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[BTeam] If you live in W2, its advised to move to W1 ASAP

Started by AtomicPulse, Nov 12, 2018, 04:43 pm

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Hello BTeam Players!

Due to a recent decision from the Owners, W2 will no longer be supporting backups. This means that if the world becomes corrupted, the chance is your base may be removed and gone completely.

If you need help with moving your base or other materials, contact a Manager+. In some cases, other staff ranks can help too.

Its still un-certain if the world will become corrupted any time soon, but if you want to be safe make sure to move everything you want to W1.

(backups have actually already stopped)
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If you are unsure of which world your base is located please use /pos to check.

Can we please just get F's in chat for B-Team


Quote from: AtomicPulse on Nov 12, 2018, 04:43 pmIts still un-certain if the world will become corrupted any time soon
Knowing b-team, don't cry if the world is corrupted in a week. We won't have any backups for it, I'm telling you this ahead of time.

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Would have been nice to know this during the weekend so that I wouldn't have to worry about my stuff getting corrupted during the week.(also, why not put this in the announcements channel on discord and do @ b-team player?)
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I'd like mine moved if possible. The plot is pretty huge, so it may take some time. If a manager is around sometime, message me on discord (Smallfry5545#6705) I'm not in SFT's discord, so PM me please :D



I'd also like mine moved if possible.  Please message me on Discord (SirShyLordy#8693) if it can happen.