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Im Leaving SFT

Started by ItzLyro, Sep 23, 2017, 06:40 pm

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Hey guys, unfortunately I am leaving minecraft and SFT because i never have the time for it, i'm sorry guys and I'll miss all of you :-\
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I'm sorry your leaving, be sure to pop on sometime, don't be a stranger!  8)
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At least
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Good luck with your future endeavors! :D


Good luck, only talked to you over fourm pm, but you seemed like a cool dude. If you ever have time, stop by and say hi!

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Aww, goodbye, thank you for donating to SFT though, the fact that you are leaving saddens us, you helped us and went on. We all wish you good luck in your life, please feel free and NEVER hesitate to come on to SFT whenever you feel like it. :'(
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If im ever on sft i will tell yall and if you wanna see me ill talk, ill also be on discord atleast once a week maybe to catch up, but if you want to keep it touch my snapchat is pleasegethelp
I'm already tracer


Good Luck with everything!


Good luck ! It was great having you :)
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Sorry to see you go.

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Bye, Good luck with your future. I hope you find happiness with whatever you are doing.


Good luck with everything! Don't be a stranger around here ;)
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Fair Well, Come Back Soon or Else ;) It's Cool Though, Don't be a Stranger :D


Topic is out of date and the player recently posted a topic of him coming back!

credits to ramp for making this bootiful pfp