Nov 24, 2017, 03:08 PM


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[Pixelmon]Flat land rule clarification

Started by Dpa1991, Aug 10, 2017, 11:22 PM

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I've heard there was some unhappy campers regarding the rule against flat-eartherslanders. So I wanted to clarify and modify it a bit to (hopefully) make everyone happy.

There are no floating platforms allowed at all - they just create lighting glitches and prevent the land below from spawning pokemon as well as making people not want to use the land to build.

This is NOT ok
This is OK

You are allowed to flatten the land on the ground, just don't over do it. I think a size of 75x75 is fairly reasonable. (Smaller square = 50x50, larger =75x75) Now 75x75 isnt the set-in-stone rules, its just a size to go by. We are not going to punish you for going slightly over, just be reasonable - we have one map and we have to share it with everyone.


What is the border dimensions btw


What is the border dimensions btw
The worldborder you mean? I believe it is set to 5000x5000 which should be plenty for the ~800 players


Thanks dap! Sounds good.
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O alright
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