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[1.7.10 Pack]PvP Tournament

Started by Tyler7733, Dec 03, 2018, 07:59 PM

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Dec 03, 2018, 07:59 PM Last Edit: Feb 11, 2019, 01:34 AM by Tyler7733
       Next Saturday, I will be hosting a PvP tournament where the winner will have a statue of their minecraft skin go up until the end of the next PvP tournament(roughly 1 month). If your armor is not too good, you may choose to use armor, a sword, and a bow that I will provide. If you want to test any of your tools in the PvP arena, you may, but please report if anything is not working or griefs the arena. The PvP tournament will begin at 4:30 pm EST. If anyone has any ideas for more prize options, let me know. If you really want to be part of the pvp tournament, but can't be on during the time of the tournament, dm me and I may be able to get you in somehow at a different time of day.

  • You may use items to disarm your opponent, but you must leave them on the ground if they reach your inventory
  • If you use werewolf abilities during a round, you must announce that before the start of the round
  • No leaving the arena (defined by its outer most x/z coordinates)
  • You must stay within the building limit
  • No hiding where the opponent can't get to you(such as under the arena)
  • No influencing matches outside of your own in any way other than through the chat
  • You may use the spare time before matches to prepare for the next one, but you must be at the arena in time for your next battle
  • No running away or hiding from your opponent for excessive amounts of time

Other Prizes(first place will get to choose 3 of the following):
  • 40k emp
  • 20 Iridium Plates
  • 10 Nether Stars
  • 128 Diamond Blocks + 64 Emerald Blocks
  • 64 Mobius Stable Ingots
  • Soul Fragent
  • Rank SS Terrashatterer
  • Vajra

Be sure to sharpen your swords and brew your potions, because this tournament will push your armor and tools to their limits.
You must accept the fundamental truth of reality, Lost = Life!!


The tournament was wrapped up last weekend ending in victory for elad101. For the future participants, be sure to prepare your tools and armor because the next pvp tournament will be February 16th at the same time of day.
You must accept the fundamental truth of reality, Lost = Life!!

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