked xd
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[Survival] Resource World

Today at 07:49 PM   |    : Towelie

I am currently working on a Resource World for Survival.
What this will be - a small 1500x1500 world (compared to our current 5500x5500 worlds) which will be reset monthly.
This world will always have the newest minecraft features (even before the world resets).

However, it is with a twist! In this world, you cannot set warps, you cannot set home, you cannot have your house protected ...

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Follow us on @SFTMedia

Dec 05, 2016, 02:58 PM   |    : Towelie

In the next 48h I will add a code with 75% discount in the Survival premium shop. This is the first time I am doing this, it will be useable only once and it will be distributed on our twitter.

Follow us to stay tuned and follow us!

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What's up?

Dec 04, 2016, 02:59 PM   |    : Towelie

What's up? What's bothering you? What should chance?

example of what i'm looking for:

- I think you should add <this> permission to gui shop on Survival
- I think you should nerf the spawn rate on pixelmon
- I think ... bla bla bla

One thing per person. Constructive criticism only.

PS: This is by all means not a "Tell us what you dislike" post, I'm just trying to...

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[Survival] EchoPet is back!

Dec 03, 2016, 07:56 AM   |    : Towelie

Remember the old pet plugin we used to have which we lost when 1.10 came? The one where you could ride the pets or wear them as a hat? It's back!
If you had pet perms, you will have them now as well, otherwise, I invite you to check out the new pet permission packs (split in 3 : mob pack, animal pack and special pack)

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