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[Guide] The ultimate forum guide!

Started by itsConnor_, Apr 02, 2012, 09:08 PM

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Apr 02, 2012, 09:08 PM Last Edit: Feb 01, 2015, 11:08 PM by cravend
Hey guys,

its Connor and I've made a couple of forum guides and have decide to compile them into one(and add maaaooorrr)

Guide One - How to put a link in a word.

This is an example, just paste the url of the link where it says LINKHERE, then put the text where it says TEXTHERE.
So this...

makes this: Click here to see the 'How to put a link in a word' guide!

Guide Two - How to use the code tool.
Step 1:
First, you click the code button, then you type between the two brackets!

For Example:
Code Select
Here's a code!

Guide Three - How to add a picture to a post/signature.
Step 1:
Post your picture to TinyPic or some other image hosting site.
Step 2:
Right click the image and click 'Copy Image URL'
Step 3:
Click the picture button, then paste the image URL in between the brackets, and you're done!

Please feel free to post suggestions for other guides!

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Fixed all the messed up images
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Fixed all the messed up images

How did you know a 3 year old post needed fixing ?


No need to even revive this post -.-
Whats the damn point anymore :/?


Isn't posting on a recently bumped post just as bad as posting the original one though? Wait, now my post is a bad one. :(


Awesome job!

Took Towelie almost 3 years to say "Good job" to Connor.


Fixed all the messed up images

How did you know a 3 year old post needed fixing ?

It's a guide. Obviously it needed updating.

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Deserves bumping, great job!
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