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[Read Before Posting]Creating Forum Games

Started by MrRed2016, Feb 28, 2016, 05:33 PM

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Feb 28, 2016, 05:33 PM Last Edit: Jan 24, 2017, 12:29 AM by MrRed2017
Rules Directly Relating to Forum Games

:diamond: Do not make innapropriate or offensive games.
:diamond: Do not spam posts in games, give other people a chance.
:diamond: Have fun, don't be a sore loser (whining, complaining, etc.).
:diamond: Make sure when creating a forum game, a similar style game does not already exist.
General Rules Also Apply
Full credits go to @VirginianAE for putting together these rules.

  • Don't be a jerk: Being a jerk to staff or other players just isn't cool.
  • Don't whine: We get it, life is hard and people are unfair. Shake it off, call a staff member if it involves the server, and let's all have a good time.
  • Do help each other: We're a community.  Let's act like it.
  • Don't do terribly stupid things that will obviously get you banned: If something makes you pause for a moment and question whether it's allowed or not, it's probably not.  Ask a staff member if you have to.
  • Do use common sense:  We fully understand that common sense isn't common, but humor us and let's pretend it is.  Any rule, policy, or guideline we have in place is pretty common sense stuff.  Don't cheat, don't complain, don't spam... Just exercise a little common sense and you'll probably never have to worry about seeing a staff member pop up to 'remind' you of any rules or guidelines.

Other Rules
Full credits go to @Sparkle_Sun.

The occasional few words are okay as long as they are not directed at anyone and aren't inappropriate, but spamming it is not, and neither is just spewing foul words into chat. Example: "oh f*ck me I died" which is fine, versus "f*cking sh*t son of a b*tch" which is over the top.

Vulgar language:
No comments targeting race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identities, suicide, self-harm, religion, political groups or cultures, or sexual innuendos.

You can mess around and pull pranks as long as you don't break any server rules and if the player(s) affected or staff tell you to stop, you need to stop. Tread lightly here; just because you intend a joke players may find it offending. Then it's not a prank anymore.

Arguing with players:
If you feel personally offended by players, take it up with them in a private PM.

No jokes targeting race, religion, political groups, cultures, dirty jokes, or anything distasteful and mocking modern issues such as jokes about 9/11, the current political climate in the Middle East, mass shootings, etc. 

No debates on religion, politics, or any delicate subjects in global chat. Private debates are fine, but staff/SFT are not responsible for offense taken in private discussions.

Not knowing the rules is not an excuse!

Any inappropriate and offensive activity in forum games will result in a warning, and if severe, a Manager+ Will be alerted. Any inappropriate forum game that is racist, sexist, pornographic or any other related topics will be locked immediately with no further question nor controversy. Do not tread lightly on rules. You WILL be punished.

You players can help too! Use the button to help us keep the forums clean!


- Rules Edited by MrRed2016

August 6, 2016


- Rules updated by MrRed2017

January 23rd, 2017