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  • Frostdrop : -sits in the corner-
  • cravend : no, I'm cray.
  • Kitty_Wonders : Were all cray cray XD
  • TiiGeR : Shoutbox all of a sudden got creepy xd
  • Chocobo123456 : No frost Go sit in the cornor
  • Frostdrop : -does the FLOOOOP-
  • Kitty_Wonders : Lol
  • TiiGeR : All in good fun xd
  • Kitty_Wonders : My charger broke
  • TiiGeR : Dingbat, So what should the shoutbox be filled with? You can post as much as you like in here as long as it's not offensive etc
  • Kitty_Wonders : Ok
  • Dingbat131 : The shoutbox shouldnt be filled with "Omg i got a message from ... about something personal"
  • Kitty_Wonders : Omg...I just got confusing -0-
  • Kitty_Wonders : Ikr,I want it to update ]:
  • CreeperBuilder38 : when the server will update to 0.13.0
  • Kitty_Wonders : I'm planning on making a Skype Anne :3. And also GTA is AWESOME cause I'm a person that love those types of games
  • Towelie : Gta is AMAZONG! Don't be hating on GTA!
  • Annesunshine1 : This might be a stupid question but Kitty_Wonders why don't you just make a Skype?
  • SuperJK : OMG I'm doing Homework and There is somting about GTA Which I Hate GTA on 2GB an Australian Radio Station!
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Mini Spleef Tournament!

Nov 24, 2015, 09:23 PM   |    : Katherine

American_Walrus and I are going to be hosting a mini spleef tournament on the survival server, which will be in the format of 1vs1. There will only be 16 slots for this tournament, and there is an entry fee of 10k, which will be a small contribution to the prize. Normal rules of spleef apply!

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Sharing is caring

Nov 24, 2015, 12:53 PM   |    : Towelie

So please share sft with your friends and social media.
And /vote daily on all voting sites
And  /donate if possible (we won't like you any less if you can't donate)

These are the three things (out of which the first two are the most important) that we ask from our players and that show whether a player cares about SFT or not. This will also help us continue (and I hope you guys want ...

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Those who abuse will lose

Nov 23, 2015, 10:46 AM   |    : Towelie

It's come to my attention that some players are abusing the furniture plugin by placing furniture in World3 / regions that do not belong to them.

Some ground rules:
- Only place furniture on regions you own
- Only have at most 8 furniture pieces in a house

I would like to urge staff to report abusers to me and THEY WILL LOSE PERMISSIONS FOREVER to play furniture or craft it. Th...

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[B-Team] Nether has been reset

Nov 22, 2015, 10:51 PM   |    : copen6199

As the title says, Its been reset. There will be some lag while it is loaded because it would take to long to load it manually and didn't want to keep the server down.

/nether - will be enabled on next server restart.
2500 blocks world boarder.

Please remember not to build there as it is reset normally.

Thanks and enjoy

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