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When is the server update?

Started by lionblaze10, Jan 10, 2017, 04:59 PM

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Just curious when the server will be updated to 1.0?

Thank you in advance.

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Probably best to ask @saywhat2365 as he's the one who updates it.


Also please be patient it's not easy to update a server and  saywhat has a busy life already. When it is updated somebody will most likely post on it.

Thanks this is for everyone!
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@saywhat2365 ive given the file in your skype!

Still, Dont worry. It will be updated soon.
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@saywhat2365 ive given the file in your skype!

Still, Dont worry. It will be updated soon.
as mentioned a thousand times before the servers update file is NOT the thing holding us back, its the plugins we use that we have to wait on so sending him this really doesn't help at all
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Can I request a lock, I'm pretty sure we will announce when we update...?
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