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  • Sparkle_Sun : That was after you all voted for "anything but Towerspleef"
  • LUFC4eva : rip events
  • MrEpicWonder : Tbh i love salad fingers.
  • GotAnError : Look what I can do.... HOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAH
  • JinxOnTheLoose : I remember coming across ''Salad Fingers'' when I was younger. Let's just say, I really wanted to quit going on the internet back then.
  • Green_Giant : Sounds like the usual English play.
  • zomcry : own
  • zomcry : tbh it was a nice one goal
  • Nicadean33 : One goal is all it takes. COME ONE.
  • Nicadean33 : England with the own goal to send Japan to play USA in finals. COME ONE ENGLAND>.< I WAS COUNTING ON YOU!
  • paul_weebird : owwww the ufo hit me when i flew
  • Towelie : Not gonna be on SFT tonight, taking a mini break xD
  • one227 :,101.0.html to apply for membership on survival missy
  • Missy_Cookies : Hi! I'm Missy_Cookies from (server adress). How I can get membership?
  • eye_nine : I bet the aliens did Towelie Because we did call them the same as us on Freind Ship Day xD
  • Towelie : SFT is awfully quiet today. Did the cat eat your tongue ?
  • Fire_Lord_Nero :
  • Nicadean33 : Tough luck @toxic_foxtrot. USA ALL THE WAY! Finals baby!
  • teebone02 : Cats. :C
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[Survival] Bring in the votes!

Today at 09:11 PM   |    : Moppeh_

Hello, me again!
This time, I'm here about a different issue - voting.
Yeah, I know that I am not the best at it myself, but I have started voting, to help out the best server ever. <3

Omg, Mop, what do you want from me?
Today is the 2nd July 2015. On the 3rd of August 2015, I will be checking the voting stats.
If you have the MOST votes - you win 150k! :o
If you have ...

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[Pixelmon] Coming Soon!

Today at 05:52 AM   |    : Dday694

Get Hyped!

The long awaited Training Area is being worked on! As of now, it will have...
+ 2 Training Domes classified by low/high levels
+ A Trading Hut with Ender Chest access
+ A Burn Pit for all those unnecessary items

Hopefully we will get the final finishing touches/testing done soon so you all can enjoy the...

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[Survival] 25% Sale until Saturday

Today at 04:32 AM   |    : Towelie

A 25% sale has been applied to the premium shop.
It expires Saturday.

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Be nicer to each other!

Jul 01, 2015, 04:02 AM   |    : Towelie

Lately I've seen some players not being very nice to other players.
I want to remind you that this is a gaming community, and we should all try to get along and help each other, as this is a place where we make friends and meet new people, not where we get angry because some player is insulting us or ignoring us.

I am hoping that everyone will understand and respect this, so we don't hav...

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