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Ark Server Down?

Started by nevitac, Nov 01, 2016, 07:47 AM

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I'm not seeing The Super Fun Time Ark pvp server in the list or by searching.


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Thank you for bringing it back up :)


Quote from: Dpa1991
[11:54:37 AM] Dpa1991: And no I haven't, remember the update wiped all configs
[11:54:51 AM] Dpa1991: So I gotta set it up from scratch
Tl;dr Ark update changed config format, @Dpa1991 needs to set the server up from scratch so it'll be down for a bit.

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The servers been up for about a month now, if it's outdated I won't be able to fix until I get back to Florida. Should be around the 1st

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