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[Pixelmon] New stuff!

Started by Dpa1991, Aug 12, 2017, 11:00 AM

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Aug 12, 2017, 11:00 AM Last Edit: Aug 12, 2017, 11:30 AM by Dpa1991
Updated Wondertrade
Updated Pixelextras
Added GTS (Cant seem to get this one to work, gonna test it some more on a dev server)
Added AGP (Exploring this one, havent set up yet -- should allow NPC gyms)
Added Pixelannouncer (Broadcasts when players catch shinys/legends or trades them)
Added PixelmonEconomyBridge (merges pixelmon money with /money, so now trainers will give you actual economy money)
Added PixelMoney (wild pokemon will sometimes drop money needs to be tweaked)
Added Tournaments (Im most excited about this one)

Few new commands:

/wiki <pokemon> <info>
Substitute the bold below for <info>
biome: Lists all the biomes the specified Pokémon will spawn in.
catch: Displays the Pokémon's catch rate.
egggroup: Lists the Egg Group(s) of the specified Pokémon.
evo: Lists the name of the Pokémon's next evolution (if any) and the requirements for evolving into it.
genderratio: Displays the percent chance that a Pokémon is male or if it is genderless.
moves: Displays the Pokémon's move learnset by level up.
rarity: Displays the rarity of the specified Pokémon spawning, if it doesn't spawn, or is set to be Legendary.
time: Displays which times the specified Pokémon will spawn.

/tms <pokemon>
(lists compatible TM's with the pokemon)

(Shows you your pokedex progress)

Sorry if the post seems rushed, its 7am and i lost track of time. I'll further tweak this tomorrow or later today as I change things (Currently there are no gyms.)


I have the potential, I just need the trigger.

Someone needs to pull that trigger..


Thank you for all your hard work.  :heart:
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Sweet, thanks so much Dpa!  :)
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