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Super Fun Time Frequently Asked Questions

How do i become a member ?

To get the member rank, you need the following requirements:
- A forum account
- 24h uptime, check in-game with the command /pstats
When you have both of those requirements go to this Page
Enter your username, Select Member out of the select list and click 'Request Promotion'
Promoting 1 hour up to 24h hours.

What kind of Commands do i have access to ?

You can find the list of commands for Survival here

What is EMP ?

EMP is the currency used by Super Fun Time. You can use it for everything, To check how much EMPbucks you have type,
To pay somebody, type:
/money pay [username] [amount]
replace [username] with the users you want to pay's name and [amount] with the amount you want to send.

Can I use Mods ?

You are allowed to use some Minecraft modifications. Just avoid using any mods which can be considered a cheat/exploit (example: xray mod, item spawning mods if they exist).

How do I get my house protected from griefers ?

To get your house protected type this when you are in-game:
'I need a MOD to protect my house, can someone help me'
However, you do need to have the following requirements:
- The building you are building needs to be at least 90% completed

How can my friends build on my protection ?

Go in-game and type this:
'I need a MOD to add people to my protection, can someone help me'
A MOD will show up and ask who you want to be added on the protection, so for example type this:
"Can you add 'Mordalthunder' and 'Tinoow' to my protection, thank you"
The MOD will add them and you can build with your friend.

How do I Vote?

You can vote by clicking This Link.
Select a voting site from the list, then enter your username (if needed) and enter the captcha, then select Vote.

What are the benefits for me if I Vote?

We used a multi tiered vote system. This means that depending on how many days you have voted in succesion, your rewards improve. By default, the reward is 2500 EmpBucks and a few useful items that are given randomly. You also get to help our server get out into the public! More players, More fun.

What is the Rank system for normal players?

Here on the server, we utilize a Rank system. This starts with the Member rank, something all players can aquire when they have passed 24 hours of Server Gametime and have a Forum account.
After you have achieved that, you can apply for the member rank at this url:
Member is the standard rank that we have, but we do promote people the more they play. Veteran is given to players with more than 200 hours on the server, and Elite is for those with 500 hours.

What is the Rank system for Staff?

Staff ranks, however, work differently. They are given to the ones who are deemed to be a valuable part of the staff.
This decision is made by the staff themselves, and a person will only get promoted if one or more Mods+ say Ok.
The staff ranks are: JMod, Mod, Manager, Admin and Owner. The last two are almost impossible to get.
We also have Special ranks like Specialist,Developer and Elder, these ranks are given to people for various reasons.

What plugins does this server use ?

See the bottom of this page for survival plugins. For other server plugins, see their respective pages or ask.

Where can I buy supplies ?

Supplies are possible to buy at our Emporium, or Emp with our ingame-currency: Empbucks. This is opened by managers when the managers have time.
Other than that, You can buy from other players, or do what Minecraft players do; Gather supplies yourself.
Go into the wilderness and do it. Remember to chop down the whole tree though.
You can also visit the autoshops around the minecraft world.

How do I join a town ?

To join a town you will have to talk to the owner of that specific town. They will then see if they either have a room for you or if they don't.
If you need help finding a Town Owner, ask the players. They can guide you to them.

What sort of Events/Activities are there on the server ?

We have several activities. The staff do sometimes arrange spleefmatches, and a little game we call; The Bookcase Game.
Other than that, we have random stuff happening. To see all that we can offer, the best way is to stick around and check it out.

To check the in-game Rules/objectives:
- Bookcasegame - /warp bookcasegame
- Spleef Arena - /warp spleefarena