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In-game Nickname: succmyeggroll

   Forum username: succmyeggroll1

   Why were you banned ?:
   Falsely Banned for X-Raying

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I was banned by Casey_Jr_9 for X-ray under the sole premise that mining around 25 diamonds, 2 stacks of iron, and half a stack of gold was utterly impossible in one hour. If he has video evidence of me "x-raying", then great, look it over and please share with me. I know for a fact that I did not mine straight to 3 nonconsecutive veins of diamonds as he accused me of doing.  As illustrated by this video, this is the mining style I use and what I did to get my ores. Casey_Jr_9 witnessed me as I mined in this manner. It is an efficient way of mining that attempts to maximize the exposure of ores while minimizing the amount of mined blocks. Yes, at times I do change directions (instead of going completely straight) because of dirt/gravel or some other factor. If I do find ore through one of the pockets I mined into, I mine it and continue going straight (as opposed to turning around and continuing to mine on the same linear path I was going on initially). In that instance I will change my mining pattern by turning to the right and mining straight while maintain the same technique. I was not X-Raying but rather it was a combination of effective mining techniques and luck. I believe it was wrong to ban me for this reason because I was not hacking.

   Extra Information:
   Nothing else to add


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For some reason the video link didn't show but here is the link


Hello, I have informed Casey_Jr_9 to this request. Please allow up to 48h for a reply.


You have 2 choices here. First being that you admit to x-raying and we continue on with the trems or your unban. The second option is that I could ask an Admin to investigate your mines and confirm whether or not you were x-raying. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. All potential x-rayers have to be banned, but here on the forums we can fix things up if needed.


Second option. I have nothing to hide. While the admin is looking at my mines, I would appreciate it if they record it so that I can look at why I was banned for "X-Raying." On a side note, if the rules are currently to ban the player base solely on the fact that they have an unusual amount of ores, that is still possible to obtain, then amendments need to be made. Staff have the ability to follow players around in vanish. It is quite easy to determine whether someone is actually x-raying or if it is luck if you just follow them around unbeknownst to them. While doing that, staff should record it, upload it, ask for opinions from other staff (if there is any doubt whether or not they are hacking) and then ban if there is a consensus. Afterwards, the video should be stored onto a database such as google sheets where it can accessed with ease (using control F) in the future when a player requests an unban.


Hello! I am extremely sorry about the long wait. We only ban players if we are 100% sure they are x-raying and 2 of our Mods confirmed that they believed you were. They saw your mining patterns and thought they were very suspicious.

I will bring this to the rest of the admin team and we will investigate. Thank you so much for your patience so far. Although we will not be recording this for you to see, as it is Admin+ information, we can guarantee that our decision will be the correct one. I hope you realise that if it does turn out that you were x-raying the punishment will be much more severe. Please be patient that this may take some time.


Hey succmyeggroll! The Admin team have investigated and we have come to the conclusion that you were not x-raying! We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience and I will be able to refund you the items that were taken from you when I see you ingame. You are now unbanned.  Thank you so much for all of your patience.

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