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Started by AutoHandler, Dec 06, 2018, 12:47 AM

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In-game Nickname: X_A_V_I_E_R

   Forum username: XAVIERHERRERA

   Why were you banned ?:

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I've been apart of the server since 2013, i take all responsibility for my actions, the client was downloaded onto my computer from my brother so i just tried it out, i'm extremely sorry i hope you will consider my unban request.

   Extra Information:


Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


I have informed xJimJam of this request. Please be patient as it may take up to 48 hours for him to reply.


Hello X_A_V_I_E_R! I'm the mod that banned you for x-raying and use of a hacked client!

Here in Super Fun Time we don't take x-raying or any rule breaking very lightly. So for that reason you'll have to agree to every term I have thought out for you, and please keep in mind that if you are caught x-raying or break any of our rules while under my terms you'll be punished again.

     My terms
 :slimeball: Agree to never x-ray again.
 :slimeball: Agree to set your EMP money to 0. (in game money.)
 :slimeball: Agree to have all of your Iron+ removed from your chests, ender chests, and inventory.
 :slimeball: Agree to wear the Untrusted rank for 2 hours.
 :slimeball: Read three rules from and the one you broke
 :slimeball: State your favorite animal so I know you read this far

Please reply within 48 hours, otherwise your unban appeal will be locked with no unban.

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Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


i agree to never use x ray again on the sft server
i agree to set EMP to 0 :(
i agree to have all iron+ removed from my chest ender chest and inv
i agree to wear untrusted rank for 2 hours
i have read three rules and the one i broke
my favorite animal is a dog


Thanks for agreeing to my terms! I'll have an admin+ set your terms and unban you. :)

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Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


Hey X_A_V_I_E_R, you can apply for your rank back when your total uptime reaches 102h and 19m. You can do this by either creating a #support ticket on discord or asking for an Admin ingame.

The terms have been set and you are now unbanned. Welcome back! :)

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