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Staff Member of the Week: 7/24

Started by Britney1177, Jul 24, 2017, 09:25 pm

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Hey everyone! It's time to do another staff member of the week reveal!

This week's staff member of the week goes to...

Boom is one of our longest serving staff members! I always get messaged by Boom asking if I need help with anything extra. Boom goes above and beyond Mod duties by being active and super kind to all! Boom is a huge role model to the rest of the pocket staff team, and is a wonderful example of what is a perfect staff member. Thank you for your long service to the staff team! ❤️

Past Staff Member of the Week:
7/17: CreepINFINITE_no
7/10: TheStarNomad
7/3: Gbr
6/26: Kitty_Cat
6/19 JaguarDawson
6/12: JackThomasJT

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well cool I really appreciate it guys! thanks!
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credits to ramp for making this bootiful pfp