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Survival server status

> Online Players

lioneatszebra, Nicadean33

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> About our Survival Server:

Our survival server is one of the oldest servers around. It first started in 2010, as a Vanilla server, and then ported to hMod and now Craftbukkit/Spigot.
Our aim is to provide a core Survival Experience, enhanced with minigames and other entertainment sources.
To find a buildable area, join and type /random to be taken to a random area around the map.
Once you've built your house, ask a Mod+ for help to protect it.
NOTE: By going to our /lobby after connecting to the Survival Server you will see a list of other servers you can join such as Creative, Parkour Etc.

> Useful Information:

1. When you first join the server, you will be taken to our spawntown. You cannot build there, so please type /random to find a suitable plot.
2. After you build your first house, you will need to call a Mod+ to get your house protected. This is done by simply typing in chat. Please be patient!
3. To protect your chests/doors/etc, simply right click on them with a sign in-hand
4. We also have an official shop ran by our staff members, called 'The Emporium' (or the emp). You can sell/buy items there.
5. One of the most asked questions on our server is 'How do I get money?'.The easiest way is to /vote every day (and click on the links) or start a farm.
NOTE: Please don't ask to be made staff/op. We do not give staff to new players, generally we pick staff from players with 200h+ uptime (Check using /pstats).

> Server Rules:

1. Don't grief.
2. Don't steal from other players
3. Don't use Xray Mod. All your items will be confiscated and you'll receive a punishment
4. Don't abuse bugs/glitches and report them
5. Use English only in main chat
6. No racism/discrimination
7. Respect staff and players
8. Don't advertise other servers or their sites
9. Don't ask for staff. We'll call you.
10. Don't discuss about religion/politics

> Our Plugins:

Most of our plugins are custom-made by our team of Developers, however we use 3rd party ones as well.
Notable plugins: BattleArena (/dm join, /dm join base, /ctf join), Mob Arena (/ma join), Slimefun (/sf guide), CraftBook, HealthBar, SFTConomy, SFTMMO (mcMMO Replacement) and many others.

> Events:

< We have a team of EventHosts who will constantly organize smaller events throughout the week. During the weekends, check out the front page of for any big events. These are usually hosted during the weekends.