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  • brindle2k14 : Apply for my new town at:,111810.0.html
  • balistic_skills : maybe some staff on survival please
  • GotAnError : Take care
  • Katherine : Change of plan actually, feeling ill so doing it tomorrow.
  • Katherine : Hosting my 1 year party in 10 minutes on survival!
  • Towelie : I am out for the night, see you tomorrwo guys!
  • tobminer : Well, guess your gonna need a lot of managers for what I am going to sell xd
  • Towelie : Um no. The idea is to not flood the market with capital
  • tobminer : Towelie, mind resetting all manager 's balances to 20m ? I gotta crap ton of stuff to sell to EMP - Looking about 12-20m of stuff.
  • Towelie : Changed backup system for all servers from ownCloud to Dropbox. So much work for just changing backup system :\
  • UnitedWeDance : ToxicCuteness, post an unban request here > for the survival server.
  • ToxicCuteness : hello
  • ToxicCuteness : I try to log on the server I have never been on it before and it says Im banned for griefing
  • Towelie : Not at home tonight, sorry about that. See you guys tomorrow
  • Cocobutter03 : FMod on factions now please.
  • calfrokrill : Beware for my return...
  • adam2keva9 : top tier banter.
  • GRIMIGAMING : apostropy don't work ;) lelele
  • NicholasPlays : that moment when you can%u2019t get PC games on your mac ;n; #1am
  • NicholasPlays : Idk Jasper xd I havent pvp%u2019d in a while and i kinda suck
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Some of our best Cosmetic items

Jul 04, 2015, 05:51 PM   |    : Towelie

This is just a reminder about some of our awesome Cosmetic premium perks, that you can buy right now, from the Survival Premium Shop!

Click here to browse the Cosmetic category --> Premium Shop

#1 Firework Rider Unlock - $12 ($9 with discount)
After typing the command /fwride (you need to purchase this first), ...

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Upcoming on SFT

Jul 04, 2015, 08:05 AM   |    : Towelie

- A Training Arena for Pixelmon (built by DDay and plugin coded by Fear)
- A new minigame server for our lobby, which will have multiple minigames linked together with an economy (not a real economy like survival but rather a way to get tokens and spend them on upgrades)
- Adding Votifier and vote rewards to our minigame servers and other servers that don't have it already
- A better pres...

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[Survival] Bring in the votes!

Jul 02, 2015, 09:11 PM   |    : Moppeh_

Hello, me again!
This time, I'm here about a different issue - voting.
Yeah, I know that I am not the best at it myself, but I have started voting, to help out the best server ever. <3

Omg, Mop, what do you want from me?
Today is the 2nd July 2015. On the 3rd of August 2015, I will be checking the voting stats.
If you have the MOST votes - you win 250k! :o
If you have ...

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[Pixelmon] Coming Soon!

Jul 02, 2015, 05:52 AM   |    : Dday694

Get Hyped!

The long awaited Training Area is being worked on! As of now, it will have...
+ 2 Training Domes classified by low/high levels
+ A Trading Hut with Ender Chest access
+ A Burn Pit for all those unnecessary items

Hopefully we will get the final finishing touches/testing done soon so you all can enjoy the...

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