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[Info, Announcements, Discussion, Rules] About the General Discussion board

Started by Doctor_Thanos, Nov 12, 2016, 03:57 pm

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About the General Discussion...

The General Discussion is a board of the Off-Topic Forum Section.
It is used for any off-topic discussions. It allows the members to interact with each other about various matters, exchange opinions and share things they may have in common (for example, the Post Your... posts) !
It consists of two Sub-boards, the Study Corner and the Polls Board.

General Discussion Board Mods

Study Corner Board Mod

Polls Board Mods
Survival Managers

General Discussion

Posting Rules

by Thanos

1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Be respectful when exchanging opinions with others.

3. Do not make any inappropriate posts or replies.

4. Do not leave your topic untouched for more than 15 days. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

5. When talking over a sensitive matter (politics for example) remember to act in a civilised manner, don't be offensive to others who have opposite views than yours and act maturely in the discussion. Any topics where this rule is not following will be locked.

6. Don't set Sticky Topics without the Board Mod's permission. Exceptions to this rule are Admins+.

7. If you post a mature or sensitive topic please make sure to add a tag to it's title, like [Warning! Sensitive Topic] or [Mature Topic]! If this is forgotten, it's all good, the Board Mods or a Moderator in one of our servers will get to it! :)

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!

Popular Topics

Set by the Board Moderators only!

These topics are an exception to rule #4!

What do you know and think about the person above?
Post your FACE
Post your PET
Post your DESKTOP

Actions' Log
starting from the 20th of December 2016

ActionBoard ModDate
General Cleaning of Post your FACE                    Katherine                           20/12/2016
Removal of Unnecessary postsThanos24/12/2016
Removal of Unnecessary postsThanos24/12/2016
Mini-cleaning of Post Your FACE & reminder
about Rule #3 of the post
Cleaning of Old posts &
setting of the Faction's update log
to Sticky Topic
Cleaning of Information post and
minor addition to it
Cleaning of sticky topics &
Creation of General SFT Post
Creation of Games for us to
post and removal of the
unnecessary topic
Minor title editing of Factions
Update Log (added Tag)
Minor editing and fixation
of Skype account exchange
Announcement about inactive
sharing posts' replacement
Added new Study Corner
Board Mod
Unlocked Information Topic
for any potential replies & Changed
Post title tag to [Info, Announcements,
Discussion, Rules]
Creation of General Sharing post
Editing of Special posts category
Cleaning of inactive postsThanos20/01/2017
Addition of Post your PET
and Post your DESKTOP in
exceptions to Rule #4.
Addition of new Board Mod
of General Discussions.
Cleaning of sticky topics &
Creation of General SFT Post and added an icon key

If you would like to express any concerns or ask any questions as regards the General Discussions Board, make sure to send a Private Message on Forums to the board Moderators.

Replies on this topic may be deleted if a general cleaning is believed to be appropriate.


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Board mods updates pls 8)

(The colours of the names too)
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What happened to all the topics?
@blakus87 (Not sure if right person to tag rip)



It's my turn to update this! I'll do it when I have the time I'm currently in bed (rip)

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