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[Pixelmon] Halloween pumpkin carving contest!

Started by Dpa1991, Oct 25, 2017, 01:02 AM

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Oct 25, 2017, 01:02 AM Last Edit: Oct 30, 2017, 02:23 AM by Dpa1991
Want a chance to win some prizes? Then all you have to do is head over to our BuyCraft shop and claim your Halloween Event starter package (Don't worry, its free!) once you claim your gift you'll receive a few items ingame. The point of this event is to showcase the Chisel & Bits mod, which I think is an absolutely brilliant mod.

You will be given enough items to get you started, but you are welcome to add in any other blocks you want. The pumpkin must fit in a 4x4x4 block area

Must be built on the server and placed in a protected area.
Must have a warp to the pumpkin
Must fit in a 4x4x4 area. You don't have to use the whole area, but you can add extra details like vines, maybe some skeleton hands coming out of the ground and tombstones
1 entry per person

If we get 5 or more entries, we will pick 3 winners. If we get less than 5 entries - only one winner will be picked.

1st place: Random legendary OR Random shiny
2nd place: Random shiny OR 16 rare candies
3rd place 16 rare candies

How to submit your entries:
Simply reply to this topic with a mention of your ingame minecraft name & a warp to your pumpkin. I will then come online and take a look, entries must be submitted by October 30th, the winners will be announced on November 1st.


I'm curious now. (as to what people can do)

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/warp SealTeamRicksPumpkin
IGN: SealTeamRick


Oct 26, 2017, 08:02 PM #3 Last Edit: Aug 16, 2018, 06:01 PM by Nubbun
/warp frontpageevents4thewin

(It's supposed to be Cinderella's pumpkin carriage eating a unicorn cuz logic)



/warp pumpkinMurder

I added a few signs so you can tell what it supposed to be if u don't get it right away

P.S can my prize be an inventory pet instead?

JJ Inugami

/warp JJPumpkin

The sign on the pumpkin was supposed to be inside it, but wouldn't fit. It is also a joke, because magl suggested the color for the shackles. That's why it's there. XD
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/Warp EnterThePumpkin


I love doing themed art/creative stuff like this! I hope you enjoy!


/warp ThePumpkin27

Enjoy the dark side of pumpkins


/warp FireclawsRoof

I decided to try for a pokemon theme here, hopefully you can tell what they all are!

The Mudkip Whisperer


my entry is /warp garowscontest. enjoy the other ones while you are there too if you'd like