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[B-Team] Steve Co. Crates and Contents!

Started by iLaxrv10, Jul 10, 2016, 06:39 pm

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Jul 10, 2016, 06:39 pm Last Edit: Aug 21, 2017, 10:25 pm by iLaxrv10
Hey guys! This is a new post here showing you our current Steve Co. Crates and their contents. This list will be frequently updated because I will be making brand new Crates a lot of the time now! So without further adieu, here is the list of our current crates:

Standard Crates:

Crate 1 (Deadpool):
Deadpool's Mask
Deadpool's Shirt
Deadpool's Pants
Deadpool's Boots
Beauroyre Blade
SteveCo Fail Potato

Crate 2 (Staff Heads):
TowelieDOH's head
dpa1991's head
bogeymanEST's head
FearThe1337's head
donnydoom604's head
boymac45's head
SteveCo Gold Carrot
Cookie Monster

Crate 3 (Hero):
Hero's Hood
Hero's Tunic
Hero's Pants
Hero's Boots
Hero's Bow
Majora's Mask
Kokiri Sword
Red Potion

Crate 4 (Random):
Agile Excavator
Thief's Pickaxe
Skullsplitter Axe
Nectar of the Gods
Bundle of Enderpearls
SteveCo Gravel
The Time Keeper

Crate 5 (Shaman):
Strange Shaman's Health Buff Cap
Strange Shaman's Speed Buff Chest
Strange Shaman's Damage Buff Pants
Strange Shaman's Horse Buff Boots
Strange Steve Co. Cake
Strange A bunch of emeralds

Crate 6 (Random):
Strange Thor's Sword
Strange Retro Axe
Chainmail Chestplate
Golden Carrot
Golden Apple

Crate 7 (Attila The Hun):
Sword of Attila
Attila the Hun's Hat
Attila the Hun's Pants
Attila the Hun's Boots
Attila the Hun's Chestplate
Pretty much a fail prize
16 Emeralds

Crate 8 (Random):
Ancient Wizard's Wand
Poseidon's Helmet
Joan of Arc's Armor
Hawkeye's Bow
A bunch of XP Potions

Crate 9 (DarkKnight):
DarkKnight's Coif
DarkKnight's Hauberks
DarkKnight's Armor Pants
DarkKnight's Heavy Chainmail Boots
Water Bottle
Zippo Lighter

Crate 10 (Sorcerer):
Restoration Wand
Sorcerer's Cowl
Sorcerer's Robe
Sorcerer's Trousers
Sorcerer's Boots
Great Health Potion
SteveCo Gravel

Crate 11 (Archon):
Strange The Wedge
Archon Coif
Archon Chestplate
Archon Trousers
Archon Boots
Bottomless Potion of Mutilation
SteveCo Pumpkin Pie
SteveCo Enderpearls

Crate 12 (Potions):
Great Potion of Resistance
Great Potion of Regeneration
Great Potion of Buffing
Great Potion of Harming
SteveCo Milk

Crate 13 (Breaking Bad):
Hazmat Suit Helmet
Hazmat Suit (chestplate)
Hazmat Suit (pants)
Hazmat Suit Boots
Crystal Meth
Los Pollos Hermanos

Crate 14 (Pirate):
Pirate's Hat
Pirate's Leather Coat
Pirate's Leather Trousers
Pirate's Clogs
Pirate's Hook
Bottle O' rum

Crate 15 (Ghostbusters):
Ghostbuster Uniform Helmet
Ghostbuster Uniform Chest
Ghostbuster Uniform Pants
Ghostbuster Uniform Boots
Positron Collider
SteveCo Malk

Crate 16 (Heads):
Computer Decorative Head
TV Decorative Head
Present Decorative Head
Companion Cube Decorative Head
Aquarium Decorative Head
Gamecube Decorative Head
Radio Decorative Head
Earth Decorative Head
Bacon Food Head
Pancakes Food Head
Tomato Food Head
Hamburger Food Head
Popcorn Food Head
SpongeBob Character Head
Mario Character Head
Mudkip Character Head
Ash Character Head
Bowser Character Head
Koala Character Head
Question Head

Crate 17 (AlienTech):
AlienTech Hat
AlienTech Shirt
AlienTech Pants
AlienTech Boots
AlienTech Gun
AlienTech Sword
AlienTech Pickaxe
Strange Bread

Crate 18 (Spartan):
Spartan Warrior's Spear
Unusual Thracian Helmet
Muscle Cuirass
Leather Fringes
Spartan's Potion

Crate 19 (Star Wars - Stormtrooper):
Stormtrooper Mask
Stormtrooper Imperial Chestplate
Stormtrooper Imperial Trousers
Stormtrooper Imperial Boots
E-11 Blaster

Crate 20 (Star Wars - Chewbacca):
Chewbacca Mask
Chewbacca Torso (Costume)
Chewbacca Legs (Costume)
Chewbacca Feet (Costume)
Chewbacca's Bowcaster
Chewbacca's Wookie Sword
Wookie Beer
Bantha Meat
Ewok Steak

Crate 21 (Pokemon):
Official League Cap
Trainer's Pants
Trainer's Jacket
Trainer's Sneakers
Master Ball
Pokeball collection
Max Repel
Max Revive

Crate 22 (MegaMan):
Mega Man's Helmet
Mega Man's Armor
Mega Man's Protective Pants
Mega Man's Boots
Mega Buster
Energy Pellet
Energy Tank
Weapon Tank
SteveCO Fail Prize (Gravel)

Crate 23 (Iron Man):
Iron Man's Helmet
Iron Man's Chest Armor
Iron Man's Armored Pants
Iron Man's Jetpack Boots
Iron Man's Grappling Hook
Spectacular graviton beam
SteveCo Fail Prize (Gravel)

Crate 24 (Random):
Pimp's Hoe
Le Trout
Practical Man's Jewelry
The Skull Basher
Summon Towelie
SteveCo Failprize (Gravel)

Crate 25 (Native American Heritage):
SteveCo Fail Pie
Indian Headpiece
Indian Tunic
Indian Legpiece
Indian Sandals

Crate 26 (X-Mas):
Santa's Head
Santa's Tunic
Santa's Pants
Santa's Boots
Guardian Potion
Tough Cookie
Delicious Fail Prize (Pie)

Crate 27 (Random):
Radioactive Fallout Potion
Shades 'o' Red Fireworks
Soulbound Sword
Severed Creeper Head
Enchanted Golden Apple

Crate 28 (Squids):
Squid Head
Squid Torso
Squid Body
Squid Tentacles
Torn Tentacles
Squid Ink (Fail Prize)

Crate 29 (Memes):
Pepe the Frog
Dat Boi
Caveman Spongebob
Caveman Patrick
Pokemon GO Memes
Outdated Memes (Fail Prize)

Crate 30 (Evil Dead Crate):
Henrietta's Head
Deadite Meat (Fail Prize)
Missing Necronomicon Page
The Laughing Lamp
Ash's Medieval Armor

Crate 31 (Donut Pack):
Special Donut (Fail Prize)
DonutKing Head
Blunter Donut's T-Shirt
Donut Apron
Donut Booties

If you don't see a crate that you want in this list, please suggest it here.
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Added Crate #28 - The Squid Set. Inspired by kracken55!
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Thank you so much for the list laxxy <3 @iLaxrv10


Jul 10, 2016, 09:58 pm #3 Last Edit: Jul 10, 2016, 11:01 pm by iLaxrv10
Added Crate #29 - The Meme Set.
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