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Invalid Session

Started by ItzLyro, Dec 11, 2017, 05:27 pm

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HELP!!! I try joining and it tells me Invalid Session(try restarting your game) So I restart multiple times, change WiFi Network, and restart my phone but it still tells me it!
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The server is currently having issues, I know a lot of people are facing this (even Admins+). Best person to talk to about this is @xQuicScopex✪ or @BluetigerESW  :P
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@xQuicScopex✪ @BluetigerESW any ideas on what I should do?
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atm, its all server side. I am trying to find the cause of the problem at the moment but haven't been able to but ill let you know as soon as I can pin point the cause.
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@BluetigerESW  - Where are you, tried reaching you all the day

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This issue has been fixed, locking! :)

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