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  • Zeph : That isnt required
  • IiRr22Bb : I might be joining pc servers soon,is it necessary to make a post asking for a tourgide and tips and stuff?
  • xQuicScopex : can we finally get /event there? xD i can make it if need be
  • IiRr22Bb : Great towelie
  • Towelie : It's time for b-team to get some recognition for being our 2nd biggest server. Both Dpa and I will help blalp and ilax with B-Team and I instructed our devs to also make plugins for b-team.
  • blakus87 : nop3
  • GotAnError : Is Discord for anyone else down?
  • Bakonator : ear-hurting volume, check.
  • Lucy_23x : Thomas the tank engine song
  • Towelie : Whelp, I don't xD
  • Lucy_23x : It saddens me how i understand that
  • JinxOnTheLoose : Trains are also twos, there's fours, there's six, there's eight, shunting trucks and hauling freights.
  • ItsConnor_ : trains are the civilised way to travel
  • TerraVex : i wouldnt call myself a train geek but i do like trains and engines a hell of a lot
  • TerraVex : these monuments were amazing and those engines were pretty cool to look at
  • Lucy_23x : Extreme hiking, it was hella fun but... oh my god ow
  • Bakonator : how so
  • Lucy_23x : I have about 10 blisters on my feet....
  • magl2904 : UHC is cool tho so hope it gets more than 3
  • magl2904 : wonder if its actually gonna be hosted multiple times or just gonna be one of those "happened 3 times and then forgotten" xd
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[Pixelmon] Status update v2

Apr 25, 2017, 03:24 AM   |    : Dpa1991

Hey guys,

I've been working pretty hard on releasing pix 1.10.2 and I think I'm getting very close to release despite a few hefty setbacks. I've had to redo the permissions file numerous times due to some plugin screwups and some mishaps on my behalf. I'm learning a new system so I'm bound to make some mistakes here and there -- I'm not perfect. Which brings us to our most recent set back -...

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[Survival] Apply for JMod or EventHost!

Apr 23, 2017, 03:43 PM   |    : Sparkle_Sun

Hello Survival players!

We will be having an application period for any players who wish to apply to be staff. The basic requirements to apply are:

-Must have 100 hours uptime on Survival (exceptions may be made if you've been staff on another SFT server before)
-Must consistently be getting 6 or more hours of uptime each week on Survival
-Must not be staff on or own any non-SF...

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[Event] The return on Ultra Hardcore!

Apr 23, 2017, 09:25 AM   |    : Karkafi

This Saturday April 29th, the return of SFT Ultra Hardcore!

How the Game Event works:
In UHC mode, health does not regenerate, you must use a golden apple. Last man standing wins.

-We will be using Minec...

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My action plan - what I'm doing for Survival

Apr 22, 2017, 03:29 PM   |    : Towelie

Here's a list of actions I will take beginning now to try and bring Survival back on track.

#1. Step up our advertisement game, even if it means covering from my own pocket. I have no issue with paying from my own pocket to promote SFT and thankfully my wage now makes me afford that. So effective immediately, I have placed a bid on the best minecraft server listing website for a sponsored s...

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