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[Survival] Halloween Building Contest

Started by Kiannaa, Oct 07, 2018, 02:17 pm

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Oct 07, 2018, 02:17 pm Last Edit: Oct 07, 2018, 09:49 pm by Super_Boox

Are you guys ready for the Halloween month of crazy spook to begin? All I know is that I'm ready! Want to have a chance to show us your creativity and spookiness?? Well now is the chance, myself and a few other managers+ are hosting a Halloween build contest where you will be able to build anything you'd like and the theme is Halloween of course! So create some spooky builds!!

The judges are: Super_Boox, SashaLarie, MasterX70, TheStarNomad, JustAddWater and finally treefart!

You may be wondering how you would enter, all you need to do is:
Solo/Team Name:
Warp Name:
Solo/Team IGN(s):

Prizes to be won:
1ST Place
Will earn 1 million EMP bucks per teammate and any head of their choice.

2ND Place
Will earn 750K EMP bucks per teammate.

3RD Place
Will earn 500K EMP bucks per teammate.

If you are in a group, prizes will be given per player, so it's your choice on what you want to do how and you want to do it. Discuss as a team.

Deadline: November 8th, which gives you a whole month to complete your builds!
Start now! Get buildin' ;D


Is there a limit to how many people per team?


Quote from: Waffle_man22 on Oct 07, 2018, 03:28 pmIs there a limit to how many people per team?
3 is the limit. 3 members per team only c;


I am going to get crazy peeps on xD
Like they will build this thing so big in like so little time.


Solo/Team Name: TheRoyoBoyo's

Warp Name: SpookTree

Solo/Team IGN(s):Rorymoonshine


Solo/Team Name: TheBowlOfCocoPops

Warp Name: CerealHalloween

Solo/Team IGN(s): MyNamesCereal


Solo/Team Name: Kelz

Warp Name: Khalloween

Solo/Team IGN(s): Kelzintor


Oct 18, 2018, 04:43 pm #7 Last Edit: Oct 21, 2018, 01:42 pm by Mayalilz
Solo/team name: Ender
Warp name: spookymaya1
Solo/team igns: mayatheendergirl, spiritdance


Oct 29, 2018, 08:49 am #8 Last Edit: Nov 02, 2018, 11:11 pm by HOOKSnKISSES
Solo name: TREK or TREAT

Warp Name: Assimilation



Stardate 96431.46
Captain's log

Since its arrival on Super Fun Time our crew has met with a variety of inhabitants. Some very friendly and generous, others rather hostile yet none of them posing any real threat to our people. The friendly kind, who call themselves "players" take much pride in building many structures of various nature. Some build above- and some underground, some even under water or, according to legend, in far off dimensions called Nether and End. Especially around the time of certain holidays and festivities the players tend to build extraordinary structures depicting the season's spirit.

It was when we encountered one of these structures when disaster struck. I had formed an away team to investigate some irregularities at what best can be described as a "Halloween themed diorama". A giant pumpkin at the site was emitting crazy amounts of analeptic radiaton. Before we could even analize its origin a terrifyingly large and glowing Borg Cube appeared out of thin air. The Borg crew wasted no time assimilating everything within its range, augmenting creatures and objects alike with Borg technology ...basically creating one Super Borg Drone!

We must find a way to defend ourselves AND Super Fun Time from falling under total Borg control. If only we have time...

Cpt. Hooks


Solo/Team Name: Mazeworks
Warp Name: ghostvalley3
Solo/Team IGN(s): Mazeworker


6 more days left until this post will be locked and the judges will decide!


Solo/Team Name: Pichu is S Tier
Warp Name: /warp Pichu_Spooks
Solo/Team IGN(s): Pichu_For_S_Tier

Bit of Info about it.

Have you ever wondered what the OG It clown  would look like if given Krusty the Clown's hair?
Well you can now see it in its full glory with my mutation of the two things

In his hand on the right there's a balloon on the top yet below is a bloody knife dripping blood as if he just murdered someone...

Outside we see a treefart and a Darren talking to a promotioner telling them that its safe to go inside. (Yes you can go inside the build and no you won't die.)

Once you fall in the only way out is trough the light (Again won't die)

Will you escape Pennywise the Dancing clown?


Posting for Delmaire

Solo/Team Name: Team Delmaire
Warp Name: /warp SpookyIsland
Solo/Team IGN(s): Delmaire


Thank you everyone who has participated! The judges will take a look and we'll announce the winners soon!



For all participants, you received a little custom item. Thank you for the time spent on these builds, it was hard for the judges to decide but we've made a decision and I'm happy to announce that in
2ND PLACE - Rorymoonshine
3RD PLACE - Delmaire

A big thanks to the judges also (especially the other managers/admins who weren't judges but decided to vote anyways)! I appreciate it.

All your items have been given in a chest, if you were in a group, there are 2 participant items which you will give to your partner.

Thank you all, it was a pleasure hosting the Halloween build contest in 2018! ;D