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[Pocket] What to do Before and After you post an Unban Request!

Started by 2BB, Dec 17, 2017, 04:48 pm

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What to do Before and After you Post an Unban Request!

So, hmmmm, you must be stuck aren't you? Don't worry, I'll explain to you what you should do Before you post an Unban Request.

1. Correct Server
As you may of seen before, people do post Pocket unbans in the wrong server unban requests. So to save us the hassle of asking the <server> Board Mod to move it, you can post in the right server box.

As you will see when you post an unban, it says 'Select Server', please click that. Scroll down and you will see 'Pocket edition' exactly like that, click on that, and it will be in the pocket unbans.

2. Forum Account

As you may or may not see, people do not reply because they don't have a forums account.

To create a forums account, please go here, and sign up and listen to the details. This is really important, as this is what you're going to use to reply to the terms the staff has set.

NOTE: Remember you're login details, as if you get banned again, you can use this account again to post an unban request. DO NOT make a new forums account every time.

3.Other Users Forum Accounts.

Do not use another persons forum account, as we can not confirm that is you. Be sure to use your own by putting it in the Forums Account box, otherwise, the staff will lock the post if you don't use your own.

Now you have done what you need to do before, lets see what you need to do after:

1. Patience - Its the aim of the game!

Be patient for the staff member who banned you to reply with their terms, note it could take 48 hours, as the staff member could be busy after they had banned you.

2. Replying- Replying to terms properly.

To get you're unban process to speed up, make sure to read the whole post they made, and reply with every term they have said. Otherwise they will have to keep telling you to reply with that terms; it goes on forever!

Now you are set to get unbanned! Good luck! Hope to see you back soon!  ;)
Pocket Edition EventMod