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Started by MrRed2017, Jan 27, 2017, 09:18 PM

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The General Survival Discussions Board

The General Survival Discussions is a board for discussing our Super Fun Time Survival Server. It is used for all topics related to our Survival server. Here, members can discuss updates, post comments and suggestions on our survival server for the public to comment on, and much more!
There are 2 Sub-boards, the Inactivity and the Kingdoms, Governments, Guilds, or Other Server Organizations Board.

General Survival Discussions Board Mods
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Inactivity Board Mods
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Kingdoms, Governments, Guilds or Other Server Organizations Board Mods
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General Survival Discussions

Posting Rules

by Red/MrRed2k18

1. General Forum
also apply! You are to abide by them on any posts or replies you may post on this board!

2. If someone posts a suggestion or a thread on their build, please do not be disrespectful, but rather post compliments or friendly feedback.

3. Do not make a useless post/placeholder just to bring your thread to the top.

4. Do not leave your topic untouched/dead/unposted in for more than 15 days. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

5. Don't set a sticky topic without the permission of the Board Mod or Admin+.

Not knowing the Rules is not a valid excuse to not adhere to them!

Topics of Interest and Useful Information

These topics are an exception to rule #4!

Survival Attractions List
About Super Fun Time
What is an illegal build on the server (EXACTLY)
Online EMP calculator
Survival Staff List
General Rules and Guidelines for SuperFunTime Survival!
Steve Co. Crate Contents
Survival World Map
Survival Event List
What is a BCV and how do I report them?
Wanted: Casual Gamers and Positive Dispositions

Change and Update Log
starting from the 29th of January 2017

ChangeBoard ModDate
Updated Board Mod ListingsMrRed20171/29/2017 (29/1/2017)
Added Halla as GSD Board ModMrRed20171/31/2017 (31/1/2017)
Added New Stickied TopicsMrRed20172/23/2017 (23/2/2017)
Updated Topics of Interest and Useful Information & Board Mod ListingsMrRed20176/26/2017 (26/6/2017)
Updated Board Mod ListingsMrRed20178/30/2017 (30/8/2017)
Added Thanos as GSD and KGGSO Board ModRed/MrRed2k181/22/2018 (22/1/2018)
Added Darth_Noob as KGGSO Board ModRed/MrRed2k182/28/2018 (28/2/2018)
Added ddude_stnom as GSD Board ModRed/MrRed2k182/28/2018 (28/2/2018)

If you would like to address any issues or concerns or ask any questions as regards the General Survival Discussions Board, make sure to send a Private Message on Forums to Red/MrRed2k18 and he will get back to you as soon as possible!

Replies on this topic may be deleted if a general cleaning is believed to be appropriate.