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Say hi to BrandieBrickBrands!

Started by HasanBrandsXD, Dec 23, 2016, 04:11 pm

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So today, My sister got minecraft pocket edition in my tablet (which I use sometimes).. So she downloaded mcpe in it. She is a beginner for it and she joined the server she was impressed how the server is so fast and productive, and said I am so lucky to be on the server. She couldnt post here because she is just 10 years so couldnt get the forums.. because it keep on saying errors.. So I hope you all meet her. So lets introduce her..

Minecraft IGN: BrandieBrickBrands


She will be logged on the forums and will post here.


Just checking, but are you sure you're allowed to share info such as her name and age? Do you have her consent, in other words?

Anyhow, welcome to SFT!


She only told me to post but thanks anyways



Hope they enjoy their time on SFT c:

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Hello Brandie and welcome. ;)


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Welcome to SFT, I will be your local tour guide :D
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Hi Brandie! Welcome to SFT! 😊


Hello Brandie :) Welcome to SFT! I hope you enjoy playing ;)


Quote from: iLaxrv10 on Dec 30, 2016, 02:08 pmWelcome to SFT, I will be your local tour guide :D
i wish i got a tour guide waaaaaaa
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Hayzz Brandie! Welcome to SuperFunTime! <]
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Hey Brandie! Hope you enjoy SFT!  ;D
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It's not like he shared her real name or anything.
Welcome Brandie!

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