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Started by Super_Boox, Feb 12, 2018, 07:24 PM

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Hey Guys!


The link has been posted above and I would appreciate it if you upvote/share with friends to help grow SFT! :redflower:

Thank you all who do it every week, it really does help out! ;3


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i have left an honest review on redit.


i have left an honest review on redit.
Thank you very much!
Looking into the nether reset issue now (discussing with bTeam Managers)

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i have left an honest review on redit.
Thanks for your honest review! Since this review we have reset the nether thanks to Towelie and Mord and thanks to blalp and Mord we have also scheduled a restart for every 6 hours. Autorestarter will still kick in if necessary. We will be working on the banned list when possible among other things. If you have any further suggestions for SuperFunTime's BTeam Server then please feel free to post on this topic here.
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