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  • xQuicScopex : hey ovidiu
  • Ovidiu_Hriscu : moder
  • Ovidiu_Hriscu : hey moder
  • Patrail : I wished my laptop worked...
  • NemeSyS : Hey all
  • Lucy_23x : Hi
  • quadkaiden : Yas Lucy?
  • Dpa1991 : Pulled it apart and put it in a casserole pan to slow simmer on the grill then putting jt on bread
  • Dpa1991 : Today's been rather mild, found some boneless chicken breast in the freezer so I'm grilling in the rain.
  • Towelie : Night everyone
  • Lucy_23x : Nathan? D;
  • Lucy_23x : Dab
  • Chocobo123456 : Dap your life O_o
  • Lucy_23x : Gasping noises.
  • AmberKat : Wow
  • Lucy_23x : Woah.
  • Dpa1991 : And to add to the list.. lost my wallet and now I'm sitting at the hospital with my baby brother
  • CaykoMarie : Geez, dpa D: glad you're safe
  • Dpa1991 : Yeah, they have our neighborhood sealed off (20-30 cops everywhere) helicopters in the air and stuff
  • garow93 : holy hell dpa. what a day.
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[Ark PVP] Map reset

Today at 10:31 AM   |    : Dpa1991

I've just reset the ark server so hurry up and get to taming some dinos!

As soon as I can get ahold of Towelie, we'll run a weeks worth of advertising as well.

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How's SFT doing?

Today at 08:15 AM   |    : Towelie

Let's try something new.
This time I don't want you to talk, just vote. I have my right hand learning specifics from people, so I am interested just in the vote results.

Please DON'T justify your answer. I am just curious what a no-strings-attached poll like this will show.
DO note we don't know who voted.
Please vote the reality, aka what you think is the appropriate option

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[Survival] EMP Autoshop

Aug 28, 2016, 06:04 PM   |    : Sparkle_Sun

Hey Survival players!

Per suggestion of @Towelie we are trying something new. An autoshop has been made at /warp emp (look behind you when you warp there) with some of the most commonly sold items. These are basically just crops, ores, and ore blocks. The most commonly bought items are there as well.

The prices have been adjusted to be 15% more for buying, and 15% l...

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[Ark PVP] Map reset & Donation Drive

Aug 28, 2016, 02:13 PM   |    : Dpa1991

Hey guys,

I will be resetting the Ark PVP map on the 30th of this month. Before then I would really appreciate it if you guys donate a little bit so we can do a week of advertisements at the launch of the map reset. Doing the advertising really helps the server get noticed and gets us lots of new joins. To donate to the ark server please click [url=

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