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[Survival] Commenting on Unbans

Started by Nicadean33, Nov 23, 2017, 07:07 AM

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Within the last month an onslaught of comments on unbans that aren't the person's that is commenting has happened. (Warlock_ben being the best example).

This is just a reminder that if you comment on an unban that is not yours, and you were not asked to comment, you will be forum warned. This will be strictly enforced starting now. This could result in loss of rank for Legends if it is excessive and repeated. Just use common sense.

If you absolutely must say something, either ask the staff member in charge of it or the Manager+ team before posting or be at peace with the warning you will receive.


Fully agreed, please remember, if you have something USEFUL to add, go ahead. An example of that would be, proof that the person didn't cheat (eg: if you were streaming with them). An example of what would NOT be ok : You saying "x should be unbanned, he did nothing!"

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